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Rasetsu Aragami
Rasetsu Head
The Demon God of Perspectives
Race Choushin
Birthday August 31
Age 1,000,000+
Gender Male
Height 6,5
Weight 90Kg's
Blood Type None
Professional Status
Affiliation Divine Cross Knights
Previous Affiliation Soul Society
Profession None
Previous Profession Shinigami
Position Supreme Commander
Previous Position Captain
Division None
Previous Division 10
Partner Rikuna Mazoku
Previous Partner Rangiku Matsumoto
Base of Operations Takamagahara
Personal Status
Relatives All Deceased
Education Shino Academy
Shikai Not Yet Revealed
Bankai Not Yet Revealed
First Appearance

Rasetsu Aragami(羅刹荒れ狂う神, Lit. "Tempestuous Man-Slaying God") is the reincarnation of The Original Spirit King and is related to the bloodline of the First Royal Family of The Soul Society, The Aragami Clan. Due to the infamy of his immensely dark-sided alternate personality, and the malevolent red eyes he obtains upon shifting to said persona, he is referred to as Demon-Eyes Rasetsu(鬼目羅刹, Oni me Rasetsu). Although he is the last living member of his bloodline, he is also blessed to be the mightiest, carrying the wills and subsequent strengths of his "ancestors" and those of his clans dynasty whom have long since passed on. Throughout the course of Bleach Takamagahara, he is not shown to be a character of any specific role or set behaviour, having been depicted in numerous lights and alignments, known for doing the deeds of a protagonist, side character, anti-hero, and even in some cases, he has been depicted as an antagonistic presence throughout the plot of the series. Regardless, such an aspect of his character has become one of the more unique and definitive points about himself as a whole, generally viewed as something which distances him from other, more generic figures in the series.

Having obtained an immortal body that doesn't age, Rasetsu is one of the oldest living creatures in the entire series, and has existed since the times of primordial soul society and the spiritual realms alltogether. For his deeds, power, and the immense peace, fortune, and prosperity that he brought to his comrades and those whom followed him, he went down in history as one of the most praiseworthy and pivotal figures within recorded history, his age has also granted him the benefit of all the time in the world, which allowed him to escape numerous repercussions for being reputed as a criminal and villain. At one point in time, it is shown that Rasetsu is betrated by the very comrades that he served and fought for, as an elaborate conspiracy of lies and prejudice was conducted against him, wraping his image from a hero into a blackhearted demon and terrorist persence. Having long since abandoned his duties as a mere shinigami, Rasetsu at one point in time served as one of the most influential captains in the recorded history of Soul Society, being the former captain of the 10th division, and the partner of Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto. Since then, Rasetsu became the founder and leader of The Divine Cross Knights, a group of powerful individuals whom oppose the Soul Society and their methods of controlling and watching over the spiritual realms in general. Having achieved complete synergization with his "old self" Rasetsu now holds the title of The Supreme Crimson King(至高朱王, Dai Shuou), his most recent and influential title that he has ever obtained as of yet. 


Current Rasetsu

Rasetsu's Current Appearance

Rasetsu's body type is shown to be primarily composed of a rather tall, almost lanky frame, though having fairly lean muscle, the true physique of his body often goes completely hidden underneath the intentionally long, open, and baggy clothing that he has a habit of dressing himself in. Rasetsu's appearance can vary and change drastically depending on which "form" he can be in at any given time. While in his "base form", which is his most commonly depicted state, he is shown to be a startlingly youthful and spry young male in spite of his supposed age. The most outstanding aspect of his features is easily his height, standing at a total of 6,5 feet tall, making him tower head and shoulders over most of the more generic souls that are shown in the series. One of the most definitive traits of his physical appearance is also his long flowing, wild and untamed midnight black hair which he commonly wear tie'd up behind his head in a long tail-like fashion so as to prevent obscuring his vision during combat. Though no longer affiliated in any way with the Soul Society or the Gotei 13, he still adopts a traditional, Japanese wartime period guise and attire which seems to be at least partly inspired by the uniforms and various shihakusho/hakama worn by those within the Soul Society. His physical appearance, particularly his expressions, and facial features are drawn parralel to those of The Former Soul King, being the heir and complete and utter reincarnate of the latter. Rasetsu's current appearance is composed of a black shihakusho with crimson red accents, and a pair of black form fitting gloves which seem to aid him in gripping and wielding his Zanpakuto further. Over his shoulders he wears an ornamental, highly decorated haori which keeps most of his physical movements and precautions against his enemies hidden should they be facing him from the side. At the center of his waist is a tightly tied obi-like cloth belt which seems to fasten his shihakusho to his hips. Wearing slightly lighter colored, dark gray wide legged traditional samurai hakama allows him to conceal his leg movements and stances from his opponents. Lastly, he wears a pair of traditional straw sandals with a pair of black tabi socks. 


