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Chris Flanagan
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday September 2
Age 21
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation American Branch of Xcution
Occupation Bartender
Team American Branch of Xcution
Base of Operations Xcution American HQ, New York City, America
Personal Status
Primary Skill
Fullbring Party Animal
First Appearance

Chris Flanagan (クリス·フラナガン, Kurisu Furanagan) is a Fullbringer and member of the American Branch of Xcution.


She does not wear any nice clothes due to the effects of her Fullbring. She wears a baggy white t-shirt and jeans. Her hair is neat and tidy but when she becomes drunk it becomes messy, the more she drinks the more un-kept it looks.


She is calm and collected when needs be. She enjoys to party and likes to drink alcohol. She enjoys using her Fullbring as it requires her to get drunk. She enjoys cute things but tries to hide it from the rest of her branch. She is quick to anger when questioned about her drinking habits. When she is drunk she becomes unpredictable often she acts in a hilarious manor. Depending on what drink she is using to power her Fullbring she can exhibit different emotions, an example of this is when she drank Vodka to power her Fullbring and she became extremely violent and angry towards others.


She grew up in Brooklyn and at age of eleven she discovered some of her powers. It was not till she was 18 that she unlocked her true Fullbring, by getting drunk she does not remember much of that night other than she woke up next to two dead Shinigami. The event left her with many questions which were answered when she was discovered by Jack O'Neill who recruited her for the American Branch of Xcution. She meet Tom Keen sometime later.


Soul Society Invasion arcEdit

Chris and the other members of the invasion force stand on the Portal pad to transport them to the Soul Society, while waiting she activates her Fullbring, Party Animal.

Chris emerges from the pillar of green flames and quickly attacks several Shinigami before being confronted by the 6th Division's lieutenant, Renji Abarai, Chris greets him before taking a drink from her canister.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: She has displayed incredible strength for a normal human, being able to lift up two cars and throw them with great force.

Enhanced Speed: Chris’ speed is said to be faster than the American Branch’s Head. She has been seen countering fast movements from other Fullbringers.

Bringer Light Expert: Chris is an expert at using Bringer Light. She is able to use it in combat to make her moves faster.


Party Animal (当事者動物, Tōjisha dōbutsu): By drinking any alcohol her Fullbring activates granting her access to various abilities. She is able to strengthen the bottle of alcohol to be near impenetrable. She is able to manipulate the alcohol in the bottle; she can increase the density of the alcohol, heat it and freeze it. She can use alcohol to shield herself and use it to attack as well.

  • Energy Ball: Chris is able to produce an energy ball from her mouth and fire it. The force of the blast is so great it can destroy two large buildings.
  • Intoxication Enhancements: While intoxicated; her strength and speed increase the drunker she becomes. This is not without is downsides as if she becomes too drunk she will pass out.
  • Sonic Burp: Chris is able to produce a Sonic Burp, this allows her to throw back her opponents or incapacitate them.
  • Alcohol Manipulation: She is able to control alcohol in various ways from shielding her to being used as weapons. This is not a without drawbacks she can only use what alcohol she has on her and if the alcohol gets evaporated she won’t be able to use it.

Enhanced Party Animal: By drinking her own special brew Chris is able to enhance her Party Animal which makes her stronger and faster. She notes that she doesn’t feel as drunk when using her Enhanced Party Animal.

  • Intoxication Inducement: Only available when in Enhanced Party Animal, Chris is able to make anyone she wants become intoxicated. She does this by increase the alcohol levels within the blood stream of her desired choice; she needs direct contact with the person to perform this.


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