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Turning Back the Pendulum arc

The Long Night 2Edit

Heike, Haruko and Sally looked as Victoria drew her sword, it was a normal katana. But something about with eerily familiar, the feeling of familiarity was strong in Heike, but he couldn't quite place it. Haruko on the other hand had an idea but she didn't want to believe it, or believe it was possible. Sally on the other hand knew what it was, but she wasn't afraid.

"Don't worry that just a normal blade. She hasn't unlocked it secrets yet." Sally confidently said.

"T-then you mean--" Haruko stuttered.

"It's a Zanpakutō?!" Heike finished.

"Not yet it is still an Asauchi so it won't get any stronger." Sally drew her own weapon as she talked, now filled with more confidence.

Victoria let out a small victorious laugh. Haruko visibly annoyed at her attitude towards them. Victoria took a step towards them spinning the sword on its tassel.

"Your too confident. You can't win surrender and face the Councils judgement." Heike said.

Sally put one foot forward positioning herself into an attack position. "Its over, just surrender."

Victoria let out another laugh. "Kāpēc man būtu padoties?" She said in a strange unfamiliar language. Though the tone was obviously mocking.

"Translation?" Haruko asked.

"Why would I surrender" Victoria reaffirmed.

Quickly Victoria ran towards them, putting her sword into a swinging motion to strike at Sally. Haruko flashed in front of Sally and punched Victoria in the jaw sending her flying into her own estates door.

The War God's RoarEdit

"A bit much Haruko. Next time hold back in your punch we needed her alive." Heike scornfully said.

Haruko viewing the broken door of Victoria's estate sighed heavily as if dispelling something foul from her lungs. "She got what was coming to her Heike, don't deny that. The Council would have order her execution anyway." She spat, in a mocking way.

"Either way--"

Heike looked shocked, his gaze fixed on the broken door Haruko was looking at, Haruko too looked shocked as Victoria emerged from the broken door way, unharmed, apart from the burst lip and red mark on her lower jaw. Victoria wiped away some of the blood on her lip.

"That actually hurt. The Kidō protection charm isn't as good as he said it would be. No matter it did its job." she said discarding a small spell tag.

Sally flashed in-front of Victoria, Victoria stood there undaughted and swung her sword to defend against Sally's blow.


The blades hit each other Victoria looked at Sally with contempt. Sally gritted her teeth and tried to push Victoria back.


Slowly she began to slide back. Heike appeared behind Victoria, Victoria took a quick glance and pushed back on Sally blade pushing her back a considerable distance.


Victoria turned quickly and swung her blade towards Heike in a swooping motion, trying to cut Heike's midsection, but Heike dodged to the right and landed a kick on her right side. Victoria staggered, losing her footing. She noticed that all three of them lunging towards her.


Almost a centimetre away from her muttered under her breath. "War God's Rose!"


Suddenly, Heike, Haruko and Sally flew in different directions from the force of a strange pressure coming from Victoria. A strange purpleish clouds formed around her hand, going up into the air.

"Now let us begin the true fight!"

War God's SwordEdit

Heike narrowed his eyes, he was serious now but he knew what Victoria had done. Fullbring. She activated her Fullbring--without her Fullbring Focus, it wasn't unheard of of a Fullbringer being able to use his or her Fullbring without having their focus out. The fact that the strange purplish cloud things surrounded her hands made him, Haruko and Sally nervous. He couldn't even see her hands or her Zanpakuto, or Asauchi as it was.

"Careful." Heike said, looking intently. "We don't know what her Fullbring can do."

"I have a very bad feeling about this." Haruko said nervously.

"I have never seen her Fullbring, I can't be of any help so don't ask me." Sally interjected.

Heike let out a soft laugh. "Its fine. We weren't going to ask anyway."

Victoria leaped towards Sally, who, in response swung her sword to bisect her. Strangly, Victoria was surrounded by the purplish cloud and disappeared.

"What the he--"


Blood erupted for Sally's left shoulder, the wound was deep the shock caused Sally to fall to her knees.

"How the hell did she move so fast." Haruko blurted, running to punch Victoria. Victoria disappeared again. Appearing behind her she attempted to stab Haruko.