Rasetsu Oro

Rasetsu's Catchphrase

At the prologue of Bleach: Takamagahara, Rasetsu is shown to behave as a typically unnassuming, normal and cheerful young man without anything significant to his persona at all, save for the fact that he is an open pervert, and has nothing to suggest that he is in fact one of the most legendary beings in the history of soul society as well as times passed. Whenever he is met with a sudden odd, unexpected, or strange situation or happenning that he wasn't prepared for, Rasetsu utters the sound Oro(, Oro) in a quizzical fashion, something which has become his "catchphrase" as an individual. For a legendary warrior, steadfast and disciplined, he has a frequent tendency to act severely out of character, prone to clumsy, childish, idiotic, and seemingly intentionally stupid acts and mannerisms. He is shown to behave like a spoiled brat much of the time, having the bad habit of misbehaving when he doesn't get his way, and also being immensely pigheaded and headstrong. He is described as being an expert in annoying others, making himself unpleasant and bothersome to those unfortunate enough to come into his presence. He is also shown to be dangerously impulsive, often resorting to acts of violence without a second thought if it means he can get his own way or fix his problems. He also has a habit of holding grudges against those he doesn't like, frequently making fun of and chastising those whom have made a bad impression on him. Having the habit to swear like a sailor, Rasetsu sometimes strings together countless combo's of obscenities and dirty words, using numerous bad words and slurs in casual conversation. To make things worse, Rasetsu doesn't care in the slightest what others think of him regardless of how bad their opinion of him may be, instead opting to behave even worse in their presence to strengthen ones hatred and resentment of him. At points in time that are unfortunate to see the event of him becoming grumpy, he often becomes exceedingly loud and immensely foul-mouthed, formulating disgusting insults and imagery against those whom may be the subject of his scorn. His childish and juvenile side is shown to shine the most when he behaves this way. Having a dirty mind doesn't help either, as he is frequent to make numerous strings of seemingly endless, distasteful jokes, having only one of the darkest and most unpleasant sense of humor. He refuses to censor or hold himself back in any way shape or form, even when in the company of women, the elderly and even children.

Rasetsu is also a liar and deceiver of the lowest order. Should he get into any troubling situation, he is shown to shamelessly shift the blame onto another person or talk his way out of it, without being the slightest bit convincing in the process, often denying irrefutable proof against him, even when he himself is aware that he may have bee caught redhanded in any less than reputable act. He believes that he himself is the center of the universe and that as such, is utterly flawless, being quick to pick apart the shortcomings and negative aspects in the behavior of others while blatantly overlooking and ignoring his own, which completely overwhelm evidence against anothers in most, if not all cases. Rasetsu is also depicted as being an immensely satirical individual and rarely takes any situation seriously, often acting in jest and recklessly even in the most dire and straining of situations. Being immensely nihilistic, Rasetsu is also blind to the value in anything and everything, which may be attributed to the fact that he has a habit of carelessly throwing the lives of others into the face of imminent death, as well as his own. Having no regard for his own safety or the safety of others, he is capable of performing even the most ill reputable acts and crimes without ever caring or paying mind to the fact they are perceived universally as something horrid and aweful. His nihilism is such that he is completely incapable of caring for the welfare of others and can completely ignore even the most shocking and horrifying of information that he learns. Having something akin to that of a severe multiple personality disorder also means that his behaviour and mood can suddenly and drastically change at any given moment, behaving severely bipolar. However, for all his shortcomings and misbehaved nature, everything listed up until now is but a mere facade so as to further deceive and manipulate his opponents and those around him into believing he is weak and expendable. 

