"A solider for justice. Proud of her kind she will fight any foe to protect them." - KyubiSoul

Kate McGarden (ケイトマクガーデン, Keito Makugāden) was a Knight's Guard during the reign of the Ancient Fullbringers. She was the lover of Heike Masaomi and a powerful Fullbringer.


Kate has red hair and is well-endowed. She wore the typical Knight Guard's uniform and armour with small modifications such as a mini skirt and black leggings. She wore a head band that Heike gave to her, she was rarely seen without it on. When training she mainly wore a black tank top which shows her midriff and a beige mini skirt.


She believed strongly in justice, the protection of the city and its citizens. So much that she always single handily fought against Hollows. She was strong willed and would not let simple things go. If she was given an order that compromised the safety of Toronamatei she would stubbornly refuse to carry out the order and would work to find a way around.

Even though she and Heike were lovers, she would refuse to allow him to preform his strange fetishes, such as bondage. Heike constantly teased her by stealthy bringing up bondage when the spoke to each other.


To Be Added.

Powers & Abilities

Master Swordsman: Kate was a skilled swords woman. Her swordsmanship skill are due to her intense training by the Knight's Guard, and the numerous battles she participated in. Heike notes that she "learns as she goes". Her skills would increase every time she thought. Heike commented that she was a monster in this regard.

Expert Healer: Kate has knowledge of the healing arts. Now a lost form of a Fullbringer's power. Kate was knowledgeable enough to heal her own wounds and the injuries of others.

Bringer Light Expert: Though not particularly versed in its various techniques, Kate was proficient enough in the technique itself to keep up with and even surprise high-level Shinigami with her speed. Heike who was a master noted her growing mastery of the technique, though he said that she was going off just raw speed.

High Spiritual Power: Kate boasts a high spiritual power level. It is enough to scare off low level Hollows and give a Captain-level Shinigami pause when sensing her reiatsu.

Skilled Tactician: Knowing her own limitations in direct battle with stronger opponents, Kate has shown herself able to compensate for it through crafty combination attacks. Kate is able to attack in a number of versatile ways.


Kate with Demon Sword

Kate wielding the Demon Sword of Wind.

Demon Sword of Wind (風魔剣, Kaze Maken): Using her Fullbring, Kate was able to transform the golden bracelet on her wrist into a rapier. The blade is a long, not to wide, double-edged form. It takes the form of a standard rapier, with gold coloured cross guard. The handle is long enough so that she can hold it with two hands.

  • Enhanced Speed: As he sword controls wind, Kate is able to enhance her speed with the power of the wind. She can mover faster when the air is pure, if the air is tainted (e.g. smoke produced from flames) then she will move slower.
  • Energy Blast: Kate can fire energy blasts from her sword. She can do this in two ways. The first is where she points the tip of her sword towards her target and begin to charge the energy at the point. Once at full power it fires simaliry to a Cero. The second way is more like Ichigo Kurosaki's Getsuga Tenshō, she holds her energy in her blade and releases it when she swings it.
  • Healing: Since air is seen as life given, Kate is able to heal herself. To do this she envelops herself in a green light as wind flows around her. She cannot move when this is happening and so she uses it when she is alone. She has been seen healing others as well. (Unnamed)





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