Greg Greyjoy
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday June 14
Age 33
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Main Branch of Xcution
Previous Occupation CEO of Greyjoy Inc
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Father
Primary Skill
Fullbring Open Deal
First Appearance

Greg Greyjoy was a Fullbringer and associate of Xcution before his mysterious disappearance.


He has brown hair and brown eyes. He usually wears business-like clothes. His eyes turn gold while he is using his powers. Tom states that he was quite the charmer with his looks.


He is always calm, showing no emotions of anger or sadness. He is seems to be quite optimistic, he also shows kindness towards other Fullbringers. He hates Shinigami due to their laws and believes that they don't have the right to rule.


Greg lived his early years for music. But because his father wished for him to work under him as an aid in business matters, Greg had to end his life for music. Even though he was not as much interested, Greg worked as hard as possible for the business of his father. But his father's company later on started to lose money, which made the father decide to cut the funds on the treatment on his sick daughter, basically Greg's sister. Because his father did so, Greg's little sister is now in a coma, when she could've had gone to America for better treatment.

Angered by the fact that his father prioritized business over family, Greg started to work even harder, but not for his father's sake, but to fight against him. While he worked so hard, Greg discovered his Fullbring Open Deal, with his he used it to gain enough money to take over his father business for revenge for what he had done to his sister. Greg then was approached by Tom Keen who invited him to join Xcution, Greg accepted but he only wanted to be associated with them. With his business going so well he funnelled money to Xcution to help them grow he also divert researchers and tech to Xcution.

His life took a down turn when he witnessed two Shinigami murdering his sister, he enlisted Xcution help to track down the Shinigami and get revenge, Tom helped him they found the Shinigami and killed them. After that he disappeared.

Powers & Abilities

Bringer Light Expert: Greg is an Expert at using Bringer Light. Greg is able to keep up with a Shinigami Lieutenant.

High Intellect: Greg being raised by his father to one day take over his company, was trained by the best educators money can by. With this Greg develop near genius intellect. He uses his high intellect to help Xcution out of many situations.


Open Deal (ディールを開く, Dīru o hiraku): His Fullbring Focus is a strange bank card which he called a Midas Card. With this card he is able to preform various feats by burning up "Spirit Money" which he earn by living. He earns around One Million every hour. Depending on the amount he uses he can increase his strength and speed or preform special attacks. He has four main powers which he can use Microflation, Mezzoflation, Macroflation and finally his most powerful Micro-Mezzo-Macroflation.

  • Spiritual Money Conversion: Greg is able to convert his spiritual money into real money of any currency. This allowed him to raise enough money to take over his father's company and fund Xcution.

Microflation: Costing him around 100 thousand in Spirit Money Greg can use his Microflation, he has two Microflations. If he wishes to switch to another he must pay another 100 thousand to trade powers. He can also pay an additional 50 thousand to gain an enhanced version of that power.

  • E.B.O (Early Buyout Options): This Mircoflation creates a dense fog that allows Greg to create a clone of his opponent to use their abilities against them. It is also used to keep secret what techniques he uses so that others will not know.
  • Merger and Acquisition: This Microflation allows Greg to "borrow" all the abilites of his opponent. However he cannot sustain their abilities for long before it leaves him, to bypass this use useally pays an extra 50 thousand to prolong the abilities if needs be.

Mezzoflation: Costing him around at least 1 Million in Spirit Money Greg can use his Mezzoflation, he only has one Mezzoflation. If he wishes to gain an enhanced version of his Mezzoflation he will have to pay an additional 500 thousand to enhance his Mezzoflation.

  • Scorched Earth: This flation creates a huge burst of flame, which then becomes many missile-like flames that incinerates the target and the surrounding area.

Macroflation: Costing him around 10 Million in Spirit Money, Greg gains access to his Mactoflation. Greg has three Macroflations or so he clams but only one has been seen so far. If he wishes to gain an enhanced version of his Macroflation he will have to pay 5 Million to enhance his Macroflation.

  • Poison Pill: This flation extends a shadow that traps Greg's eneimes into a constant state of spiritual energy loss, slowly draining their Spirit Energy.
  • Enhanced Poison Pill: After spending 5 Million of his Spirit Money, Greg can use Poison Pill on a much more deadly scale which can cause extreme spiritual energy drain. Greg used this on a Shinigami and shown the ability to kill the Zanpakuto Spirit.

Micro-Mezzo-Macroflation: Under Construction

Former Powers & Abilities