Demon-Eyes RasetsuEdit

True Red Eyes

Demon-Eyes Rasetsu

Supposedly an entire different being, the persona of "Demon-Eyes Rasetsu" is the being that inspired the generations of Kenpachi, known for his demonic blood-red eyes and level of power and skill in combat which is such that he has never struck any one opponent twice, he was reputed as the single most feared shinigami of his time. The persona of Demon-Eyes Rasetsu is triggered through the normal Rasetsu witnessing any form of excessive combat, death, and gore, as excessive exposure to these prospects prompts the awakening of his sickminded and sadistic persona, transforming him from an otherwise unnasuming individual, into a deadly murderer who only seeks to battle and slay strong opponents. Demon-Eyes Rasetsu is actually the being which cemented Rasetsu's legend as a supreme hero and being of unrivaled power in the times of ancient soul society, as many of Rasetsu's true combat techniques, not to mention the vast majority of his intelligence and genius within the realm of combat is sealed within the part of his psyche which also prevents Demon-Eyes Rasetsu from coming out and wreaking havoc upon all in the surroundings. According to Rikuna, Rasetsu's shift in personality is so strong that he exhudes a level of killing intent which can be instantaneously defiend as the awakening of Demon-Eyes Rasetsu, the mere switching of his persona being enough to suffocate and knock out most untrained individuals whom are within close proximity to him. He is shown to delight in the brutal slaying of his enemies and loves nothing more than murdering the strong, often severely humiliating those whom dare oppose him with his strength of another scale alltogether. If anything, Rasetsu's ridicule and crack insults are brough to their zenith while he has become his Demon-Eyes side, doing so towards both his enemies and allies alike. His bloodlusted nature and extreme violence prompts him to cut down his opponents in cold blood, stealing lives without mercy or second though. Unlike Rasetsu, Demon-Eyes is shown to be immensely arrogant in his power, insulting and belittling those before him regardless of the level of power and strength that they themselves may boast. Demon-Eyes is cold, Ruthless, and easily borderline evil, injuries and threats to his allies and friends go completely beneath his notice.

Demon GodEdit

Demon God

Demon God Rasetsu

Rasetsu is the last living descendant of The True Aragami Clan. Within every "True Aragami" there is said to be slumbering demon who simply relish in slaughter and pure, unadulterated destruction. Stirred by battle, and more than that, an intense desire for greater power and strength, Rasetsu as a True Aragami awakens the demon within him, obtaining an immense power far beyond anything he could ever hope to obtain or wield in any state of mind prior, in exchange for his sanity. This prompts him to become a mindless berserker which can no longer distinguish between friend and foe, named the Demon God. When his mind collapses and is taken over by this final, trinary persona, Rasetsu becomes a being of horror and carnage the likes of which even the most dark hearted of hollow and shinigami alike are simply terrified of. Anything and everything which is orderly and wholesome must be obliterated by Rasetsu for the duration he remains within this excessively twisted and sadistic personality. No longer capable of forming cognitive thought, Reason is thrown to the wind as Rasetsu mercilessly and brutally attacks and murders any and all forms of life that he comes across, regardless of their alignment and relationship towards him personally. Rasetsu will continue to rampage and go berserk for an unknown amount of time as The Demon God, and it hasn't yet been determined how long he can remain unchecked in this state without exhausting himelf, though, the last time he was subject to the horror of The Demon God, he had singlehandedly slaughtered every ally and enemy around him. Behaving more like a wild animal, Rasetsu attacks anything that attempts to slip by his senses, his attacks moving almost as "empty" movements that seemed to be not triggered by the brain or any force of will, instead having devolved into a hurricane of infinite gore and devastation. While his mind is being dominated by this side, Rasetsu's actions are dictated solely by the level of wrath and anger that he is feeling at any time. Essentially, the madder he becomes, the stronger, as any form of retaliation on behalf of his enemies only serves to increase his rage and further provoke his bloodlust. Because of the fact that Rasetsu's Demon God side is virtually self perpetuated even Demon-Eyes Rasetsu fears and despises the surfacing of this persona.





