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Turning Back the Pendulum arc


Location: Outer Yūhi District.

Haruko was still processing the information from the Council Meeting. She had never supported the Shinigami since they introduced themselves. Many believed she distrusted them due to there power but this was not the case. The Shinigami had a superiority complex about them, that made them look down on other races.

Her train of thought was soon broken by the appearance of her grandson and husband. Her son greeted her with a warm smile while her husband embraced her.

"We had heard of what happened in the Council meeting. The Shinigami really are arrogant." Maori said, with slight annoyance.

Maori never trusted the Shinigami since they first introduced themselves to the Fullbringers. His distrust of them stemmed from fear, he feared for his own kinds fate if the Shinigami decided to eradicate them. This fear seemed to be proven right once he had found out what happened to the Quinces.

"Don't worry so much Maori, we are preparing for the worst." Haruko reassured him.

"But how long can we last? Their soldiers Reiryoku is much larger than our own soldiers and those Captain's they have monstrous Reaitsu!" Maori exclaimed in panic.


A throbbing red hand mark slowly appeared on Maori's face, Haruko slapped him. There son did not see the assault, too busy chasing a butterfly.

"I'm sorry Haruko. I've never thought the day would come." Maori sadly said.

"I too hoped this day would never come. But we should have accepted it sooner rather than live in fear as we did. Heike fought the decision we should have followed his lead. Haruko said, looking off into the sunset.

"Indeed. But you need to get back to the medical institute to prep them for war time treatments." Maori cooed.

"Thanks for reminding me....Keep our son and daughter safe." Haruko softly said, slowly walking away from him.

The Wartime PreparationsEdit

The Medical Bureau was packed with doctors and nurses scampering about gathering medical supplies and paperwork. The news of the Shinigami incoming occupation plans had travelled faster than Haruko anticipated, many civilians arrived hoping to be protected by the bureau.

"I'm to old for this. How did so many find out so quickly?" She thought to herself.

At 60 years of age, Haruko looked in her twenties; the miracles of her Fullbring and healing techniques allowed her to maintain her youthful appearance and vitality. But not her will it seems.

The noise in the background quickly annoyed Haruko, she tired to block it out but it became to much for her to bear. She locked herself in her office, but it barely drowned out the voices that were bickering outside.

Just as she sat down the door flew open, revealing one of her aides. "Milady! We have a problem it the civilians are threatening violence against us!" The aide screamed.

Haruko looked at her aide with a blank expression, the aide was trembling from fear she could barely keep her glasses on her nose. "Well now." Haruko sighed. "It seems I've got to teach some youngsters a lesson."

Violently slamming the door open the civilians who were threatening violence became scared and quickly fled upon seeing her. "Damn, I wanted to crack some skulls." Haruko said, disappointed.

"Now everyone get back to work! We need to prepare ourselves for when the Shinigami arrive. We have to heal the wounded soldiers, souls and any innocents caught in the crossfire." Haruko yelled, returning moral to her staff.

"Well said Lady Haruko." her aide softly said. Haruko walked past her without saying a word. "She didn't hear me!" The aide thought, crying in her mind.


Sitting in her chair Haruko closes her eyes and allows herself to drift into a peaceful near sleep state.

"I wonder what Heike is doing right about now? Probably talking to one of the leaders of the Guardians." She thought to herself.

Same day King's District 8:45pm

Heike walked towards the large bronze door that lead into the Holy Knights compound. The sky was dark and started to become overcast.

"An ill omen. What will happen I wonder?" Heike muttered to himself as he reached out to the door.

Suddenly, a cloaked figure emerges from above; Heike quickly moved back to avoid the attack. The cloaked figure stood up revealing a weapon.

"Sorry councillor, I must take your life."

~Heike is attacked by a mysterious figure! Why does this stranger want to take Heike's life?~


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