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Turning Back the Pendulum arc

Downpour, Enter the AssassinEdit

The overcast sky darkened and rain began to pour down, hard. Heike looked at the hooded figured who had threatened him. Her build was that of a female the sleeve of her cloak shuffled at she drew out a glass dagger.

"Strange...not a practical weapon of assassination. What is her deal? Wait...could it be a Fullbring Focus?'" Heike thought to himself, in awe of her weapon.

"Domain Controller!" The assassin yelled.

"Crap it was her Focus!" Heike cursed in his mind, jumping backwards to assess the situation.

The woman's glass dagger shone brightly, the light erupted and appeared to eat the area around it. Heike and the assassin were left in a strange open space. Pure white surrounded them, up, down, left, right all white.

"You...have a unique Environment-type Fullbring." Heike said, complemented his opponent.

The assassin remained silent and extended her right arm away from her, green light formed a weapon, a claymore, she grabbed the handle and with little effort preformed a swinging motion. The area changed while she did this, into a rocky terrain, the sky was bright blue.

"Die." She softly said.

Without warning she flashed towards Heike and swung her mighty sword down towards him. In a instant Heike dodged, the sword impacted on the ground causing a mighty thud the sand and dust clouded Heike's vision.

"She is in control here, I best be careful." Heike thought.

Kate waited outside her house, she was soaked by the downpour of rain. She had not long gotten back from an emergency meeting with the rest of the Knight's Guard. She looked at the clouds in the sky lost in thought, the meeting had unnerved her.

"Lady McGarden!" A voice cried out, snapping Kate out of her thoughts.

"Y-yes." She stammered in response.

"Come in the house. You'll catch a cold staying out for too long."

A maid appeared at the threshold of the doorway holding a towel in her arms. On her outfit she had the McGarden family crest on both her arms. Kate slowly walked towards her looking upset. The maid caught the look and frowned as if she sensed Kate's feelings.

Heike kept dodging each strike from his would-be assassin. Heike could clearly see the assassin breathing heavily.

"At your limit? Don't be ashamed to admit it." Hekie smugly said.

"Quite, you!" The assassin hissed.

The environment changed to a windy jagged valley. Heike quickly lost his footing the rocks and tumbled over. Seeing her change the assassin flashed towards him, pointing the tip of the claymore towards Heike's torso.

"Shit!" Heike cursed.

Unable to dodge this blow, Heike clapped the hand over his head grabbing the claymore before the blow lands.

"Stubborn fool! Just die already!" The assassin snarled.

"I'm afraid I won't. As you said I'm a stubborn fool!" Heike joked.

The assassin's weapon changed in a flash of green light. Heike quickly flashed away. The weapon new form was that of a scythe. A red handled scythe. The environment changed. Again. Now a snow covered plateau.

"Cold. Just like the real deal." Heike though, shivering. The assassin charged towards him again dragging the scythe in the snow. Heike's eyes narrowed.

"Code:Light!" Heike bellowed.

Heike's councillors badge disappeared in green light. To the assassin was surprised to see Heike disappear. Stopping in her tracks she looked around, dumbfounded, the assassin looked around her surroundings before deactivating her Fullbring.

"What happened? Where the fuck is he?" The assassin muttered to herself.

Suddenly, Heike appeared behind her and tied her up, eroticly, with his Light Whips. The assassin screamed as she tried to struggle against the whips.

"Now your going to talk." Heike said, looking serious.

The Traitor in the LightEdit

He took her in during the darkness of the storm, encase the sender of the assassin would see her and free her. Due to her interference Heike would have to go to the Order of Holy Knight's tomorrow. Time wasted now, the Shinigami would be mobilizing by now.

They arrived at his manor near the council building. It had taken him half an hour to get her avoiding populated areas. He entered the basement through a secret entrance in his garden.

Hekie had her tied up still now she was on a chair in his dank, dark basement. He had thought to us her in his fantasy but he knew he would get hit by Kate if she ever found out.

"Your awake now. Good you will tell me who sent you." Heike probed.

The assassin remained silent she was looking at the ground, trying to escape Heike's gaze. Heike grabbed her chin and forced he to look at him.

"Will you at least tell me your name." He asked, through a fake smile.

The girl sighed and forced her head to the left. "Sally...Sally Goodwood."

"Cute name. So Sally. Who sent you?"

She did not say anything for several moments then she opened her mouth as if to speak but no words came out.

"Well then--"

"My mistress wants you dead." She finally said.

"Who is your mistress?" Heike said voice raised.

"You already know her. She is one of the thirteen councillors." She said, each word seemed to cause her great pain.

"There are three females on the council, Haruko wouldn't want me dead. So that leaves Sofia Song and--"

"Victoria Campbell." She said finishing Heike's sentence for him.

12:45 am, Outskirts of Toronamatei

Victoria Campbell walked through a mountain pass, each stride was filled with hast. She had a meeting to get to, an important one. Her fine skin was being protected from the rain by her expensive looking hood. Her position on the Council was met with some opposition, many found her to aggressive, and her sympathetic disposition to the Shinigami didn't win her any favours with the public.

"Almost there." She thought to herself.

The rain wasn't as bad now, but she still shielded herself against it. In the distance she could make out a figure, it was her contact. The figure approached her.

"What do you have for me?" The figure said.

"Your message to the Council didn't go so well. Many of the Councillors are preparing for your occupation. I've sent an assassin to kill one of them on your orders, Heike, he should be dead now." She evilly said.

"Hmm, well then good the less resistance the better. The occupation will occur once you gain total control of the Council. But if you fail the occupation won't be as...gentle." The figure said turning around. A Senkaimon appeared in front of him.

"I'll see you later then...Captain Kuchiki."

The clouds began to part in the sky and the moonlight shone on Victoria Campbell. She brought down her hood and her black hair reflected some of the light.

"My time is coming. I hope your ready, I will be the one to lead our people to a new era."

The Black Hair TraitorEdit

"Victoria..." Heike said, still processing the information.

Sally looked at him, tears streaming down her face. Heike was unsure of why she was upset, she easily broke without much effort.

"I-I'm sorry mistress!" She bellowed, sobbing her eyes out clearly distressed over her own actions.

"Why would she want me dead? I may be on the Council but I haven't done anything to her." Heike said, snapping out of his thoughts.

"She--she supports the Shinigami. She already met with on--" Sally said, but stopped, shocked that she even said that.

"What! She supports the Shinigami!" Heike raised his voice. Sally braced herself expecting to be hit. She relaxed when no pain followed.

Sally sniffed. "Your not going to hit me?"

"Why would I?" Heike said.

"She hits me when I blab on to much....and when she gets bored...and when she is angry." Sally softly said.

"She is that bad. Tell you what you help me take her down and I will make sure she never hurts you again." Heike said unbinding her in the process.

"Sure. Anything to bring her down <3" Sally said, cheerier than before.

"You quickly changed." Heike said.

"My personality is unstable...Victoria said, though she made me like this." She said.

"We need to stop Victoria before she undoes my plan." Heike said, stretching his hand out for a hand shake. Sally firmly embraced his hand.

~An alliance has formed!~


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