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New BeginningsEdit

Aizen's ReleaseEdit

A man sits alone, in a giant room, painted black. Stuck to a chair by Bakudo, he has no sense of anything, and doesn't even know if he's still breathing. One day, whilst thinking of what will happen when he eventually gets out, he starts to feel pain, giving him one of his senses back, touch. Suddenly, the tape starts to rip off, and he is able to see, albeit only slightly. The chair launches itself away as he falls to the ground, having not used his limbs in the entirety of his imprisonment, and faints. When he wakes up, he hears 2 Shinigami muttering: "What is going to happen to him?" "I have no idea. I suppose that the Central 46 will just banish him forever from Soul Society, since he has no power and his Zanpakuto is dead. Lets find out." They walk out, as another Shinigami notices that the person has woken up. He wheels the person's bed into the same room where he was imprisoned, as a person shouts "Everyone, keep quiet!" They do, as the person starts:

"Sosuke Aizen. You have been imprisoned in Muken for the last 20,000 years, as was your sentence. As the head of the Central 46, I banish you from Soul Society forever. You have no Reiatsu, and so you will have no spiritual awareness, therefore you are blind within the spiritual borders.

As he is escorted to the Human World, Aizen wonders whether or not his own life is worth living anymore. As the Shinigami leave for him to get on with a typical human life, he starts lamenting about his previous life. Near the edge of the town he is in, he notices how his Reiatsu is not entirely gone, and notices a Hollow nearby. Walking towards the Gillian, he is knocked aside by it, and it starts forming a Cero. He manages to strike straight through, which also kills the Gillian. Suddenly, a Garganta opens, and an Arrancar walks through. Aizen tells the Arrancar "You! Who is your ruler?" "Mine? Alejandro Aguilar. He is my master, and I am his Fracción." Aizen quickly kills the Arrancar, and walks through the Garganta. The Reishi impacts him, which recovers his Reiatsu, giving him basic power. Arriving in Hueco Mundo, Aizen realises that everything around has been destroyed that he has ever worked for, and looks around. Seeing an army base in the distance, he starts walking towards it, when he feels something different about himself.


Waking up in a bunker, the diez Espada, Roque Ortega decides that this will be the day that he finally kills Pelagio Mendoza. He asks his Fracción, Aisha Pena: "What is Pelagio's army strength?"

"Around 20 teams of Gillian. Whilst we have less teams, we have Adjuchas under our control. Maybe, I could get Fire Forest to help..."

"Don't regret the past, Aisha. They may decide to help, but only if they have a good heart. Seeing how hollows are made from hatred, I doubt. Lets go."

They start going out towards the edge of the bunker, and quickly Sonidos towards the giant forest in the distance, before any Arrancar catches them. However, they end up throwing themselves straight onto an Arrancar in passing. The Arrancar asks "What are you doing here? And who is your master?" Before seeing Roque's tattoo. The Arrancar then takes out his Zanpakuto, and fires a Cero from it. Aisha manages to block it with her bare hand, calling him a wimp, before incinerating his arm, causing him to faint. Waking up moments later, Roque asks the Arrancar "What is your name?"

"I don't have a name. My master doesn't care enough to even give us names, let alone numbers. He is so cruel, I have only gazed my eyes upon him twice. When he first saved me and made me an Arrancar, and when he did a meeting with all of us. Why did I care so much for such a cruel dictator?" Roque decides to put the arrancar out of his misery, and kills him.

They continue on, getting to the Fire Forest, a division of the Forest of Menos. Once there, a hundred Cero fire towards them. Aisha manages to deflect them all with a single swing of blue fire. The hollows try to run away but Aisha asks "Please, help! You are in as much trouble as we are. You are the only neutral fighters anymore. Please!"

Only an Adjuchas remains, being the Hollow to take in Aisha back when she was overtaken. He says "Everyone else has made an oath to not even consider taking you back as a leader. That is, except for me and my team."

They walk into an underground entrance, where they find that there are hundreds upon hundreds of Hollows. The leader explains: "Here, we have swore an oath that we will always follow the true leader of the Fire Forest: You, Aisha. We will help you in fighting Pelagio, and so we are your army, besides the armies that you already have. Also, Pelagio passed through here some time ago, and killed some hollows as training. You had better be quick in finding him, as he seemed to go towards Las Noches. We must leave now."

Aguilar & AizenEdit

Aizen arrives at Las Noches, expecting someone to let him in, when he suddenly faints from a strange Reiatsu. Waking up, he realises that it was his own Reiatsu, and a mask starts to form on his head. He manages to rip the mask off before it takes over his body, and feels the power of the Hogyoku going back within him. Looking at his chest, he notices that it hasn't implanted itself into him, instead only the power. Wondering if the Hogyoku is starting to respect him again, he takes out a new sword he has, and learns that it's name is actually "Hogyoku". Reiatsu starts forming like a caccoon around him, forming his former Chrysalis state. He notices that his previous Zanpakuto, Kyoka Suigetsu, is actually the same, although it is now a normal sword, only keeping asthetics.

