Kanji 戦隊
Romaji Sentai
Headquarters Ciudad del Huecos, Hueco Mundo
Leader(s) Hunting Captains
Affiliation Imperio Ocultos
Purpose Hunting of Hollows so they can be turned into Arrancar

Escuadrón (戦隊, Sentai; Spanish for Squadron, Japanese for Fleet) is a military branch within the Imperio Ocultos which deal with the hunting of Hollows so they can be turn into Arrancar. So far three members have been seen, however it is stated there are hunting party across Hueco Mundo each with a Hunting Captain.


Escuadrón purpose is a simple one, hunt down Hollows and send them to be turned into Arrancars. While a simple task it is quite hard to achieve as some Hollows fight against members of Escuadrón and so perish. Some Hollows go willingly to be turned into Arrancars, other would rather die. Escuadrón do have another purpose other than Hunting Hollows, Condenar states that it is a waste of potential if they just let them hunt Hollows. Their other unspoken purpose is to kill intruders and hunt down and kill any deserters of the from the Imperio, for this reason they are trained to fight Arrancars and each of their Resurreccións are significantly more powerful than an average Arrancars release.

Notable MembersEdit

(† = confirmed death)

Name Membership Status
Eusbio QuintoFirst Escuadrón Executive Hunting CaptainActive
Decano BronceMemberActive
Bambietta BrisaMemberActive
Unnamed Escuadrón MemberNemberActive