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Turning Back the Pendulum arc

Prologue Edit

Years before Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto ever founded the Gotei 13 a group of humans discovered they were different from the others. With the power to manipulate the soul of objects they began to hunt down the demons that had plagued the land.

These Humans called the next stage of their ability Fullbring and were known as Fullbringers but the ancient humans called them devils, witches and wizards which lead to them being persecuted and excommunicated. These Fullbringers rallied together and grew in numbers and together they created a magnificent city, Toronamatei.

The city was a clean and productive city they welcomed all walks of life. Kings and Queens of kingdoms in far away lands were jealous of the mighty city but also afraid of it. They allowed Pluses to live with them, using their powers the Fullbringers were able to completely halt the encroachment process on each Pluses Chain of Fate. Though Hollow attacks around the city were natural they didn't disrupt the daily workings of the city.

The city was ruled by a council of thirteen individuals who had proven their power. These thirteen ruled fairly they were always open to suggestions by the populace and not afraid to fight to protect their own kind.

This changed when the Shinigami arrived headed by Shigekuni Yamamoto, they quickly killed near by Hollows and preformed Konsō on Pluses. Angered by this the Fullbringers battled the Shinigami. Impressed with their power Yamamoto offered a truce, which the Fullbringer Council accepted.

Years later and the Quincies invade the Soul Society and failed. This causes the Fullbringer Council to investigate why the Quincy's attacked. Little did they known that what they would discover would change them forever.

The BeginningEdit

The moon was full. There was no wind, but a rumbling far into the distance. A storm was approaching....

Not a kind of night that Heike Masaomi was hoping for but he was used to being disappointed. He sat at his desk, in his large office, the windows were open. On his desk was a letter with a red mark on it. An eagle, Heike knew what it meant and so he opened it. He quickly glanced at it and crumpled it up and threw it into an open fire.

At that moment a woman entered. She was young, and donned a steel armour chest piece and shoulder guards. Heike quickly looked at the woman's lower region and saw a beige mini skirt with a strange pattern he couldn't make out, her lower legs were covered with leather boots.

"Excuse me! My face is up here! Pervert!" The woman shouted at him, throwing a wooden ball at his head.

He effortlessly caught the ball and dropped it onto the floor. "Sorry, I needed to distract myself and you came just in time." Heike said with his usual smile on his face.

"This is what I get for coming to check on you! Your eyes undressing me! You were probably thinking of doing weird stuff to me!" She shouted in comical way.

"Now now Kate...don't be like that. All I want to do is dominate you." Heike bluntly said, causing Kate's face to glow pink with embarrassed.

"YOU FOOL!" Kate bellowed, slamming the door behind her.

Heike smiled for awhile but it disappeared shortly. He looked out at full moon and sighed. The door creaked open again, Kate had returned she had her head down.

"Your back Miss McGarden? Did you forget something?" Heike asked.

Kate ran towards him and hugged him. Heike was surprised at this not knowing how to react. He could hear her crying even when her head was buried in his chest.

"So you heard about it then? Sad." Heike mellowly said.

Kate raised her head her cheeks were red from crying to hard. "How could they do it? How could they kill humans?" She tearfully asked.

"They don't care who they kill. They are....all barbarians." Heike angrily said, his hand gripped Kate's arm.

"What will the Council do now?" Kate asked while standing up.

Heike turned away. His breathing became slower. "I don't know."

The Council MeetingEdit

Haruko Yoritomo greeted Heike outside the council chamber as he arrived. She looked pleased to see him.

"The others are waiting for us. They have all heard about the Quincy Invasion in Soul Society." Haruko sombrely said.

"So what pushed the Quincy's into action against the Shinigami?" Heike asked, curious about the circumstances.

Haruko tutted. "We haven't been told. All we know is that Juhabach survived Yamamoto's wraith." Haruko turned around and opened the doors behind her.

The room was pitch black, then eleven spotlights switched on revealing eleven people in the centre. Heike and Haruko took their places and two more spotlights switched on.

"Now we can begin this meeting." And older voice bellowed.

"Three days ago, a Shinigami Captain, Kazuhiro Inaba, cut down a unnamed Quincy during a meeting discussing the Balance of Soul. Juhabach in retaliation killed Kazuhiro Inaba and rallied many Quincy's to his banner. We just received a report that Juhabach invaded Soul Society many Quincy's died and Yamamoto failed to kill Juhabach. His current whereabouts are unknown." The older man said.

"I told you this would happen. Trusting the Shinigami have lead to the Quincy being betrayed. Next the Shinigami will purge them and make a cover story to us. Or worse purge us next." Heike bellowed, many other nodded.

"We never should have trusted them in the first place. If you six listened to us we might not be having this conversation." Haruko said, stomping her high heels on the floor.

"Enough!" The old voice bellowed. "The Shinigami pose a threat to our emittance. We cannot make a decision without the full story from both sides then we cane make a decision."

Heike clenched his fist in anger. "You old fool! The Shinigami have been lying to us from the very beginning. We shouldn't listen to their rules. We don't know if this Soul King exists. We don't know if this Balance exists. Hollows have been around long before the Shinigami and our worlds haven't been destroyed. Open your fucking eyes to the truth!"

A dead silence ran though the room. Heike's words hit all the council members hard. They never once wanted to accept that the Shinigami could turn against them.

"We need to mobilize a defence force. And we need to talk to the Quincy about the incident." Haruko softly said.

The council members unanimously agreed with her. Heike sighed in relief. Now actual work would be done to protect themselves from the Shinigami. He hoped that it would be enough.


Haruko Yoritomo and Heike rallied the best warriors of Toronamatei they equip their armour and weapons. Amongst the warrior, Kate McGarden was amongst them. She was looking at her Fullbring Focus, a silver bracelet. Heike look at her with a worried look on his face.

"Focus Masaomi! Stop looking at your play thing." Haruko shouted into Heike's ear causing him to fall over.

Kate notices this and runs to Heike's side. Haruko blocks her path.

"Get back to checking your equipment and Fullbring Focus!" Haruko bellowed.

"'am!" Kate slowly turned around and runs away in fear.

Heike looks at Haruko dumbfounded. "Why the hell did you do that!" Heike bellowed.

Haruko looked at Heike for several moments before realizing that he was in fact worried about his lover. In this moment Haruko put her hand on his shoulder.

"She'll be fine. She is one of our finest warriors. Its not like we're sending her off to war."

"...Your right. But...I'm afraid it might just come to that in the end." Heike grimly replied.

Before Haruko could say anything the alarm bells rang three times, which meant that Shinigami were approaching. The warriors scrambled to the out outer wall along with Heike and Haruko.

"Report Watch Captain, are the Shinigami here in force!" Heike shouted.

Before the Watch Captain could speak, Kate interrupted. "Three Shinigami are heading this way. They arrived by Senkaimon four miles down the main road." Kate said.

"Kate..." Heike thought.

"We need to keep our heads on. This could be a messanger sending word of the Quincies fate." Haruko calmly said. "Or an ultimatum." Heike added.

"Either way we have to meet with..." Kate said. "Them? We are already here." A voice said, shocking Kate.

"Wh...Who are you?" Heike slowly asked.

The Shinigami with long black hair, swept his hair back revealing his face. "I'm Tenjirō Kirinji and I come with news..."

~A Shocking development...What news does the Shinigami bring?!~


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