Kokumatsu Kuchiku
Kanji 穀物 朽木
English Avengers of Grain
Founder(s) Byakuya Kuchiki
Purpose To make Fullbringer's extinct

The Kokumatsu Kuchiku (穀物 朽木, Literally meaning "Avengers of Grain") is a mysterious organization, headed by Byakuya Kuchiki with one purpose: Make the Fullbringer extinct.


After Hisana Kuchiki's death, Byakuya decided to take care of Hisana's sister, Rukia. Rukia was found in the care of the Shinigami Academy, having decided to become a Shinigami. The night that Rukia decided that she would become part of the Kuchiki Clan, the Academy was stormed by Fullbringers who used their Soul Manipulation to keep secret. These Fullbringers started killing each and every person within, with one, Harold Matthews, trying to kill Rukia.

Byakuya and Harold had a long battle but each had equal powers, with Harold revealing to Byakuya that he was a Fullbringer, and that the Shinigami had better watch out for a future invasion. Before escaping, Byakuya warned Harold that he wouldn't stop until all Fullbringers are dead and the world is a better place. Through this hatred, some time later, Byakuya formed the Kokumatsu Kuchiku from the entirety of the Sixth Division. Over the years, the organization didn't allow any new members, so only the original Sixth Division at the time were part of it. They became the main combatants in the Shinigami-Fullbringer War when they killed most of the Chinese Xcution, and started targetting Harold's great-great-great-grandson, Roydon Matthews.

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