Nuevo Espada
Headquarters Hueco Mundo
Affiliation Themselves

The Nuevo Espada (新しい十刃, Esupāda; Spanish for " New Sword", Japanese for "New Ten Blades") is an evolved group of Espada, each of which are much stronger than the previous Espada.


The Nuevo Espada are technically still the Espada, although they do not consider themselves to be anything like the originals that have come before them. During some time when Sosuke Aizen was imprisoned within Muken, the Espada decided that they wished not to follow Aizen's beliefs, and so thought of him as a dictator. They changed their name, and changed the hierarchy, instead of being 0 to 9, now being 1 to 10. Also, instead of being in the case of power, it is the person who killed the last Espada.

Notable MembersEdit

(† = confirmed death)

Rank Name Zanpakutō Tattoo Location Status
1st Alejandro Aguilar Realeza Unknown Active
2nd Aida Lopez Energía Stomach Active
3rd Alix Ortiz Ayuda Right Elbow Active
4th Ulquiorra Cifer Murciélago Left pectoral muscle Active
5th Malte Soto Loco Tongue Active
6th Flavio Garcia Vida Left Palm Active
7th Dalmacio Moreno Muerte Forehead Active
8th Siseburo Gonzales Encima Right knee Active
9th Roque Ortega Soledad Forearm Active
10th Pelagio Mendoza Toalla Mullida Right pectoral muscle Deceased †