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Bleach: The Rise
Bleach The Rise
Kanji ブリーチ:台頭
Romanji Burīchi:Taitō
Genre Action, Supernatural
Created by User:KyubiSoul
Published by Bleach Fan Fic Wiki

Bleach: The Rise (ブリーチ:台頭 , Burīchi:Taitō) is a fanfiction series in development by User:KyubiSoul. It will follow Tomu Kurai as the central protagonist. It was was officially cancelled on November 19th, 2013, in favor of Bleach: Shadow Fall.


The story is set in a similar manor to the main Bleach series, with noticeable differences. Aizen is not the captain of the Fifth Division rather he is the captain of the Third Division. Aizen was not the lieutenant of the Fifth Division in the past rather the 3rd seat. Gin remained Aizen’s lieutenant for the remainder of Aizen’s time in the Gotei 13. The major difference is that before the start of the series Aizen defected ahead of the main series with Kaname and Gin. The story will follow Tomu Kurai from Ichigo’s Invasion of the Soul Society to his battle against Aizen’s Arrancar Army and later a much more sinister threat.

Main CharactersEdit

Tomu Kurai

Tomu Kurai is the central protagonist of this fan fiction series. The story will follow his perspective of events. He is the Captain of the Fifth Division; he is well respected within the Gotei 13.

Roydon Mashūzu

Roydon Mashūzu is Tomu Kurai's lieutenant in the 5th Division and he follows his Captains orders without question. He is Tomu's friend and Roydon always goes to him for advice. Later he becomes Captain of the Third Division.

Matsuri Kudō

Matsuri Kudō is the 4th Seated Officer in the Fifth Division. She has a drive to become stronger and has gained Bankai in the pursuit of power. Currently she is as strong as Roydon. She is in love with Tomu but cannot bring herself to tell him.

Momo Hinamori

Momo Hinamori is the 3rd Seated Officer in the Fifth Division. Though her combat skills are average her Kido skills make up for it. She is Roydon's lover and later his lieutenant when he becomes Captain of the Third Division.


Sōsuke Aizen

Sōsuke Aizen is the former Captain of the 3rd Division he defected form the Soul Society to create and army of Arrancars to overwhelm the Gotei 13 so that they won't be able to stop him from his true goal.


Nigami is an Arrancar created with the soul purpose of killing Tomu Kurai. She has the strongest Hierro out of all the Arrancar.


Majū is an Shinigami-Hollow Hybrid created by Aizen to kill Tomu Kurai after Nigami failed. Majū has the mind of a beast but listens to Aizen due to the illusion it is under.


Juhabach is the leader of the Vandenreich and a surviving Quincy. He leads his army to defeat Soul Society and crush the Gotei 13. Juhabach serves as the main antagonist for the Quincy Blood War arc.