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Keiichi Kuchiki
Keiichi Kuchiki
Keiichi Kuchiki
Race Shinigami
Birthday January 31
Gender Male
Height 6'
Weight 130 lb
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society
Gotei 13
6th Division
1st Division
Royal Guard
Kuchiki Family
Profession Shinigami
Royal Guard Member
Position Royal Guard
Previous Position 6th Division Member
1st Division Lieutenant
Kuchiki Family Member
Division Royal Guard
Previous Division 6th Division
1st Division
Partner N/A
Previous Partner Byakuya Kuchiki(Brother)
Joel Goldsmith
Base of Operations Soul Society(Previously)
1st Division Barracks(Previously)
6th Division Barracks(Previously)
Kuchiki Mansion(Previously)
Royal Palace
Personal Status
Relatives Kuchiki Family(Brother)
Sojun Kuchiki(Father)
Ginrei Kuchiki(Grandfather)
Rukia Kuchiki(Adoptive Sister)
Education Shino Academy
Shikai Nentou Ibitsu Gensou
Bankai Kougoushii Nentou Ibitsu Gensou no Shoyo Sayuri
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Video Game N/A
Japanese N/A
English Steven Jay Blum
Spanish N/A

"Princaple hidden under playful eyes."--Jak

Keiichi Kuchiki is a Shinigami and a member of the Noble Kuchiki Family of the  soul Society.  Although taking part in the 6th Division missions occasionally, he's not an official member because all the positions that he'd rank for are taken.  He's the brother of Byakuya Kuchiki, and boasts to be stronger than his brother, although this has never been proven or disproven.  After the end of the Thousand Year Blood War he replaced Chojiro Todaoki Sasakibe as the Lieutenant of the 1st Division in the Gotei 13, under Captain Commander Joel Goldsmith.  Due to his creation of the Reishi Katana, as well as many other Reishi Absorbing Weapons, he's been offered a position in the Royal Guard but respectfully declined it, claiming that it would be "to much work."  However, several years later he did agree to join the Royal Guard, after Nemaiy Oetsu left the division, claiming that it was only because he was tired of being part of the Kuchiki Family.  


Keiichi Kuchiki is a tall man who usually has a smug smirk on his face.  He has long, thick, purple hair, part of it tied ina  long, thick ponytail behind him, and purple eyes, with both of his Zanpakuto blades sheathed on his back.  Rejecting the normal Kuchiki attire, he's adorned in a long, thin, light purple cloak, covered by a long, thick, dark purple cloak-vest, with several strands of gold around the edges.  He has purple socks on his feet, partially covered up by black sandles.  When he's shirtless a tattoo of a purple and balck dragon can be seen. 


Keiichi Kuchiki is a very unique individual.  Due to his status as a member of the noble Kuchiki Family, he's stern and strict to his subordinates, and doesn't tolerate insubordination, betrayal, or disobeying the rules of any sort, traits that the Kuchiki Family are well known for.  As a member of the 6th Division he always lived his life this way, but also has a fun side as well and loves battle, as a contrary to his elder brother, Byakuya Kuchiki.  His serious side comes out mainly when he's instructing his subordinates, and doing paperwork, (a task which he openly hates, and will attempt to avoid whenever he can).  He also has a very strong appearance, leaving the impression on people that he's more of a hardass than he actually is.  In all actuality, despite this personality trait of his, he's not nearly as strict as Byakuya--or any other member of the Kuchiki Family, for that matter--and will give his subordinates a lot more freedoms and rights than any other leader in the clan will, such as his brother or grandfather.  Ginrei Kuchiki, his grandfather, once commented that he takes a lot after his father, Sojun Kuchiki, in many ways, and their personalities almost perfectly emulate one another; however, one has to simply take his word for it, since Sojun died long before the series started. 

A contrast to his standing as a member of the Kuchiki Family, Keiichi loves battle and fighting, and is always looking for strong opponents to take on.  Although he isn't nearly as extreme with this as the Kenpachi of the 11th Division are, (or almost any member of the 11th Division, really), he's always one of the first to enter the battlefield during a war or a small scuffle, prepared to engage in combat, often arriving even before the 11th Division does, which he gets an equal amount of praise and ridicule for, and he has a habit "kill stealing" if you will; that is, he always refuses to maintaine his post, and instead ops to go all around the battlefield, completely disregarding the possible consequences later on, and kill as many enemies as he possibly can, constantly stealing the potential kills away from others, including Kenpachi Zaraki, often getting him into full scale battles with the latter over who should be able to kill more.  Although he loves battle, he isn't a lover of war, and will make any attempt possible to help prevent a war from occuring; according to him, he can fight someone worthy of his time and effort at any time, so there's no need for a full scale war to break out in order for him to be able to "have fun." 

Keiichi, being a Samurai and a self imposed "Knight" despite not having any armor, has a lot of honorable values which makes the younger and older generations admire him tremendously.  The biggest one is that he refuses to kill an enemy who can't fight back.  This is shown in a battle he had with Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez; during their fight Keiichi left the battle before killing him, despite the fact that Grimmjow had yet to release the Segunda Etopa release of his Zanpakuto, because he was unable to fight, and Keiichi would have considered it not only boring to finish him off, but also unhonorable and cowardly to do so, despite how much Grimmjow begged him for a merciful end.  He tends to prefer one on one confrontations worthy of his strength, despite being fully capable of taking down armies single handedly.  He considers one on one bouts to be the true way of the warrior, and will avoid anything else if at all possible. 

Keiichi also has a vengeful personality; he's fully willing to go to almost any lengths in order to obtain revenge if one of his loved ones or close friends is killed or seriously injured, even disobeying direct orders by his superiors.  During his days as an unseated officer in the 6th Division he entered enemy territory without permission to get revenge for the death of his father, Sojun Kuchiki.  This act of insubordination would have normally made it impossible for him to ever become a Captain or higher, if it wasn't for both the fact that he was a member of nobility and his elder brother, Byakuya Kuchiki, standing up for him in his defense.  He's cruel and uncaring to anyone who he kills in revenge; according to Byakuya he appears to be more of a demonw hen consumed wtih revenge, like most people would be, as long as nobody interfears with him he's able to quickly revert back to his normal self again once his revenge has been completed; and he'll never, ever, at least purposely, endager the livers of his comrades, loved ones, or close friends, when pursuing his own personal revenge. In addition, akin to his honorable traits, if he has to, he's willing to accept any punishments appointed to him for disobeying the rules and seeking revenge, using his Zanpakuto in a fit of hatred, which is normally seen as a taboo in the Soul Society. 

