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Turning Back the Pendulum arc

The ThreatEdit

Location: Fullbringer Council Chamber, Toronamatei.

Tenjirō Kirinji stood in the centre of the Council Chamber, his Zanpakutō bound to its sheath. His long black hair covered the right side of his face, his left eye was exposed.

"That is all I have to say about the Quincies...It was an unprovoked attack by disgruntled members who's loved ones were killed by Hollows." Tenjirō said.

Heike didn't believe him the intelligence that was gathered was true about Juhabach. Tenjirō never mentioned Juhabach. "Then what about...Juhabach?" Heike venomously said.

Tenjirō left eye narrowed in surprise. "How do you know that man's name?" Tenjirō asked.

Heike knew he had surprised Tenjirō with his question. To Heike now he had to keep up the pressure.

"He is a well known Quincy. We had heard he lead the attack. Did Juhabach die?" Haruko interjected.

Tenjirō wiped his hair back. "...Yes...He did die. At the hands of Yamamoto's Bankai. As Captain of the Fourth Division I examined what was left of Juhabach. He lead the assault. Honestly he manipulated many Quincies and we don't hold the others accountable." He explained.

Heike and Haruko's eyes narrowed upon Tenjirō's explanation. According to their spies Juhabach survived, and that the majority of the Quincy population were killed during the invasion.

"Is that all....Captain of the Fourth Division?" An Old voice bellowed.

Tenjirō stood there for a few moments then step forward. "There is another thing I was here to tell ya all. We need ya to stop kill Hollows now. Ya see it is our job to kill em not yours."

Heike and Haruko were shocked at this. The Council agreed upon first contact with the Shinigami that they wouldn't kill Hollows around the world. But would kill Hollows that attacked Toronamatei.

"We agreed on this years ago. We kill Hollows when they attack. Not seek them out. Now you say we can't defend ourselves? You expect us to accept this?" Heike bellowed.

Tenjirō smiled. "Your going to have to...If you know what is good for ya!" He devilishly said.

"You...Bastard!" Haruko intensity hissed.

"A Shinigami garrison will be station in Toronamatei. You Fullbringers are forbidden to harm any Hollows. This is...for your own safety of course." Tenjirō undauntedly said.

"Stop treating us like mere Humans you Shinigami fool! Only your barbaric strength forced us into peace with you! But now you are weak! And we will not stand for your laws being forced upon us! Your kind has no power in this world! Your kind doesn't have the right!" The elderly voice angrily bellowed. "NOW BEGONE!"

"Well done, old man." Heike thought too himself.

Tenjirō turned and silently left the Council Chamber. One of his subordinates opened a Senkaimon and they departed for Soul Society.



The Fullbringer Council quickly began to leave the chamber. After Yashiro Isana vocally broke off the peace agreement with the Shinigami, many Councillors went to make preparations for war.

"Do you think it will be enough...Heike?" Haruko said, hugging him from behind.

Heike didn't move. He mind was elsewhere.

"Still thinking about her? I don't blame you. I can't help but thinking of my family." Haruko tearfully said.

"Go home to your family Haruko. Spend as much time as you can with them. We are making a gamble right now...And it might not pay off." Heike grimly said.

In a flicker of green light Haruko disappeared leaving Heike alone in the council chamber.

"So you now sulk when you have gotten what you've wanted for awhile now. Heike you are one complicated man to understand. You who have never trusted a Shinigami now doubt your own actions." Yashiro Isana said in his old voice.

"True...back then I didn't..." Heike said but was interrupted. "Have someone close to your heart? Heike you surprise me." Yashiro said in a low tone.

"Old man..."

"Don't old man me. You must take a hold of your convictions and never back down from them. At the start you and I were the only ones to voice our opinions about the Shinigami. Now there are more, that is why we have decided to break away from them now we do things our way. Heike...we need everyone to be prepare for wartime." Yashiro said.

"Yes Head Councilmen!" Heike said, saluting Yashiro.

