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Oka Hikari
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday August 2
Age 18
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Xcution
Occupation Researcher and Inventor for Xcution
Team Main Branch of Xcution
Base of Operations Xcution HQ, Neo City, England
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Sister
Education Neo City School for Higher Education
Primary Skill
Fullbring Laboratory
First Appearance
Japanese Voice N/A

"The genius with an open mind." - KyubiSoul

Oka Hikari (歩子光, Hikari Oka) is a Fullbringer and a member of Xcution's Main Branch.


Oka Hikari is an 18 year old girl, she is quite small for her age but is well-endowed. She wears glasses and skimpy clothing. Her colour is black and short she ties it up when she is busy thinking and tinkering. After taking Simon's powers she wears a lab coat and a shirt with a tie, on her lower body she wears a skirt and high heels.


As a genius she is not one for socialising, she is interested in Fullbring and its powers and she loves to experiment on herself to increase her powers. She has a distant hatred for Shinigami due to them killing her lover believing him to a Fullbringer. She loves to dissect things and hopes to dissect a Shinigami.

In her spare time she tinkers around and creates new inventions to use against Hollows and Shinigami. She enjoys sweet things as well and foreign foods from other cultures. Oka tends to respect the dead and always gives them rites, she believes death is wrong and hates that Shinigami can't remember when they were alive believing that they lost their potential.


Ten years before the start of the series, she discovered her Fullbring and kept pushing the boundaries of her powers. When she was 16 she fell in love with a boy who shared her love of gaining knowledge and she showed him her powers and they began dating. Not long after that a Shinigami believed that he was a Fullbringer and was quickly killed. Oka used her powers to kill the Shinigami. Not long after that she began to research ways to find Shinigami, and to kill them. She was discovered by Tom Keen who told her of the nature of Fullbring and all he knew of Shinigami, she became the 4th member of the Main Branch.


Agents of Xcution Arc


As a leading researcher in Xcution, Oka has developed a number of unique items. The notable ones are below:

  • Xcution Cell Phone: Oka modified mulitple iPhones to suite Xcution's needs. All Xcution Cell Phones have a GPS that can detect Hollows and Shinigami. The phone is able to call any members of Xcution on a secure channel. It is also used to monitor each member of Xcution. The phone can also analyse reiatsu.
  • Reiatsu Suppression Device: Oka created a bracelet to Suppress a Fullbringers Reiatsu. It can also be used to restrain Shinigami.
  • Fullbring Restoration Device: Tom commistioned the Fullbring Restoration Device to help Jackie Tristan to recover her Fullbring. The device works by gathering the remaining Reiatsu in the targets body. The device takes about a month or two to restore a person Fullbring. After a week the target is able to use Bringer Light again and manipulate the Souls of objects.
  • Portal: Oka developed this after the invasion of the Soul Society after analysing a Garganta and Senkaimon, Oka developed Portal to allow Fullbringers to travel between the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. Portal also converts the Fullbringers from kishi into Reishi.
  • Anti-Reishi Field: Around all Xcution bases is a device that emits anti-Reishi partials which is tuned to disrupt Shinigami and Hollows Reishi. When a Hollow or Shinigami enters the filed their bodies begin to burn, the more time in the field they start to break down.
  • Bankai Sealing Device: After seeing a Bankai during Xcution's Invasion of the Soul Society, Oka create a device to seal away a Shinigami's Bankai. She states that if she can seal away at least 10 high level Bankai's she will be able to power up all the Branches of Xcution. So far she has sealed away 3 Bankai's.

Powers & Abilities

Genius Level Intellect: Oka is nothing short of a super genius. Her intellect rivals Kisuke Urahara, she has made many inventions for Xcution. She herself discovered numerous ways to use Reishi and quickly gained an up to date knowledge of the Gotei 13 technological level and improved upon it.

  • Master Scientist/Inventor: As the head of the Fullbringer Research Institute, Oka is a talented inventor and scientist, having created a number of devices and techniques to aid the Fullbringer cause.
  • Master Chemist: Being the only head of the Fullbringer Research and Development Institute, Oka is an adept chemist.
  • Master Strategist: Oka has a talent for being well prepared. She takes many precautions before engaging in personal combat with an adversary, usually studying them through his various methods. She always has a contingency plan if something doesn't work out the way she expects.

Enhanced Perception: Oka is able to see more than a normal human can. She is able to detect if someone is lying or not.

Hand to Hand Expert: Oka took self defence class while in High School as prefers to fight with fist than to using weapons. She is able to fight on par with a captain-level Shinigami.

Spiritual Awareness: She is able to see Shinigami and Hollows. Oka quickly developed the ability to tell who is stronger just by comparing Spiritual Energies of other.

Bringer Light Expert: She is able to use Bringer Light to increase he movement. Though not physically fast herself she uses Bringer Light to increase her movements.


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