Keiichi loves swordfighting and everything about it.  After Ichigo introduced him to film from the Human World he escaped Soul Society in a Gigai to hunt down as many classic and modern swordfighting movies and TV shows as he could so he could watch them; he claims to love even the technically worst movies, as long as the swordfighting in them is at least at the level of "good" or better.  In his personal quarters he has entire closets filled with them.  This caused his brother, Byakuya, to force him to move his quarters out of the Kuchiki Mansion to the side of it, which Keiichi had no personal qualms about.  Also akin to his love for swordfighting he has an unearthly large collection of different swords; he claims that he has over 6,000 of them, mostly Katanas, but a lot of other types of swords as well, including Tantos, Chokutos, Wakizashis, Nodachis, Broad Swords, among others.  


Early LifeEdit

Keiichi was born to the powerful and noble Kuchiki Family in the Soul Society as the younger brother of Byakuya Kuchiki and the son of Sojun Kuchiki.  


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Innate AbilitiesEdit

Immense Spiritual PowerEdit

Being a Captain Class Fighter, Keiichi has an enormous amount of Spiritual Power.  It's so gigantic that his mere precence, if he will's it, will involuntarily force any division members that aren't Captains or at Captain Level to kneel before him, and unsteated members have been seen passing out by the shere scope of his aura.  Even the four senior Captains--Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto, Yachiru Unohana, Shunsui Kyoraku, and Jushiro Ukitake--said that his Spiritual Power can be quite terrifying if they're not prepared for it, the latter three much more than the first, obviously.  Byakuya Kuchiki noted that his brother's Spiritual Power has something of an ominous tone to it; he could feel it since they were very young, and it's one of the many reasons why Byakuya never really liked Keiichi to begin with.  This is likely due to his personality, due to him, despite being a loyal and honorable Shinigami, is also devious and loves battle almost to the extent of the 11th Division.  His induction into the Royal Guard, aside from the invention of his Spiritual Katanas, was due mainly to his Spiritual Power in temrs of his abilities; according to Ichibei they always look at Spiritual Power first with abilities, which is why Shitoyakahan Sonodeddo Banbutsunoreichou, despite being one of the first Captains in the Gotei 13, never made the cut, due to her abnormally low level of Spiritual Power.  Compared to his elder brother's Keiichi's Spiritual Power is much greater than his, although it's not nearly as well controlled; that, combined with Keiichi's arrogant personality versus Byakuya's calm personality, makes it to where Byakuya could almost always win in a battle of Spiritual Power alone between the two of them.  In terms of general control, it's not terrible, but still needs work.  He's able to rise it to a great level to either scare enemies off or suffocate weaker ones to death, (either killing them or making them faint from the sheer pressure), but only for a short amount of time, after which he has to rest his Spiritual Power for awhile, which means he can't use it to artificially power up any of his other abilities, such as his Hoho, Zanjutsu, or Kido, which he doe slike to do when he can.  The skill of control that he has yet to get very good in his using small amounts of it for large amounts of time to increase the overall effect, let alone using large amounts of it for large amounts of time, for maximum effect.  Although he can use small amounts of it for small amounts of time, he rarely has to, and doesn't even like to in the first place, as he considers it to be an extremely very boring way of fighting.  One skill he is good at, however, is hiding his own Spiritual Power from opposing enemies, no matter how powerful they are, for the most part.  Even Byakuya, one of the greatest Shinigami ever when it comes to sensing Spiritaul Power, complimented him for this two times; the first time was when they were children, playing tag, and the second time was when they were adults, training together.  He can conceal his very presence and existance from the strongest of Shinigami, allowing him to easily make surprise attacks and assassinations without worry of retaliation or counterattacks, usually.  It's one of his grestest skills, which he uses all the time, especially on major missions.  It even tends to usually work for him during wars, in which there's thousands of enemies surrounding the battlefield.  To this day, this skill makes him nearly invisible on the battlefield, making him a dangerous foe to go up against, even in large numbers.  It's also useful to confuse any enemies, regardless of power, that he's weaker than he actually is, by making it appear to them like he has little to no Spiritual Power at all, so he can trick them and then go in for the kill when they least expect it.  Because of all of this, even without possessing perfect control over his Spiritual Power, it's nothing to be laughed at, and is actually one of his single biggest assets during serious combats and conflicts. 

Zanjutsu GrandmasterEdit

Of all his innate abilities, the biggest accomplishment that Keiichi prides himself in the most is being a samurai and assassin using his Zanapkuto. Even Nemaiya complimented him and said that he may be the Shinigami to finally inherit his abililties, and Yachiru Unohana almost lost to him in a duel of Kendo.  He wields two Katana which makes up his Zanpakuto, and he's able to use them ferociously to strike and kill many enemies very quickly.  His strikes and slashes are so fast that most cannot defend against them, and he knows just where to strike to keep his opponent alive so that he can enjoy the battle more.  According to him, his record of strikes on one person while purposely keeping them alive is 100, which is a true testament to his abilities.  Each one of his blades are sharp enough to cut through Seki-Seki rock like melted butter and never dull; they were created specifically for him by Nemaiya Oetsu, the true creator of the Zanpakuto.  The only reason his Zanpakuto doesn't cut through his sheaths is due to a specialized armor of Spiritual Power that is put around them at all times.  However, they're normally so sharp that you don't have to touch them to get cut; all you have to do is come within several inches of the blades to get injured.  Aside from general sword skill, which is almost unmatched in the Soul Society, he's also learned and mastered several Zanjutsu techniques, many of which he created himself, and thus is said to be the greatest master of them particuarly. 

Master of Swordfighting:  Keiichi has masterd his swords so much that they're more than just exterior weapons, they've literally become like an extension of his own body.  He's able to rapidly draw it and use it perfectly in many different ways without having to properly adjust it first and then sheath it again, all quickly and in one fluid motion.  He's able to easily take on armies of enemies single handedly, each one of them possessing one or two or more Katanas, using swift feet motions to spin around rapidly; these feet motions are usually only see in Hakuda, and Nemaiya Oetsu, the Soul Society's current Legendary Hakuda Grandmaster, is the Shinigami who taught them to him.  Aside from using the blades to cut his enemies, he also uses the hilts to smash against his enemies when cornered in particuarly ackward situations, only to turn right around and stab them again, or smash them so much that they die just from that.  He has many methods and techniques for which he uses his swords, whch don't always include holding onto his swords; he'll often times throw his swords, frontwards or backwards, weather he's using a specific technique with them or not, which, when done correctly, can still cause significant damage to the enemies.  All of these methods of use, including taking on armies single handedly, are seen particiuarly during the Seventh Shinigami-Hollow War, which he arrived at as a member of the Royal Guard, but later on ended up fighting on his own.  He's so skilled with the sword that hew as able to slightly wound Shikyo Fushiawase with it which, at that time, was impossible for anyone to do, even if they were using a Bankai.  His sword slashes are so fast that he can strike and sheath again a total of 100 times within a minute, which is something that Byakuya actually predicted he could probably do before he actually demonstrated it personally.  Nemaiya, one of the Kamui of Zanjutsu in the past, predicts that in the future, he may be able to become the Kamui of Zanjutsu himself; provided that he were ever willing to become a Captain in the Gotei 13, that is.  His Zanjutsu skills are enhanced by his great relationship with the spirit sealed inside of the blades.  As Nemaiiya explains it, there is a strong connection to a person having great Zanjutsu skills if they have a great relationship with their Zanpakuto.  If someone, such as Keiichi, has a great relationship with his Zanpakuto, which is extrordinarily rare, then their Zanjutsu abilities could vastly improve as well, provided that they're still willing to work at it themselves.  Keiichi's huge training ethic, combined with the fact that he's had a great relationship with his Zanpakuto since he was very young, adds to the overall abilites that he's attained in this art. 