"Code:Light!" Heike bellowed, quickly and gracefully yellow ropes wrapped around Victoria's arms and body stopping the blow.

"How the hell did she move so fast." Haruko blurted, running to punch Victoria. Victoria disappeared again. Appearing behind her she attempted to stab Haruko.

"Code:Light!" Heike bellowed, quickly and gracefully yellow ropes wrapped around Victoria's arms and body, stopping the blow.

Victoria turned her surprised features to Heike who returned her look with a look of confidence. He had her now. But she disappeared in the purplish cloud again.

"Her Fullbring must allow her to teleport. She escaped my bindings with little effort, I didn't feel her move out of it. Its like she moved her entire body to a different space." Heike thought, analyzing her Fullbring.

Sally and Haruko scanned the area for Victoria, her estate was still standing their fight hadn't damaged the imposing structure much bar the door, but it was possible she had fled inside. Sally took out her Fullbring focus know that she could take all of them to an environment where they could cut loose.

"Domain Controller!"

The words were still fresh in Heike's mind, he only heard the words a day ago when he battle Sally. He knew all to well the affects of her Fullbring. Haruko was only briefed a little by Heike on what exactly Sally's Fullbring could do and she was eager to see it for herself.

The light emerged from her glass dagger, it quickly surrounded the group and revealed Victoria who glowered at them.

"Your Fullbring I curse it for being so powerful." Victoria hissed at Sally. The white area they all stood in changed to a barren wasteland. A cool wind swept through for a moment, viably annoying Victoria. She moved forward the purplish clouds swarmed around Sally.

"Shit--" Heike said, using Bringer Light to get close to Victoria. Victoria looked at Heike and stabbed her sword into the ground. She placed her left hand over her mouth.

"War God's Flame!"She bellowed at black flames erupted out of her mouth and engulfed Heike.

Sally changed the environment quickly to a monsoon environment, during with she escaped from the cloud. Heike was uninjured, save for the minor burns on his clothes. He charged at Victoria, Sally follow close behind.

Victoria gripped the handle of her Asauchi and tore it from the ground. With one tremendous swing she sent a torrent of wind towards them. The wind was tearing up the ground below their feet. Had it been wind that Sally had created she would have stopped it but she couldn't, her environments followed the same rules as the real world and so Victoria could still generate her own wind.

Sally changed the environment again this time it was a replica of Toronamatei. Haruko flew up as the some of the buildings were being introduced. The strain could be seen on Sally's face, clearly this was the first time she had done something like this.

Victoria let out a small laugh as the wind died down. She clearly was amused, but not by Sally's skill with her Fullbring.

"Two Councillors can't stop me. This is good to know. When I lead Toronamatei no one will be able to stop me. Now I must really end this." She said, determination and victory could been seen in her eyes as she looked up at Haruko and then down at Sally and Heike.


The God Rose Bloom'sEdit

A purplish cloud surrounded Victoria, swirly violently around her. It then dispersed revealing Victoria holding her Zanpakutō. The blade was now longer, an extra 50 cm was added to the length. The colour of the blade was now purple and the tsuba changed from a rectangle into a sliver blooming rose. The hilt stayed the same red coloured wrapping with the blue tassel, but at the end of the tassel was a rose.

Haruko looked down at Victoria she couldn't believe what she had witnessed. Victoria activated Shikai. A Fullbringer capable of using a Zanpakutō, it defied belief. Heike narrowed his eyes, he was surprised as well. Sally said that she was not able to use Shikai and yet she just had.

"So you can use a Zanpakutō? It does not mean that you can win this fight Victoria." Heike said, looking directly into Victoria's eyes.

A wicked smile stretched across Victoria's face. She knew she was up against two of the twelve strongest Fullbringers in the world, but she didn't care. She has a Shikai. To her she could win any battle.

"Just wait until I achieve Bankai. I will be even stronger than I'm now." Victoria said.

Haruko scoffed at her, she looked at Sally to see her reaction. Sally was as shocked as both Councillors, understandable given the circumstances. Heike did wait for any more talking, he used his Light whip to grab Victoria by the leg. With a simple wrist gesture he threw her up into the air.