Deciding that the best thing to do is go inside Las Noches, he makes a giant hole using a Cero, noticing that he seems to have become an Arrancar. Walking through, he is immediately attacked by a couple of Hollows, all of which he kills with his Reiryoku alone. Believing them to be strangely weak, he walks through what used to be his own palace, killing Hollows simply by going near them. As he wanders into what used to be the entrance to his own throne room, when he is stopped by an Arrancar, who immediately releases their Zanpakuto. Aizen calls the Arrancar weak and walks over to them when suddenly, he finds that he cannot advance any further because of the person's own Reiatsu. The person says "Are you Sosuke Aizen? I am disappointed if you are Sosuke Aizen, as I have given you one chance to evolve, and yet you have failed. I cannot sense your own spiritual pressure. Remember those words? Now, I face you in the same way. I am no Fracción, and I am the 2nd Espada. Aida Lopez, and don't you dare even try something to stop me. You are weak, and cannot do anything to stop what I'm going to do to this world. If you cannot even touch me, then how come you think you can fight Alejandro?"

"Can I at least speak to him?"

"Fine." She opens the giant door behind her, and Aizen wanders in. An old man sits in the throne which Aizen once sat on, wearing a crown. The man asks "Sosuke Aizen, what do you want?"

"I wish for you to help me. The truth is, I need to take over Soul Society and I need nothing less than a small amount of power from each of the Nuevo Espada. Starting with the strongest, if I possess a small amount of your power, then things will happen a lot sooner."

"What exactly will I get from all of this?"

"You will have Hueco Mundo all to yourself to play around with, and will become divine. Alejandro Aguilar, I know exactly what you want, and I know you love power. What do you say?"

"Fine. However, not everyone will be happy with you. For example, I noticed Aida isn't especially happy towards you. Don't forget about the past, and I will only give small amounts at first. Here's a bonus."

Aguilar fires a Bala at Aizen, which he catches in his hand. Aizen absorbs it, which causes him to gain a Resurrección: Segunda Etapa, in the form of his former third form whilst using the Hogyoku. Aizen thanks Aguilar, before leaving. Aguilar asks "Where are you going?"

"To get the next Espada. Going from the bottom: Pelagio Mendoza."

Finding A Man Beyond ThousandsEdit

Reinforcements ArriveEdit

Roque and Aisha leaves with a few teams of Adjuchas. They start panning the area around Las Noches, and notices that there have been switch overs in hollows every 5 minutes. This way, they can actually get around the defenses and into Las Noches itself. Digging a giant hole in the ground, they manage to get inside Las Noches, but immediately run into a horde of hollows.

After fighting the hollows and killing them, Aisha senses that Pelagio is actually somewhere within where the Privaron Espada used to be situated, 10 metres away. Trying to smash through a wall, Roque finds that it is covered by Sekiseki, and instead smashes it down with only his hands. There, Pelagio is surrounded by Adjuchas, all of which the hollows on their side manage to kill.

Pelagio says in his typical camp mood "Oh, what is this? Someone trying to kill me? I can't let you do that. Let me reveal my greatest weapon of all, you annoying thing." He releases his Zanpakuto, Toalla Mullida, forming Pelagio as a tentacle monster. He says "Now, there is no way that you, Roque, can defeat me! Watch me take over your tattoo, and be demoted back to novema!" Roque notices his tattoo slowly changing, as he unsheaths his sword. He releases it, and he causes Pelagio to fall with only his Reiatsu being released. He says "Mendoza. Give up. You have no purpose in this world, and therefore don't deserve to live."

"Ooh, who's gone all clever all of a sudden? Don't forget, Ortega, that you yourself are just a lying annoying little busybody. Of course, you won't do anything that you promised her." He fires one of his tentacles at Roque, which shoots out poison. Aisha gets in the way, and deflects it with her signature blue fire. She slashes off the tentacle with her sword, and fires back a fire blast which blinds him.

2 Arrancar appear in front of Pelagio and ask "Do you need help?"

"WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? KILL THEM BOTH!" Pelagio screams as he is forced to retreat, alongside a third Arrancar. Roque says "Moreno, Garcia. What do you want with Mendoza?", realising that they are Flavio Garcia and Dalmacio Moreno, the sexta and septéma Nuevo Espada respectively. Flavio says "Pelagio is a Nuevo Espada, and so are you. Have you heard? Aguilar's holding a meeting of whoever's left. First of all, you will have to get through us.

Getting out AliveEdit

Flavio releases his Zanpakuto, Vida, causing him to get a giant sickle, which he throws at Roque. He manages to bounce it straight back, with Dalmacio cutting straight through Roque's stomach with his Resurrección, Muerde, as a scythe. Roque shows that he was simply an illusion, and dissapates. The real Roque then slams straight into both of them with a giant rock, which he is able to carry. The rock forms a giant crater in the ground, and Roque looks around, wondering where both of them have gone. He notices Flavio's Reiatsu behind him, and guesses that really, Flavio has turned invisable and is right outisde Roque's area of effect. He steps backwards once, and causes the pressure in the area to build up, forcing Flavio to bow behind him. Roque creates a sword, and just as he is about to kill Flavio, Dalmacio rushes in and gets Flavio out of the way.