Perfect Zanpakuto Sycronization:  Since an early age, Keiichi has always had a great relationship with his Zanpakuto, which is extremely rare even for the eldest and most skilled, powerful, and experienced of Shinigami.  He first became capable of communicating with his Zanpakuto at the young age of ten years old, which is one of the youngest ever recorded in the Soul Society's history, and they've always got alone with each other.  As explained by Joel Goldsmith, one who has a great relationship with their Zanpakuto has a higher chance of attaining great power, especially when it comes to Zanjutsu and the Zanpakuto's releases, and such a thing is definitely true for Keiichi.  Keiichi is able to fight hand in hand, in perfect sycronization with his Zanpakuto Spirit, Nentou Ibitsu Gensou, so much so that it's almost as if the two are literally fighting as one.  The of them can communicate with each other mentally regardless of Keiichi entering his Inner World or not, and Keiichi is easily able to manifest the spirit into the real world using his own will power alone, within a matter of seconds, not only for him to see, but also for others to see, which very few other Shinigami have ever been able to use.  This great relationship, as theorized by Byakuya Kuchiki, could possibly be due to many reasons, such as them having the exact smae personality, likes, dislikes, beliefs, hopes, dreams, and even fighting styles, which, again, is extremely rare, and of course contributes to how well that they work together.  This relationship will actualy make it possible for Keiichi to one day achieve Bankai Stage 2; however, for some reason he's refraining from going through Bankai Stage 2 training, which is the only thing that he and his Zanpakuto Spirit actually disagrees with, as Nentou Ibitsu Gensou does want to attain Bankai Stage 2; however, this minor disagreement isn't nearly enough to destroy their amazing relationship.  In reality, it's almost like a brotherly relationship, (one that Keiichi admits that he always had with his real brother, Byakuya Kuchiki), instead of that of a normal Shinigami and Zanpakuto relationship, which is usually like a Master and Servant style of relationship. 

Techniques:  There are numerous, probably hundreds, of sword techniques which Keiichi knows.  Many of them he learned and mastered, but many of them he created and mastered himself; because of this, he's said to be the greatest master of those said techniques, despite how many other Shinigami that he's taught them to in the past.