Primordial Soul SocietyEdit

Reign of The Aragami ClanEdit



Academy DaysEdit

As Captain of The 10th DivisionEdit



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the reincarnation of The First Crimson King, the primordial ruler of The Spiritual Realms and the ancestor of the original royal family, Rasetsu was predestined to ascend to a level of power and strength that characterizes him to reign supreme over most others. As the strongest of the four shitennou, Rasetsu prides himself on having reached "the highest pinnacle of power", meaning that there is supposedly not a single form of fighting or technique that he has either inherited or obtained mastery over. His entire ideaology as been based upon this concept, and as such he is constantly pushing himself as far beyond his original limitations and capabilities as he can, even to this date. In this right, he is stated to have reached the absolute center of zenith in martial way and power that any one being is capable of achieving, Hakuda, Zanjutsu, Hoho, Kido, he has mastered every form of combat from his era as well as those beyond, truly a force to be reckoned with. His powers are immense, his techniques deadly, his abilities constantly evolving and swelling to ever greater heights; Ultimatelessness. 

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Physical GodhoodEdit

Having the inborn capabilities and growth potential of the First Crimson King, Rasetsu has achieved a level of dominance and mastery over his own body and physical existence as a whole which can only be described as "Physical Godhood". He is capable of quite easily performing feats and acts on an exceedingly miraculous and mind blowing scale, the likes of which usually go above and beyond even the most attuned and and mighty opponents. It is Rasetsu's body that lays the foundation for his immensely vast array of different attacks, techniques, and art forms, and the applications and manifestation of his physical capabilities continue to increase and evolve with each and every passing conflict. According to Rikuna Mazoku, Rasetsu's body itself seems to have a mind of its own, constantly taking data and valuable information from the movements and interactions that it has with other beings, improving and upgrading itself through muscle memory alone, even on the fly. Upon obtaining his true body, Rasetsu's already mind blowing capabilities and physical strength increases profoundly, so much so that he is now regarded as being in a tier completely unto his own.

General Physical CapabilitiesEdit

Rasetsu Standing

Rasetsu's Fantastic Presence

Overwhelming Presence: Even after immensely supressing his level of reiatsu to almost nonexistant levels, Rasetsu's mere presence remains simply monstrous. Generally, Rasetsu supresses his own "presence" so as to not involuntarily afflict his surroundings negatively, though in combat situations he lets his existential presence run rampant and wild without restraint. The mere tension in the air surrounding him is shown to be stifling and suffocating on many different levels. His overwhelming "existence" is just another side effect of his exponential power as an individual, and is said to be yet another manifestation of the possibilities that his existence is capable of taking on. As such it is considered a testament to the sheer amount of "physical power" and might that Rasetsu wields at his fingertips rather casually. His overwhelming presence is such that Rikuna Mazoku is capable of easily telling his presence on the battlefield apart from others quite easily. Those with weak wills are often struck with feelings of awe and trepidation upon doing the act of merely laying eyes upon Rasetsu, and meeting his gaze alone caused several opponents to immediately enter a state of coma. Upon making his presence known to the battlefield during the war at Hueco Mundo, Rasetsu's mere existence was powerful enough to cause the involuntary slaying of several legions of menos grande, without Rasetsu ever having to lift a finger or do anything himelf in the process. His immense force of presence is also capability of communicating with others, especially opponents whom oppose him, as shown when Saigen Tatsuroga was overcome with fear and trepidation, becoming completely convinced that Rasetsu was the single mightiest being on the battlefield at the time, whereas he had previously gone completely and utterly fearless. His extreme presence is also shown to act as an involuntary defense mechanism, as was shown during Rasetsu's brief confrontation with Volf Volkaanstein, whom attempted to attack, but then proceeded to retreat away many meters from Rasetsu's body, acting on sheer instinct alone. Afterwards, Volf stated the following "No doubt about it, if i would have attacked that man just now, there is no doubt in my mind that i would have died". 