Aisha starts to follow Pelagio, realising that actually, the Arrancar that is taking Pelaigo away from Las Noches is Siseburo Gonzales, the octava Espada. Gonzales says to Pelagio "Don't worry about her. She's a weak Fracción, and even if she could set fire to you, she cannot to me. I'm a water specialist. All we need to do is get you to Alix. She is currently situated in a nearby base." They start rushing over, just as Roque smashes into them, having been thrown by Flavio. Aisha starts swinging Pelagio around, and gets on top of his head. She stabs him in the eyes, and sets fire to his clothes. Pelagio screams in pain, and faints, with Flavio grabbing Aisha by the hair, and throwing her against a tree. He then proceeds to clash with Roque, almost breaking Roque's sword.

Aisha manages to sneak past them, and decides to kill Pelagio. Aizen comes into her view, and says "Don't move a muscle, or I'll kill you. Pelagio is mine for the taking, now if you don't mind." He then stabs Pelagio in the stomach, and starts stealing Pelagio's Reiryoku. Aisha snaps the sword in half with her bare hand, and starts stealing the power for herself, as Pelagio starts setting off a self-destruct mechanism, giving her just 10 seconds to absorb what she can before he blows up. She stabs her own sword in at the same time, and so starts absorbing double the power. Just a second beforehand, she takes both swords out and runs as fast as possible away. Aizen stays, due to his immortality, and tries to defuse the bomb hidden within Pelagio. It is too late, and he explodes, destroying everything for a mile around.

Roque faints from the pressure, and Aisha climbs onto the ground, having dug underground. She picks him up, and takes him back to their base, noticing that Flavio, Dalmacio and Gonzales have disappeared.


Above Las Noches, 2 shadows appear, who start having a conversation. "So, we have one less Nuevo, and it seems to be that Aisha is starting to thwart Aizen's plans. What do you think she's going to do with all of that power?"

"I already know. She won't tell a soul, that is until..."

Aguilar appears in front of them and asks "Is this something to do with the events of today?"

One says "What do you think? Everything is currently going to plan, as right now, Aisha must die when she does. If anyone tries to kill her, more specifically Aizen, then injure him enough to give him the idea. Is everyone going to the meeting?"

"Yes. Everyone will be at separate sides of Las Noches, as not to cause any more war, and I will give them my inspirational speech. When will you both introduce yourselves?"

"When Aida dies."

"No! I won't allow it for Aida to die! She means too much for me! That's it! I will protect her with my life!" He then goes back into Las Noches, just as the 2 shadows leave.

That night, Aida looks at her own sword, and then has a good examine of the other sword, noticing that Reiatsu is not leaking off it, instead being contained within the core of the fragment. Cutting it, she finds that the Reiatsu seems to concentrate itself onto one spot, like as if the Reiatsu is alive. She puts the fragmented sword into a vault, and buries it underground for safe keeping. Roque wakes up, and asks "What happened?"

"Pelagio is dead, and everyone else disappeared. He used a self destruct mechanism built into his body to explode when he died. You won't find much there, only ashes and maybe the odd bit of Reiatsu. I couldn't sense anyone around when I detected around the area. They must have escaped. You had better rest before Aguilar's meeting."

Aizen appears outside the base, and creates a Garganta. He goes into the Human World, where he starts waiting. After about an hour, some Shinigami arrive, alongside 2 people wrapped completely in straitjackets. The Shinigami unwrap them, and they are seen to be Kuruyashiki Kenpachi and Azashiro Kenpachi, the 7th and 8th Kenpachis respectively. Aizen kills the Shinigami guarding them, and quickly takes them both through the Garganta, arriving just outside Roque's base.

Kuruyashiki asks "Hey, Sosuke. What's going on? Why does this place seem so different?"

"Hueco Mundo is in war. An illusion, left over by my Kyoka Suigetsu managed to make the Central 46 think that your sentence is over. For now, we must stay here, and gather the Reiryoku of the Nuevo Espada. Remember our plans? Well now, they will come into fruition. First of all, we must get into Las Noches."

"Hold on, aren't we forgetting about something?" Azashiro asks.


"We don't have power. We need strength in order to do anything, and the only things that we have left is... not much. Our Zanpakuto are dead, we have no Reiatsu, and soon our spiritual awareness will go as well. What then?"

"Don't worry. I am both an Arrancar and Shinigami now. I can easily make both of you Substitute Shinigami and also Arrancar. That will make us all better than both Hollow and Shinigami, and finally we will reign supreme over this pathetic universe." Aizen believes. They walk through Hueco Mundo, deciding plans while everyone sleeps.