  • Ryōdan (両断, Bisection):  One of the oldest Zanjutsu techniques, it appears to be rather customary for any Zanjutsu user to learn this one early on.  By grasping his sword's hilt, Keiichi is able to cut his enemies in half down the middle by building up a bending form of Spiritaul Power around the blade, extremely sharp, and sending it charging at the enemies.  Users like Kenpachi Zaraki half to stand in place just to use it; however, Keiichi is able to use it while moving or in the air, without looking directly at his intended target.  In addition to that, he can also use many of them in rapid succesion, without having to allow for a certain amount of cool down time first, making him one of the greatest users of this technique.  His version is also so great that the Spiritual Power formed around the blade creates somewhat of a barrier, preventing anyone fromt he outside from protecting someone from the inside.  Atlhough it's not an "ultimate defense" of sorts, it is great enouogh to prevent his brother's Shikai from penetrating it right away, which is still an accomplishment.  Since he has two swords which makes up his Zanpakuto, he also occasionally does two of them at the same time, for maximum effect, to cut down two powerful enemies with ease.  Using his Spiritual Power he's able to majorly dull the edge of Ryodan, making it so the attack won't kill his enemies, (unless they're extremely weak), but knock them out or critically wound them so that he can capture them. 
  • Hitotsume: Nadegiri (一つ目・撫で斬り, The First: Killing Stroke):  A large scale slashing technique, which one can use to cut someone as large as a giant in half with one strike.  Against smaller enemies it can easily take out ten two twenty of them with one strike.  Considering that Keiich has two swords, this technique can literally make him a force of destruction if he uses it correctly, slaying hordes of enemies all by himself.  Like with Ryodan, using his Spiritual Power he's able to majorly dull the edge of Hitotsume:  Nadegiri, making it sot hat the attack won't kill his enemies, (unless they're extremely weak), but knock them out or critically wound them so that he can capture them. 
  • Onibi (鬼火, Oni Fire):  To use this technique Keiichi generally uses the back of either one or two of his blades; if he uses both of them then that just simply maximizes the power, but isn't always neccesary.  By making a thrusting motion with any blunt object, Keiichi is able to create a gigantic, gaping hole in their chest, or any other body part which he chooses.  Although not one of his favorite techniques to use, as it has nothing to do with using the blade, which is his favorite, he still took the time to master this technique, in order to continue to his goal of wanting to become one of the greatest Zanjutsu Grandmasters in the history of hte Soul Society.  He can use one at a time, both on one enemy, or both on separate enemies in order to save time when he's fighting a group of opponents at once.  Although it does have a limited range, but due to his own speed, he doesn't usually have any trouble reaching close enough to his enemies in order to perform it. 
  • Deddori Datsu ((デッドリー・ダーツ lit. Deadly Darts):  To use this technique, Keiichi must first tie a rope or string of sorts to the handles of one or both of his swords, allowing himt o swing them around himself, slashing enemies while he's in the ar, and then reaching back to his hand or hands again as he touches the ground so that he can continue the slaughter, and then throwing them again.  This technique allows for many sword combos for him to perform when fighting groups of enemies.  He'll always pour his Spiritual Powre into the ropes or strings attached to his blades' hilts so that they can not only stretch further than they'd normally be able to, but also so that they won't ever break, or at least not nearly as easily. 
  • Senmaioroshi (千枚卸, Thousand-Page Wholesale):  Millions of extremely fast blade movements takes place, shredding an enemy into pieces.  This technique is normally deadly in the hands of a master who wields one Zanpakuto, because most enemies won't ever be able to see it coming or defend against it.  However, due to Keiichi having two Zanpakuto, it's effect is essentailly doubled.  Truthfully, this is one of Keiichi's absolute favorite and most used techniques, and is one of his strongset techniques, as well.  The only thing, seen so far, that can defend enemies against this technique when Keiichi uses it is Kido sensing, but very few Shinigami actually know Kido sensing to begin with. 
  • Agitowari (顎割, Chin/Jaw Splitting):  When drawing his sword, literally in the blink of an eye, Keiichi is able to split his enemies jaw and cut them in half all the way down their body from their jaw.  He demonstrated using this technique ona  gigantic Arrancar at one point, fatally wounding him instantly.  When using both his blades, he can cause much more devastating effects, great enough to slaughter many gigantic enemies at once, or fatally wounding several if he uses both his swords on different enemies at once.  Although he didn't actually create this technique, he did create an expansion to it.
    • Shinkaku no Agitowari (顎割 lit. Divinity of Jin/Jaw Splitting):  An expansion to Agitowari, this one is devastatingly powerful, and one of the most powerful techniques in Keiichi's arsenal, excluding his Zanpakuto, obviously.  Keiichi starts it out by placing both of his swords together, blades and hilts touching each other, and then using his Spiritual Power to temporarily keep them together so that he can use them as one.  He'll then strike downward, sending a gigatnic strike, in the blink of an eye, long distances away from him, with enough raw, destructive power to kill armies and bring forests to ruin in one single strike.  Although appearing to be a blade, the focal point of this attack is in fact a gigantic amount of concentrated Spiritual Power that Keiichi possesses. 
  • Jinsoku Setsudan ( lit. Rapid Cutting):  This is a technique of Keiichi's own creation, by rapidly sheathing and unsheathing his Zanpakuto, the blade shredding anyone it slashes, and then acting as a shield to block any physical attacks, weather Hakuda or weapon based, from hitting Keiichi.  He's able to sheath and unsheath this 100 times a minute.  Using it once would be effective enough, but using both of his swords with this can be truly devastating if he uses it correctly. 
  • Togiretogireyaiba ( lit. Broken Blade): This technique, created by Keiichi, allows him to break the enemy's blade perfectly in two, by slashing down with great force and precision on top of the enemy's blade with his own blade.  At times it can be an instant win technique for Keiichi, depending on how he uses it.  For example, if he breaks it in a way where it can't be repaired even by Nemaiya Oetsu, which he has learned how to do from Nemaiya himself, then the Shinigami who becomes the victim of this technique.  However, in training against Haku Goldsmith it was still useful, even though his Zanpakuto could be repaired afterwards, because Haku's main form of battle is Zanjutsu; he knows very little in Hoho and Kido, and nothing in Hakuda, meaning that he couldn't fight against Keiichi after that very easily.  In all other circumstances, however, although it's not quite that useful, it's can still be useful if used correctly, as breaking the Zanpakuto is a very valuable ability to have for any Shinigami.  The only known counter to this, besides dodging it, is if the victim also knows this technique and uses it as well, with as much force as Keiichi is using, which will essentially cancel the entire thing out; in addition, if the enemy uses it with even more force than Keiichi, then the technique will be reversed and Keiichi will be the victim of it instead of his enemy, proved correct in another training battle with Haku and Keiichi.  However, if he uses both of his Katanas when using this ability he'll definitely succeed, since it'll be two Zanpakuto against one Zanpakuto, unless his opponent also has two swords to combat it with. 
  • Denkishiki Domeihigyo ( lit. Electrical Strike): When Keiichi swings one or both of his swords, using his Spiritual Power to build up enough friction to very briefly generate an electrical charge around the blade or blades, which can cause significant damage to his enemies.  He isn't able to actually control electricity or lightning with this technique, but instead just send a brief burst through his blades for limited use, so it has limited possibilities.  However, it's still very useful if used correctly, because during the few seconds that it is in use he can use it however he pleases, to either pierce his enemies, strike them slightly, or make them temporarily or permanently imobile, the latter leaving them wide open to additional attacks.  To make the lighting form, unlike Akaakato Domeihigyou, which works by Keiichi making his Spiritual Power rotate clockwise to create flames, this technique works by Keiichi making his Spiritual Power rotate counter clockwise to create lightning, which is much more difficult to do than to make it rotate clockwise.  Even though it can be useful, in terms of raw power it is rather weak.  It's proven to be completely useless against Shinigami with lightning type Zanpakuto, such as Chojiro Todaoki Sasakibe, who have even so much as just their Shikai released, so Keiichi only uses it for quick kills, and usually in large groups, spinning around with his swords for maximum damage.  After it's been used once he can use it again almost immediately, but that does still leave him open for a brief couple of seconds for an attack by an enemy, so he has to be careful when attempting to use it multiple times in a row. 
