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Heike Masaomi
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday July 8
Age 116
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Professional Status
Affiliation Xcution, Code:Breakers
Previous Occupation Founder of Eden
Personal Status
Education Mahiru High School
Primary Skill
Fullbring Code:Light
First Appearance
English Voice N/A

"A mysterious force that is as old as the youngest Captain." - KyubiSoul

Heike Masaomi (平家将臣, Masaomi Heike) is a Fullbringer and member of Xcution. He leads a elite group within Xction called the Code:Breakers. He is one of the oldest Fullbringers. As such he is very knowledgeable about the working of various governments across the world.


Heike appears to be fairly tall. He is slim, but very muscular. He has fairly long silver white hair, and has yellow irises as well. One of his hidden traits is that he has no eyebrows. Heike's usual attire is his black coat.


He has a few odd attributes, such as setting up a table in various locations, from the hallways to the middle of a forest, in order to sit down and have tea while reading porn. When others accuse him of being a pervert, however, he defends himself by saying it is a form of art and threatening to punish the person. It is also pointed out by Tom that he is very secretive.

Heike seems like a calm person at first, but has a wild and beast-like side hidden inside him. Heike had a madness of those glittering eyes, and fangs of a mad dog hidden beneath the mask of a righteous one. He also gets very excited when people display unusual powers. He can also be quite manipulative when required to. Also the few times he ever reveals something, he often happens to have ulterior motives.


1000 years ago he along with twelve others formed the Fullbring Council. Back then he was one of four who opposed the idea of a truce with the Shinigami.[1] Later he fought against Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto during the invasion of Soul Society Yamamoto left him to die atop a pile of his fellow Fullbringers.[2] At some point after his fight with Yamamoto he became immortal.[3]


Power & AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsman: Heike is highly skilled in various swordsmanship techniques. Originally part of the Knight's Guard, he was trained to fight other sword wielding humans in battle. He thought in two wars which further increased his skill. His skill is so great that he can fight on par with Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Retsu Unohana, albeit with some difficulty.

  • Whip Mastery: What makes Heike so highly effective is battle is the way he uses his Fullbring; he uses light to create whips to preform a various of techniques that are hard for even a veteran fighter to deal with. The technique is highly versatile and is a testament to Heike's skills.

Immense Spiritual Power: In development

Superhuman Strength: Heike has shown that he has considerable strength, he is even capable of easily breaking a concrete wall without much effort.

Immortality: Hekie is immortal for some unknown reason. Many have made theory about his immortality. Oka believes that his Fullbring granted him immortality due to being able to manipulate light. The truth seems to even elude Heike himself, he clams that he could possibly be killed.


Heike Light

Heike manipulating light.

Code:Light (コード:ライト, Kōdo: Raito): Heike's Fullbring is the ability to generate and manipulate light, he can do so in a variety of ways but his preferred method is to condense rays of light in the form of whips or ropes (fitting in with his interest in bondage). He is capable of wielding these light whips for different things depending on the situation, for example he can use them to bind targets (and can even make the whip split apart to bind multiple targets), or use the whips to violently smash into things with enough force to break concrete, and can even use them to cut through things such as solid steel and can cleanly cut though human bodies without drawing blood. He can also use his light to connect himself to a phone jack to relay and download information with his mind and move at the speed of light.

  • Light Whip: Heike can form whips out of light and use it to combat his enemies. Heike can make the whips into dangerous weapons that can cut through flesh and metal.
  • Light Flash: By drawing light towards him, Heike can temporally blind opponents by unleashing a burst of intense light from his body.
  • Sun Ball: By drawing in light in the palm of his hand and compressing it, Heike can create a ball of intense light and heat. The ball then can be thrown in what ever way Heike can think of. The destructive power of the ball depends on how long it was charged.



  • Heike's name, appearance and abilities are based of Heike Masaomi from the anime/manga series Code:Breaker.
  • Heike has a Zanpakutō by stealing an Asauchi during his time stuck in the Soul Society.


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