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John Anderson
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday April 22
Age 20
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Main Branch of Xcution
Occupation Heavy Hitter
Base of Operations Xcution HQ, Neo City, England
Personal Status
Education Neo City University
Primary Skill
Fullbring Iron Knuckles
First Appearance

John Anderson (ジョン·アンダーソン·, Anderson John) is a Fullbringer and a memeber of the Main Branch of Xcution.


John is a gruff looking 19 year old who looks older than he is. He is very muscular which he likes to show off by wearing tight shirts and jumpers. He has long black hair that extents to his neck, he sports a goatee after the Agent of Xcution Arc.


He is the strong silent type at times when he is not showing off his muscles. He cares about what happens to Xcution and worries when the group hears bad news. He is extremely loyal to Xcution and states to Tom he will never betray him of Xcution. Despite looking older than he is never mistaken for an older guy this becomes a running joke when many members say he acts like a child at times.


Coming from a poor background he used to work for anyone who offered money. As a child he discovered his Fullbring and used it to gain money faster by working for gangs and criminals. One day he was asked to kill but he did not want to kill another human being, for the criminal group killed his foster parents enraged he attacked the groups stronghold and greatly injured many of its members, before being overwhelmed. The leader of the group was about to execute him but he was saved by Tom Keen and Roydon Matthews, after they defeated the men he offered John to join Xcution, John refused due to his criminal past. Tom approached him one day and again offered him to Join Xcution, Tom promised to wipe is criminal past clean and to give his sisters enough money to live a carefree life. John agreed as was in Tom's debt which Tom said on numerous occasions he doesn't owe him anything.


Agents of Xcution Arc

Powers & Abilities

Inhuman Strength: For a human is strength is far beyond that of a man in physical peek condition. He is able to send men flying with one punch. He has been seen killing a Hollow with just his bare fist.

Enhanced Speed: He is faster than a normal human he is able to run 10 miles without showing any signs of exhaustion.


Iron Knuckles (鉄指の関節, Tetsushi no kansetsu): After equipping his brass knuckles he received from his foster father, light emerges from them and envelops his body armour then appears in the form of a menacing looking muscle suit. In this form his strength and speed increase dramatically.

  • Enhanced Strength: While Iron Knuckles is activated his strength increases tenfold. He is able to kill a Menos Grande with one punch.
  • Energy Blast: By condensing his spirit energy into his fist he is able to fire off a large blast of energy by propelling his fist. He is able to kill multiple Hollows with this.