  • Akaakato Domeihigyo (と · と · 々と · 々と lit. Flaming Strike): With this technique, when Keiichi swings his sword or swords, he's able to use his Spiritual Power to build up enough friction to generate heat and breifly generate fire, causing significant damage to the enemy.  He isn't able to actually control fire or flames with this technique, but instead just sends a brief burst through his blades for limited usage only, so it has limited possibilities.  However, it's a very useful technique if used correctly, because during the few seconds that it is in use he can use it however he pelases, to either pierce his enemies, strike them slightly, or make them temporarily or permanently imobile, the latter leaving them wide open to additional attacks.  To make the fire form, unlike Denkishiki Domeihigyo, which works by Keiichi making his Spiritual Power rotate counter clockwise to create electricity or lightning, which is much easier to do, he has to make it rotate clockwise.  Even though it can be very useful, in terms of raw power, it is rather weak.  It's proven to be completely useless against Shinigami with Fire type Zanpakuto, such as Shusuke Amagai, who have even so much as just their Shikai released, so Keiichi only uses it for quick kills, and usually in large groups, spinning around with his swords for maximum damage.  After it's been used once he can use it again almost immediately, but that does still leave him open for a brief couple of seconds for an attck by an enemy, so he has to be very careful when attemping to use it multiple times in a row. 
  • Bunraikansouyaiba (分離可能 lit. Detachable Blade): This is a techniuqe which allows the user to detach their blade from their hilt.  Although not used for offensive or defensive combat, it's more of a supplemental technique, which Keiichi tends to use to confuse his enemies and decieve them if he needs to, sot hat he can lay the finishing blow. 
  • Furidaishiyaiba (し · し ·  ·  lit. Toss Blade): This is a technique which allows the user to toss their blade, with the blade facing the enemy.  If used with enough physical strength to build up enough speed, it can pierce straight through the enemy, killing them instantly, (or at least causing fatal damage to them), and perhaps even reach other enemies and kill them instantly, (or at least causing fatal damage to them, as well).  Keiichi will often use this technique to take out a large number of enemies at once, afterwards using his Shunpo to catch up to the flying sword, using his other sword to keep any other enemies away from him, and catching it before it lands, rarely failing to do this.  He can throw both of them, but usually chooses not to, because if he does then it becomes extremely dificult for him to actually catch both of them, albeit still not completely impossible.  Keiichi will also often use this technique in order to make a dramatic interance into the battle, given his essentric and cocky personality. 
  • Furidaishitsuka (振り出し · 振出し · 振出 · 振り出 lit. Toss Hilt):  This technique is similar to Furidaishiyaiba, except instead of throwing their sword blade first, they'll throw it hilt first, and instead of slicing through their enemies, they'll cause significant brutail damage to their enemies with brusies and stuff of that nature.  Although if it's thrown at high enough speeds, with enough physical strength behind it, Keiichi can certainlly make it blow through an enemy, and even reach other enemies, it's a lot more difficult to do that because of the fact that it doesn't slice but instead pounds.  Keiichi will often use this technique to take out a large number of enemies at once, afterwards using his Shunpo to catch up to the flying sword, using his other sword to keep any other enemies away from him, and catching it before it lands, rarely failing to do this.  He can throw both of his swords, but usually chooses not to, the main reason being because if he does then it becomes extremely difficult for him to actually catch both of htem, albeit still not completely impossible. 
  • Shinsouyaiba (刺傷 lit. Stab Blade): This is a simple technique which allows the user to simply stab their enemy with their blade should they be able to get close enough to them to do so.  It's not one of Keiichi's favorite techniques to use, as it's too simplistic and flashy for his liking, but he has been seen using it to take care of large groups of foes who are unable to prevent him from getting up close and personal with them. 
  • Tsubusutsuka ( lit. Smash Hilt):  This technique is similar to Shinsouyaiba, except that instead of stabbing the enemy with the blade of the Zanpakuto, the user will smash the hilt of the Zanpakuto on the enemy.  This technique can be extremely devastating depending on who's using it.  For example, when Keiichi uses it it can cause massive amounts of damage, but when someone like Kenpachi Zaraki uses it it causes an overwhelming amount of damage. 
  • Suikawari (西瓜割, Watermelon Splitting):  A twohanded, overhead slash with Keiichi's Zanpakuto, which clearly and cleanly splits the victim's head in two.  Keiichi will commonly use this technique in conjunction with a kick to the head and a backward flip to move away from the enemy, and while flipping backwards, use it on an enemy behind him as well.  Another method of combat that he commonly uses is uses both of his swords with Suikawari on enemies on either sides of him, and then use a much more powrful, normal kick on one in front of him to not only potentially damage the enemy, but also, once again, flip him far backwards, away from his enemies, so that he can continue the combos on different enemies.  Although not one of his faovirte techniques, or even one of his most powerful techniques, this is still one of his most used techniques, simply because it's one of the most useful in his arsenal in terms of quick attacks with him being able to escape rather quickly, so that he doesn't get attacked back; at least, when he uses it, and the method that he uses.  In that regard, despite it's rather low level of power, it's still extremely useful in his hands, and, so far, he's the only one who's demonstrated using this technique with this exact method.  Not to mention, although he didn't actually create this particular technique, he did create an expansion to this technique known as Monosugoi Sukawari.
    • Monosugoi Suikawari (い西瓜割 lit. Shattering Watermelon Splitting):  This techniuqe is an expansion to Suikawari; this half was created by Keiichi Kuchiki, even though the first half in fact wasn't.  Keiichi begins and executes Suikawari like normal, but the strike is much more devastating this time around, capable of traveling it's way through one Gillion head, and straight into several others standing right behind it, either fatally wounding them or killing them all together.  Used against low level Shinigami, this is yet another technique in Keiichi's arsenal which can have overwhelmingly devastating results if used properly by him. 
  • Shoutenkyori Youshi Shadan ( lit. Focal Point Blockade):  This technique allows the user to swing their sword in a rapid motion all around their front, blocking thousands of projectiles at once.  It's one of Keiichi's signature Zanjutsu techniques, and one of them that he's best known for using during combat.  It's one of them that he's mastered the most, meaning that it doesn't take very much of his Spiritual Power or stamina to use any more.  He's even completely mastered a much more advanced method of using this technique, in which he does this to his sides, top, bottom, or back, which is normally much more difficult to pull off.  The only way to use this technique properly is to be a master of Hoho, so without his Hoho Mastery he wouldn't have been able to learn it to begin with; however, these days he's advanced to the point that he doesn't need to use his Hoho anymore in order to attain the fullest extent of it's power.
    • Ippai Mi Shoutenkyori Youshi Shadan ( lit. Full Body Focal Point Blockade): This technique is basically an extension to Shoutenkyori Youshi Shadan, except it allows the user to create a shield around their entire body using their Zanpakuto.  This is obviously a lot more difficult to do, as it requires much more speed and flexability in order to accomplish.  When Keiichi first learend this technique he had to use the full extent of his Hoho abilties on his hand, arm, and Zanpakuto in order to make it succeed.  However, as he progressed he slowly achieved the ability to use less and less of his Hoho abilities, until the present, in which he doesn't have to use any of his Hoho abilties at all in order to ouse this ability, due to his natural speed being more than sufficient enough for it.  Not to mention, considering that he uses two swords with her Zanpakuto; if he didn't, then it would have taken him a lot longer than it actually did in order for him to grow in skill and power with this technique. 
  • Renda no Daichi Moto (連打 ·  ·  ·  lit. Barrage of Ground Blades):  By sticking his sword in the ground, the user is able to summon up to fifty gigantic blades that protrude out of the ground to chase after the enemy, each one being literally unbreakable, at high speeds.  Keiichi's shown being greater at this technique than anybody else due to him having two swords for his Zanpakuto, which doubles the amount of blades that he's able to summon to one hundred; he claims that the only type of Shinigami who could possibly gain equal or greater usage of this technique than him are those who also have at least two or more swords for their Zanpakuto, but he has yet to meet and fight anyone like that who actually knows this technique, though.
    • Renda no Joku Moto ( ·  ·  ·  lit. Barrage of Sky Blades):  This technique is similar to Renda no Daichi Moto, except it allows the user to summon up to fifty gigantic blades that protrude out of the sky to chasea fter the enemy, instead of out of hte ground, each one being literally unbreakable, at high speeds.  Keiichi's shown being greater at this technique than anybody else due to him having two swords for his Zanpakuto, which doubles the amount of blades that he'sable to summon to one hundred; he claims that the only type of Shinigami who could possibly gain equal or greater usage of this technique than him are those who also have at least two more swords for their Zanpakuto, but he has yet to meet and fight anyone like that who actaully knows this technique, though. 