Muscle Mass Regulation: Whether it is to deceive his opponents further, or whether it is to merely a form of personal preference, Rasetsu has obtained such a degree of control over his own physical being that he has effectively gained the ability to restrict or increase his own level of muscle mass at any one time. This is attributed to his naturally greater amount of muscular density. Typically, Rasetsu never goes above his lean, slender appearance, though releasing his muscle mass allows him to achieve an even greater level of physical power and strength, which grants him drastic increase in all of his natural physical statistics, such as strength, speed, durability, etc. There seems to be a set amount of levels that Rasetsu can increase his muscle mass to, as throughout the course of a fight, he will restrict or increase his muscle mass to compensate for his opponents level of strength at any given time. When increasing his muscle mass, Rasetsu obtains an increase in physical durability and strength which is directly proportionate to how much his muscles have swelled by, allowing him greater striking power and cutting strength behind his slashes and numerous attacks. Ever masterful over his body, the sudden increases in muscle mass are not shown to weigh down or impede Rasetsu's physical being in any way shape or form, if anything, increasing his abilities beyond their original limits.

Buff Rasetsu

Rasetsu's True Muscle Mass

Maxed Out Form: A state that is very rare to see, Rasetsu mostly never resorts to utilizing this "form" in combat, usually only doing so in conflicts which are strictly unarmed and physical. When Rasetsu increases his muscular density to its outermost pinnacle, he reaches his "Maxed Out Form". This grants him an adonis physiology of pure, diamond hard muscle the likes of which acts almost like a natural, dermal armor due to how exceedingly dense and tough it is. This state, as its name suggests, is by far the highest level of muscle mass that Rasetsu has access to, and as such he can go no further than this state. The advantages of this form are as clear as night and day, as his movements and strikes all reach a level of power and yet, precision that far exceeds anything that he could have hoped to show prior to entering it. The form is characterized by Rasetsu's body becoming simply overwhelmed with immense, thick muscle, his arms, chest, legs, and torso all hulking up to a level which almost seems as though his muscle has become too great for his build, however there are still no visible drawbacks to the state, as the appearance of his Maxed form may suggest to those whom witness it. By far, the greatest benefit of this form is the sheer level of strength and physical power that Rasetsu obtains access to upon entering it, as the state is primarily purposed for increasing the latter. The speed at which Rasetsu can shift into this state is also shown to be rather immense, as he was able to effortlessly morph into this form while casually slipping out of the path of an enemy attack at the same exact time. 


Devadravya(देवअद्रव्य, literally "god of infinite nothingness") is the name of Rasetsu's Zanpakuto. It is said to house the primordial entity in which serves as the root of all existing things, noneother than Amatsu-Mikaboshi itself, the ancestral progenitor and origin of the physical, spiritual worlds, and life as we know it. 


Shikai Devadravya

Devadravya's Shikai Appearance

Shikai: Rasetsu's shikai is released by the short command/poem "Return to thy Primordial Existence"(なた原初の存在に戻り, Nata gensho no sonzai ni Modori). While releasing his Zanpakuto, Rasetsu holds it out in a single hand, with the sharpest point aimed directly at his intended foe. His free hand grips his wrist while he takes a firm stance. He then proclaims the release command if Devadravya, causing a fantastic upheaval of reiryoku surrounding his body. During the transition to shikai, Rasetsu's Devadravya undergoes as significant change in cosmetic appearance, the most prominent of which is the entirely new shape that it obtains in comparison to its previous one. While in shikai, Rasetsu's Devadravya changes from its traditional, japanese katana appearance and becomes enveloped in a shroud of bright ethereal lavender of spiritual energy which proceeds to change its shape as Rasetsu holds onto it.