"Good. We are taking a very risky gamble here. We need everyone available who can fight. The Knight's Guard and the Hollow Watch must come together with the Army. Then we might have a fighting chance." The elder councilmen firmly said.

Heike stood silent for awhile and then walked past Yashiro. "I know how to do that sir!" Heike said walking out of the chamber.

"I know you do son." Yashiro softly muttered to himself.

Infighting Edit

Heike rushed through the crowed streets of Toronamatei to reach the Arms Fort. The Arms Fort was constructed 10 years ago to accommodate the needs of the growing army. The Fort trained Fullbringers to use their powers properly in battle and to use Fullbring. Heike needed the Knight's Guard and the Army to work together for once.

The Army dealt with internal threats and while Hollow combat training was standard for all Fullbringers the Army didn't interfere with the Knight's Guards affairs. To deal with the inevitable conflict with the Shinigami all three of Toronamatei's guardians must combine their might with the Armies.

"Almost there hopefully I can convince Gregor to work together with the three guardians. It's the only way." Heike thought to himself.

The closer he got to the for the less people were in his way. This allowed him to use Bringer Light effectively. Heike could see the gates to the Fort of in the distance.

Location: Omen District 5:30 pm

The Omen District. It was run down and rotting this is where criminal elements of Toronamatei gather. Most of the citizens of the Omen District left hundreds of years ago after a massive Hollow attack now it serves to hide illegal activities and secret meetings.

"Heike is on the move mistress. Shall I intercept?" a shadowy figure asked.

A woman in a brown rood stepped into the light, she lowered her hood down to revel her long purple hair.

"No for now just observe him. He won't get the Guardians to work with the Army. But he has a better chance than most." The woman said extending her hand towards the figure.

The shadowy figure trembled as the hand touched its face. "I'm counting on you Yuki. Only fight him when he comes into contact with her." The woman said.

"Yes mistress!" Yuki said as the woman disappeared.

Gregor The Mighty Edit

Heike had been waiting for an hour before any word was sent to him about a meeting with Gregor. A young female solider waved him over and walked with him down a stone corridor.

"Are you taking me to see Gregor?" Heike questioned.

"Yes. He will speak with you Councillor." The solider said.

After a short walk they arrived at a metal door, the door had the insignia of Gregor's house. The insignia was that of a bull with tree branches for horns. Heike was intrigued by the insignia this was the first time he had saw it. The door screeched open from the other side and Heike slowly walked in, unsure of what reception he'd get.

Heike saw a tall man standing in front of a window looking out onto the city. Heike took another step forward, dreading what Gregor might say. Heike may be a Councillor but the Army answered directly to the Independent Protection Bureau headed by Councillor Troy.

"Gregor. I'm seeking your...." Heike said but was interrupted by Gregor raising his left hand.

"I already know why you are here Councillor. And you don't have to ask. I will work with the Three Guardian factions. But...they will also have to agree." Gregor said.

"Not a problem. So far the Knight's Guard has agreed and we are awaiting word back from both Hollow Watch and the Order of Holy Knights." Heike confidently said.

"You'll be disappointed Councillor. The Order of Holy Knights believe only in their silly little religion. They don't care what happens to our kind as long as they ascend." Gregor said with a raised voice.

Heike sighed. He knew that the Order's religious beliefs might compromise the alliance but he knew that he met with the Order's leader he could convince them to join.

"Don't worry Gregor I'll convince the Order. Just have your men prepare themselves in the meantime." Heike said turn to face the door.

"Who do you think your talking to. My men are all ready to fight!" Gregor said with such ego.

"Hmmmm I never doubted you for a second." Heike jokingly said.

Gregor burst out laughing as Heike closed the door behind him leaving Gregor alone to come to terms with his outburst.

"Damn that man he can sit still and enjoy himself." He said to himself.

~A promising start to the alliance. Can Heike convince the mysterious leader of the Order?!~


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