  • Sen Youshi Atemi ( lit. Thousand Point Strike):  To use this technique, created by Keiichi, he starts out by using his Zanpakuto to charge towards the enemy and lightly graze the tip of the blade on their skin.  When he does this, their entire body, front and back, inside and out, will be stricken with a thousand strirkes, killing the enemy instantly.  Since Keiichi has two blades he's able to use both of them on one enemy in order to maximize the force, (if he needs to, which is rare), or use both of them to attack completely different enemies.  Over the years he's mastered this technique to the extent of being able to use it on several enemies with one sword.  He does this by initiating it on one enemy, and then it'll sheer straight through them and reach another enemy.  To this day, with one sword, he's able to use this technique on up to five enemies at a time, which means that, with both of his swords, he has the potential of using in on up to ten enemies at a time. 
  • Wakai Sensou Kogeki ( lit. Wage War Strike): By drawing their Zanpakuto and swinging outward, the user of this technique can slice up and completely shred many nearby enemies without even getting close to them.  This is another one of Keiichi's favorite and greatest techniques, partially due to his experience with it and it being one of the first Zanjutsu techniques that he ever learned, but also, once again, because he uses two swords.  He's very skilled with using one sword with this techniuqe; during his youth he was able to easily and swiftly take out a leauge of 25 traitor Shinigami with it.  However, when he uses two swords with this technique it's much greater yet, allowing him to take out anywhere between 50 to 100 enemies with strict ease, depending on how he's feeling in terms of battle; and it also doesn't take all that much energy out of him either, allowing him to use it many times in a row for maximum damage and maximum effect. 
  • Muchiyaiba ( ·  ·  ·  lit. Whip Blade):  This is a technique which allows Keiichi to transform the blade of his Zanpakuto into an extremely elastical whip.  He does  this by fusing a lot of Spiritual Power into his Zanpakuto, which slowly causes it to bend, twist, and reshape, until it turns into a whip.  Due to it previously being a blade it doesn't actaully whip enemies like normal, but instead it cuts them up and slices them to pieces.  Keiichi usually attempts this technique by first jumping or flying up high into the air and using it, stretching it down to the growned and making it continousely strike hundreds of place on the ground appearing to be at the same time due to it's immense speed, all around the enemy or enemies.  Due to Keiichi possessing two Zanpakuto he is able to enhance his abilities in this technique tremendously more, only outmatched at it by other Shinigami who possess two Zanpakuto and know the technique and use it against him while he's using it against them.  
  • Amatsu Zangeki ( ·  lit. Heavenly Slashes):  Keiichi Kuchiki uses this technique by gripping onto his Zanpakuto, and simultaneously drawing it and spinning around in a 360 degrees motion, to slash at many enemeis at once, int he blink of an eye.  Like many of the Zanjutsu techniques that he uses this one allows for an enormous mass genocide and murder if he uses it properly, especially considering that he has two swords which, like with every single one of his Zanjutsu techniques, only enhances this technique tremendously, literally turning the battlefield bloody and gory with dead bodies even if he doesn't use it at it's fullest capacity.  The best he's shown doing with one sword is killing 100 enemeis at a time, and with two swords he's able to double that, killing up to 200 enemies at a time.  
  • Haritoken Techniques:  The Haritoken Techniques are techniques which Keiichi Kuchiki created after witnessing the Shikai Release of Gin Ichimaru's Zanpakuto, Shinso.  They allow him to stretch his blades to great distances.  Although notably far weaker than Shinso, they can still be extremely useful if used properly.
    • Haritoken ( lit. Stretch Sword):  Haritoken allows Keiichi to stretch his blades a long distancea way from him very fast, swiftly piercing everything and everyone in it's path.  He created it by observing Shinso, but the total length is far less.  Where Shinso can stretch up to 100 times of it's own length, Haritoken can only stretch up to 10 times of it's own length, which still makes Shinso, technically speaking, far superior to Haritoken.  Still, it's a very useful technique.  It can allow Keiichi to take out a large group of enemies in just a couple seconds flat, as well as crack, or sometimes even break in half, the Zanpakuto of other Shinigami, Kami, and Megami if he stricks them in the dead center, due to how unbelievably sharp that Keiichi's Zanpakuto blades are.  Keiichi can also use both of his blades at the same times which doesn't double how far they can stretch, but still doubles the overall effectiveness of them.  
    • Kaijouharitoken (塊状 lit. Massive Stretch Sword):  This technique is an expansion of Haritoken, and was created by Keiichi when he observed Gin Ichimaru's Bankai, Kamishini no Yari.  It allows Keiichi to hold his blade out in front of his chest, make it grow to a great size both in height and wideness, and make it stretch far greater than Haritoken; however, it's still far weaker than Kamishini no Yari.  While Kamishini no Yari is able to stretch to 8.1 Miles in 0.8 Seconds, Kaijouharitoken can stretch to 4 Miles in 6 Seconds, cutting down all trees in it's path, doing massive damage, and possibly killing anyone, or at least seriously wounding anyone, who it comes in contact with.  Keiichi can also use both of his blades for  much more devastating results.  
    • Gyakuharitoken (逆 lit. Reverse Stretch Sword):  This technique is an expansion to Haritoken.  After creating Haritoken creating this technique was easy for Keiichi, and he didn't have to observe the usage of Shinso anymore.  Keiichi will stick his blade up in front of him to his side, making his enemies believe that he's going to attack them; however, a blade will then briefly appear on the end of the hilt, and it'll strike out back behind Keiichi striking enemies behind him, tricking them.  Like with Haritoken it's able to expand up to ten times of the orignal blade's original length, still making it far weaker than Shinso.  Keiichi can also use both Haritoken and Gyaku Haritoken at once if he needs to, or use Gyakuharitoken with both of his blades; or, for maximum effect, he's able to use both Haritoken and Gyakuharitoken with both of his blades.  This, however, takes a lot of Spiritual Power for him to use, and thus, even in his current state, he's unable to use a whole lot, but when he does, it's overwhelmingly powerful.  
    • Kaijougyakuharitoken ( lit. Massive Reverse Stretch Sword):  This technique is the final of the four Haritoken techniques created by Keiichi Kuchiki.  According to Keiichi, although it can be the strongest in terms of power if it's mastered, such as in Keiichi's hands, in the hands of someone who hasn't mastered it Kaijouharitoken is far more powerful, due to Kaijougyakuharitoken being much more difficult to control, and thus much more difficult to make the strongest of these four techniques.  By holding his Zanpakuto out to his side, the hilt will suddenly transform into a blade and then grow to a gigantic size and charge at an enemy or group of enemies, completely slaughtering them, in a similar fashion to Kaijouharitoken.  In regards to the other three Haritoken techniques, there are a few combinations with this one that Keiichi is often seen using.  During his battle with his brother Byakuya after Byakuya's betrayal, he used this technique with both of his swords at the same time; it was the only way that he could break through Byakuya's ultimate Senkei defense and get free.  Earlier in that same fight, he used Kaijougyakuharitoken with one sword to block Byakuya's blades and Haritoken with the other sword to attack Byakuya, and another time in the same fight he used Kaijougyakuharitoken with one sword to block Byakuya's blades and Gyakuharitoken with the other sword to attack Byakuya behind him.  There's so many interesting and creative ways that Keiichi can use this technique; that, along with it's massively destructive  power, makes it one of the deadliest techniques in Keiichi's arsenal of Zanjutsu techniques, and really in Keiichi's arsenal of techniques in general.  
  • Seppuku (切腹?, "stomach-cutting", "abdomen-cutting"):  Seppuku is the traditional Japanese art of suicide.  The user uses it by stabbing themselves through the chest, and then someone else, either in front of them or behind them, slashes them downward, ending their life.  Certain practitioners, such as Keiichi, can do both moves to someone else, although that's very rare.  This is one of the oldest Zanjutsu techniques, created by Nemaiya Oetsu himself, the creator of the Zanpakuto and Zanjutsu, along with the aid of Yachiru Unohana, the creator of Kendo.  Keiichi is able to use this technique by himself to an enemy, using both attacks of the technique in one swift, fast, almost unseeable motion, and then move straight on   to the next enemy.  Even Yachiru Unohana, despite surviving the experience, (albeit barely), succumed to this technique when he used it, being unable to dodge it, defend against it, block it, or counter it.  He does this by using one sword to stab them through the chest as fast as he can and then, immediately afterwards, using his other sword to slash  them downwards straight through the middle, as fast as he can once again.  Keiichi notes that only someone who possesses two swords, such as him, are capable of using this technique on his own.  He's proven wrong however when Tenjiro Kirinji, nicknamed Lightning Fast Tenjiro, uses it on his own as well despite only  having one sword, because of his outrageously overwhelming speed.  
  • Hinoko Zureru ( lit. Sparks Slide):  By taking one of his swords, the practitioner is able to slide their Zanpakuto blade across the blade of their enemy's Zanpakuto.  The technique will create sparks--which don't actually have a purpose and are just an automatic side effect--but also slightly pushes the blade away from them, preventing it from hitting them.  Keiichi's shown using the technique to push the blade all the way back at toward the enemy to harm them instead.  
  • Saigo Issen ( lit. Moment's Flash):  