The katana loses its curvature and instead straightens out, after which the shroud of thin spiritual energy proceeds to shatter like glass, revealing Devadravya in an appearance highly reminisceint of a traditional chinese ceremonial sword, with numerous decorative and ornate patterns on the concave tsuba. At the center of the "tsuba' stands a large circular onmyou sign which is stated to be a physical or cosmetic representation of Devadravya's oneness with all creation due to the fact it it holds within it, Amatsu Mikaboshi. Over all, The sword changes to resemble something highly akin to that of a chinese Jian sword, built for seemingly for sweeping and thrusting jab movements during physical combat. While in shikai, the entire sword, particularly its blade constantly exhudes a divine luminesence which is everpresent. The change in shape and weight also compliments and exhibits Rasetsu's sheer ability to wield seemingly any form of weapon, as he easily adjusts to the new appearance of Devadravya and goes ono to wield the weapon just as, if not even more effectively than he had while it was in its sealed form. Rasetsu's fighting style with the sword also seems to shift only the slightest upon wielding the sword in its released form.

  • Shikai Special Ability: Being the manifestation of Amatsu Mikaboshi's power, the primary shikai ability that Devadravya has been granted upon its release is the "administration of all concepts". As Devadravya serves as the physically personified form of the primordial origin of all things, it is in some way connected to all existing entities and forms of the conceptual level. For example, Devadravya has the ability to destroy, alter, create, modify, and fuse any number of existing concepts at any given time, though due to Rasetsu's extremely uncreative and nihilistic nature, he tends to utilize Devadravya's power in only the most basic and simple of applications. 



Rasetsu's Bankai Appearance

Parama Devaravya(परदेवअद्रव्य, Lit. "Supreme Head of Gods, Everything & Nothing") is the name of Rasetsu's Bankai. Seemingly indicative of his status as the last living member of the aragami clan, Rasetsu is bestowed a distinctively sagely, monk-like and shamanistic appearance which makes him resemble a highly distinguished onmyouji-like figure. Devadravya itself once again changes to a completely new shape and manifestation in comparison to its previous form, though not changing by such an extreme level in comparison to what it had become after initial releasing. The bottom of the long, elegant robe that he obtains seems to seperate and form a total of ten "tails" which constantly weave about behind Rasetsu's back, being excessively long in size. The tails are capable of being utilized for a multitude of effects, seemingly by force of will by Rasetsu himself, as he has shown the ability to have them act as mediums for numerous different kido at the same time, but also be used as a method to lash out, and even bind his opponents to restrict their movements and freedom during combat. 
  • Bankai Special Ability: The release of Rasetsu's Bankai provides Rasetsu with a much more vast control and access to Devadravya's abilities of Origin-based conceptual manipulations. Aside from the drastic increases Rasetsu obtains in his general shikai powers and techniques, Devadravya's dominance of all concepts evolves to the pinnacle of its power; Perspective Manipulation, which Rasetsu himself claims is "the basis of all existing and imaginable supernatural abilities and powers". The true powers, techniques, and applications of Parama Devadravya's domain over perspective are not yet fully known or understood, as it is shown to be an extremely intricate, complicated, and abstract ability which by nature, is above the usual laws and realm of understanding of most minds in existence. It is also shown to be an extremely semantic power which often makes a complete mockery of logic, physics, and science, instead relying on its inherent paradoxical and nonsensical nature. Essentially, all things, powers, beliefs, ideals, concepts, and even origins themselves depend on ones individual "perspective". For Rasetsu's parama devadravya, no two "perspectives" are ever the same. Rasetsu continues to demonstrate his excessive sloth and laziness even when met with the potential of his bankai, as shown when he cut down Rikuna's Black Hole. A black hole is by all means an absolute object which cannot be destroyed nor defied. However, this concept was not Rasetsu's "perspective" at the time, allowing him to destroy it. 

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