Haruko used Bringer Light to bridge the gap between her and Victoria. Victoria was enveloped in a purple flash of light and was replaced by Sally.

"Shit!" Haruko yelled unable to stop herself from crashing mid-air with Sally.

Heike saved both the girls with his Light Net. Victoria was slippery, her Fullbring was enhanced by her Zanpakutō. Heike was quick to realize this, it was an interesting development but hardly the time to be academic.

"She is able to teleport faster now." Haruko stated.

"Her weakness was that she needed to have high concentration on what she is going to move. But now it seems that she overcame that, how is that possible!" Sally was distressed at the turn of events.

"Oh now you tell us her weakness. Bit late now." Haruko intersected.

"Quit it before you start Haruko. It doesn't matter now." Heike said while looking around the area. "She could strike at any moment.

Kate ran through the crowd gathering around the Campbell Estate. She woke up in her barracks after falling asleep at the Head Councillor's Office and she was quickly sent to work. Her unit was called into investigate the increase and disappearance of two Councillor's spirit energy, Heike and Haruko's. She had many thoughts running through her mind, most of them all ending badly. She pushed through the last crowd of civilians and saw something she couldn't put into words.

There right in front of the Campbell Estate was a large black box. She tried to sense Heike, but wasn't able to, but she had a deep feeling that Heike was inside that box possibly fighting with someone. Or something.

"Is that a Fullbring?" She asked the nearest Knight's Guard member.

"We don't know. It is highly likely." The young man responded.

"Great. Have we tried to break it?"

"We have... And we failed it is impenetrable from this end."

"Great..." Kate sighed.

Sofia Song arrived at the estate, guarded by two of the Knight Guards best. Her short black hair was straight not tied up into a bun as it normally was. She wore her night wear, obviously she was disturbed by the recent events enough to wake up and see what all the commotion was about.

"I see the situation is under control." She softly said under her breath. She turned away and made her way gracefully passed the crowed.

Kate had heard what she said and saw her leave but didn't have time to chase her down for questions, she was grabbed by the arm and dragged back by a higher ranking Guardsmen.

"We need you here McGarden. Keep the peace." He said as he let go of her arm.

Victoria contemplated her next move. She clearly had the advantage in terms of her abilities, but she lacked any physical abilities. She never had any formal training in swordsmanship, she self-taught herself and made her own style. Which wasn’t going to suite her in this situation.

Damn them all! I need to end this quickly before Sally’s Fullbring reaches its limit.” She thought to herself.

The model Toronamatei was a convincing replica. Heike almost believed he was fighting in the streets. But the crumbling building next to him made him realize that they were still in Sally’s Fullbring. Haruko was getting frustrated with Victoria, she would like nothing more than to cut Victoria’s traitorous neck.

“I hope you have a plan. Or else we might end up losing this battle.” Haruko said, her voice was sharp with rage.

“Don’t worry. I always have a plan. Just let me get my whips out…” Heike said, half joking but his joke didn’t help lighten the mood.

“Is he always like this?” Sally asked.

“Unfortunately, he is.” Haruko said hiding her face within her palm.

A cold shiver ran down Sally’s back. “That pervert!” Sally knew him to be 'perverted' from his interrogation of her, but she put that down to the way he interrogated people.

Haruko ducked as Victoria made her move against them, attacking from behind with her enhanced abilities. "The bitch!" Haruko yelled as Victoria pressed towards her. Heike used his whips to bind Victoria's Zanpakutō. "Your surprisingly quick." Victoria complemented.

Victoria sword slipped through Heike's whips.

"Another ability?!" Heike thought.

Haruko quickly used Bringer Light to get closer to Victoria while she was concentrating on Heike. She violently impaled Victoria in the stomach with her own arm.

"!" Victoria spat out blood from her mouth.

Suddenly, Sally yelled out in pain. Heike and Victoria turned and saw Victoria behind Sally, her Zanpakutō pieced her. The Victoria that Haruko impaled turned into a purple smoke and dissipated.

"Sally!" Haruko yelled, tears welled up in her eyes.

~The advantage is lost! What will Haruko and Heike do now?~


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