Hoho GrandmasterEdit

Another skill that Keiichi prides himself on is his abilities in Hoho, or speed techniques.  Being a master class fighter, Keiichi's Shunpo is so great that it's actaully become one of his more noticable traits, aside from Zanjuts, and at times has been the difference between life and death, allowing him to escape enemy clutches way too many times to count when he normally would have died if he didn't have this skill, allowing him to make swift, successful counterattacks afterwards.  After the two year time skip Keiichi's speed grew even more, to the point where it was almost, (albeit not quite), as great as his Zanjutsu skills, and where very few Shinigami in the series could match it, an intense speed which finally became far greater than his brother's, Byakuya Kuchiki's, became slightly greater than Tenjiro Kirinji, the Speed God Tenjiro, and became on par with Yoruichi Shihoin, the Goddess of Flash. 

  • Shunpo Mastery:  To understand Hoho, one must first understand Shunpo.  All other Hoho techniques become completely out of one's reach without at least a basic understanding and ability to perform Shunpo.  Shunpo is the art of moving at high speeds with little to no effort at all.  Almost all Shinigami, Kami, and Megami learn this technique, and no Shinigami, Kami, or Megami who doesn't learn it are ever able to reach speeds anywhere near those who do, regardless of how much that they train their bodies to move faster naturally.  As Keiichi has demonstrated numerous times, Shunpo not only allows one to get places at high speeds, but also to make general attacks, such as punches, kicks, and sword slashes, much faster; at times, as fast as Shunpo can normally make the entire body, allowing for intense, high speed combat, and hundreds of quick kills, which Keiichi uses all the time.  After joining the Royal Guard he trained in their Gravity Chamber, allowing his speed while outside of the chamber to increase on overwhelming levels; at his highest speed, Ichibei Hyosube has stated that his movements can only be seen as mere blurs, similar to Yoruichi Shihoin, allowing him to temporarily fight on equal terms, at least in terms of speed, with Shikyo Fushiawase, until the latter increases his speed to it's highest.  Keiichi explains that there's a trick to increasing one's Shunpo to the extent that the Shinigami can go past their own natural limits of Shunpo and ascend to even higher speeds.  This method is known as Universal Reliance, which is the essence of all Shinigami combat, weather it's Shunpo, Kido, Hakuda, Zanjutsu, or releasing one's own Zanpakuto.  By connecting their souls with the spirits in the world around them, they can borrow energy from them, increasing their abilities.  However, the difficulty level to do this is different for erach method of battle, and Shunpo is the easiest to do this with, because, despite it's overwhelming usefulness, it's the simplest of all Shinigami fighting styles.  Keiichi is able to keep up using his highest speed of Shunpo for days on end, which is extremely useful during wartime combat, during circumstances when he's unable to take a break for days on end.  After the ten year timeskip, his speed became greater than Byakuya Kuchiki's, Yoruichi Shihoin's, and Tenjiro Kirinji's combined, albeit still not nearly at the level of Shikyo Fushiawase's top speed, though.  The general concept of Shunpo itself falls under the category Way of Onmitsu, 1st of the Shiho. 
  • Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom) is an advanced Shunpo technique, which falls under the category Way of Onmitsu, 2nd of the Shiho.  Senka is a common technique used by the Kuchiki Family and, over the years, they have become famous for it.  It's not uncommon for members of the Kuchiki Family to enter a battle and take as many enemies out as possible by as quickly as possible, and Keiichi is no different.  It allows the user to kill the enemy instantly by directly assaulting their Soul Chain and Soul Sleep by either completely shattering them, disconnecting them from their soul, or completely ripping them out of their soul, the latter method ripping a gigantic hole in their back as well.  Keiichi often uses either one or both of his swords, or occasionally other blades, to not only increase the effect of the technique, but also cause more internal and external damage to the enemy.  He does this because, although rare, people can survive the initial strike of Senka if they're lucky enough; Kisuke Urahara, for example, does possess a method of saving people when they're Soul Chain and Soul Sleep have been attacked.  However, Keiichi's method makes the opponent a lot less likely to survive, even if Kisuke Urahara attempts to save them.  Only one of his enemies have been known to survive this technique, which was Shikyo Fushiawase, and that was only because he had already separated his soul from the cycle of reincarnation at that point, which means that, even though he still technically had his Soul Chain and Soul Sleep, them being disconnected from him, although causing him an overwhelming amount of pain and agony, could never actually kill him; it didn't really matter at all.  The only other way for someone to survive this technique is by them either being faster than Keiichi to prevent him from succeeding with Senka, or for their skin to be so overwhelmingly tough that he won't be able to penetrate their skin, even with his swords or other such blades; this was the case during his battle with Kenpachi Zaraki when the latter betrayed the Soul Society.  Keiichi is also capable of using Senka on up to four enemies at the same exact time, which allows him to deal with a lot more enemies in a lot less time; he showed this ability quite often during the Seventh Shinigami-Hollow War, until he came to Shikyo Fushiawase and failed using it on him because of how overwhelmingly tough that his skin was.  
  • Utsusemi(空蝉, Cast-Off Cicada Shell) is an advanced Shunpo technique, which falls under the category way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shiho. 
  • Koteisareta Sokudo Kuroonningen (された速度クローン lit. Stationary Speed Clones) is an advanced Shunpo technique, which falls under the category Way of Onmitsu, 4th of the Shiho. 
  • Iten Sokudo Kuroonningen (速度クローン移転 lit. Moving Speed Clones) is an advanced Shunpo technique, which falls under the category Way of Onmitsu, 5th of the Shiho.  This technique is similar to the reguarl speed clones except it allows the user to create clones of themselves while moving at high speeds, which takes much more energy and stamina to actually pull off successfully.  
  • Issen Zanzou ( lit. Flash Afterimage) is an advanced Shunpo technique, which falls under the category Way of Onmitsu, 6th of the Shiho.  
  • Issen Hitokire (· れ lit. Flash Slice) is an advanced Shunpo technique, which falls under the category Way of Onmitsu, 7th of the Shiho.  

