Neo City
Neo City 2
Kanji 新木市
English Neo City
Location Statistics
Type City
Located In Human World
Controlled By Xcution (Technically)
First Appearance
Storyline Xcution Introduction

Neo City (新木市, Shin-shi; lit meaning New City) is a fictional city which is west of London. Xcution's headquarters is located in the King's district of Neo City.


Neo City is the home town of Tom Keen. It seems to be a small city with an average population that resembles the real world. Humans that live in Neo City are unaware of the ghosts and spiritual forces that live there. Strangely the most powerful Fullbringers come from here. It is surrounded by countryside, 17 miles west of Neo City is London.

Xcution's main base is in Neo City and as such they are the city's protection against Hollow attacks. The city has a history with Fullbringers as Tom Keen's parents where also born here.


Nineteen years before the start of the series, Tom's parents settled back down in Neo City after vowing to stop killing Hollows and working with the Soul Society. Some years later and Tom's parents were killed by Shinigami.