Kido ExpertEdit

Kido Zanjutsu CombinationEdit

Hakuda PractitionerEdit

Hakuda has never been Keiicih's preferred form of combat, as he usually prefers to stick to his Zanjutsu abilities occasioanlly aided by his Hoho abilities; as such, he his skills in Hakuda are very limited.  However, Keiichi does possess at least some skill in Hakuda, enough to at least get him out of tough scrapes if used correctly, or to use in conjunction with Zanjutsu, Hoho, or Kido, so that they can be very useful. 


The name of Keiichi Kuchiki's Zanpakuto Nentou Ibitsu Gensou (幻想 lit. Mind Warped Illusions).  In it's sealed state it has a total of two blades, each one one being slightly longer than a regular sized Katana, both sheathed diagonally on his back.  The blades themselves are made of titanium, as he personally requested from Nemaiya Oetsu when his new blades were made for him.  Both the hilts are stripped with purple and gold, the hilt guards being purple and diamond shapped, the sheathes being completely purple all around.  At all times a white glow can be seen around his Zanpakuto when they're sheathed; this is due to his Spiritual Power constantly being poured into them to prevent them from ripping his sheathes apart due to exactly how sharp that the blades really are. 


The release command for Nentou Ibitsu Gensou's Shikai is Fabricated Etertainment Assault Retreat.  If he wants to then he can simply shorten it to the acronyme F.E.A.R.  Once released both of his blades will revert to the length of normal Katana blades instantaneously.  Both blades will then begin to glow a sparkly amber, leaving only himself and the hilt and hilt guard not glowing.  The ability of Nentou Ibitsu Gensou is the manifestations of illusions.  Keiichi makes note that his Zanpakuto probably embodies the illusionary type Zanpakuto more than any other in existance.  He compares it to Sosuke Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu clasiming that, while Aizen's Zanpakuto created illusions to simulate controlling the five senses, the purpose of his Zanpakuto is to drive the opponent mad, if possible, with some of the most horrific illusions immaginable; in this sense, he claimks that his are true illusions, which can actually cuase permanent damage to the enemy's psyche, and not just fabrications passed off as illusions.  Because of this, he considers his Zanpakuto to be far superior to Kyoka Suigetsu, although a true fight between the two has yet to be seen to prove this.  To initate this ability, after his Zanpakuto is first activated, Keiichi is able to dig deeply into the darkest secrets of his opponent's mind.  He has to do this by stabbing them, which can be anywhere on the body from through the heart, to through the neck, to through the hand, to through the arm; anywhere.  The more vital the location he stabs, the greater the illusions will become and the more damaging they'll become to teh victim.  The illusions can range anywhere from having an illusion of a dead relative fight the victim, (provided there was something tragic in the past, such as he killed him/her or he blames himself for the death of him/her in any way), or forcing the victim to recall surpressed tragic memories in the past of any fashion which could potentially break their psyche all together. 

  • Higekiteki Gensou ( lit. Tragic Illusions):  This is the most commonly used technique by Keiichi with his Zanpakuto's Shikai, and is also the most useful.  Like previously stated, Keiichi is able to open up the enemy's mind to any tragic events that occured in their past, and turn them directly on their psyche.  This could be past loved ones, friends, or comrades, coming back to fight them to the death in the form of illusions, (this hurts even more if he blamed himself for his or her death, or if he was actually responsible for his or her death), or forcing the enemy to recall painful events from the past which he blocked out of his memory either forcefully or subconciously, in which there's really no fighting gonig on but just eternal suffering for the enemy in question here. 
  • Shukai Gensou ( lit. Monsterous Illusions):  The other way to use Keiichi's Shikai is seen a lot less often, and is a little bit less effective, but nevertheless is still very effective if used properly.  This allows Keiichi to create illusions of monsters and demons to fight and kill the enemy; of course, he says kill, but these are, once again, just illusions, so what's really happening is that a battle is going on inside of the enemy's mind, and if they loose then their psyche will be seriously damaged, if not completely destroyed.  Byakuya comented that this part does make it similar to Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu in some aspects, but Keiichi rebuttles this by claiming that each one of these illusions has to be an illusion of a monster which either Keiichi himself or the enemy in question here as fought personally in the past, (and, once again, Keiichi can check the enemy's mind to see who exactly he's fought in the past).  It can ragne from Hollows, Arrancars, enemy Shinigami, or anything else, and there can supposedly be no limits to exactly how many of these types of illusions which Keiichi is capable of creating at any given time. 


The name of Keiichi's Bankai is Kougoushii Nentou Ibitsu Gensou no Shoyo Sayuri (幻想 lit. Divine Mind Warped Illusions of the Wandering Lily).  Upon release not only do Keiichi's two Zanpakuto blades continue glowing, but also Keiichi's entire body begins to glow with the same sparkling brightens that his blades do.  Unlike his Shikai, which only has three abilities, there is a multitude of advantages which Keiichi obtains when in Bankai.  Aside from the standard power increases, all of the abilities of his Shikai are greatly increased in power and effectiveness, as well as a brand new ability unique to his Bankai. 

  • Enhanced Spiritual Power
  • Enhanced Shikai Abilities
  • Hon Seimei Gensou ( lit. Real Life Illusions): 


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