Roydon Matthews
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday June 29th
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 65kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Xcution
Occupation Commander of Xcution
Team Main Branch of Xcution
Base of Operations Xcution base, Neo City, England
Personal Status
Education Himself
Primary Skill
Fullbring Card Trick
First Appearance

Roydon Matthews (ロイドンマシューズ, Roidon Mashūzu) is a Fullbringer and commander of Xcution. He is one of only two "Pure" Fullbringers in existence, Roydon was born to Fullbringers, and his mother was also a Shinigami, but both were killed when Roydon was young.


Roydon is a fairly tall person, with black hair. Usually wearing signature trainers, Roydon has a look reminiscent of 21st century England, as the series is set around that time. Throughout the series Bleach: Xcution, Roydon wears a variety of clothes, which include jeans and a simple t-shirt, to hooded jackets and cloaks, whenever undercover.


Roydon is a kind person, who cares for his fellow patriots as if they were his own family. This kind of care was brought up by the fact he never knew his parents, believing they died when Roydon was a year old.

In the Shinigami-Fullbringer War, Roydon takes the stage as one of the two main combatants in Xcution. However, while Roydon doesn't like having to take this position, after the learning of his mother's fate, Roydon decides to take his position as more of getting into the heart of the troubles and stopping his friends from dying. From then on, Roydon took a much more cautious approach to who he should trust.

There is one particular Shinigami who Roydon has a deep hatred for: Byakuya Kuchiki, leader of the Kokumotsu Kuchiku. Byakuya has a very grim view on the Fullbringers as actual creatures and frequently calls them hollows. This continuously angers Roydon, to the point where Roydon showed no mercy killing Byakuya.

Roydon's hobbies include card tournaments, due to the fact that he is constantly sent on professional card tournaments, and so must keep his reputation as an un-defeated champion alive from time to time, during this time he usually visits the American Branch of Xcution, or he lets them along with him. Roydon is constantly confronted by others, and usually pressurizes them during card games in order to spill out information, which is quite effective. Roydon likes sweet foods, and ice-cream, but hates coffee.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: A master at fighting with swords which was gained through countless years of training, Roydon has been seen t fight on par with Shinigami captains, and even kill one of them with none other than a simple sword slash.

Enhanced Speed: Roydon possesses speed unlike that of any human, as he mastered Bringer Light by the age of 13, just on his own, without any outside help. With it, he has speed comparable to Yoruichi Shihoin, and was one of the main reasons why Roydon was able to kill Byakuya Kuchiki, a man famous for Shunpo.

Enhanced Durability: A Fullbringer, Roydon has shown to be resilient, most seen during the invasion of Soul Society, where he was able to kill Byakuya Kuchiki, Sajin Komamura, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Tetsuzaemon Iba, Nanao Ise, Marechiyo Omaeda, and be able to incapacitate Shunsui Kyoraku and Sui-Feng, without fainting, although when it came to fighting Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, his previous wounds opened, leaving him dying, before being healed by a fellow Xcution member.

Master Hand-to-hand Combatant: Since one of his Fullbring's strongest powers revolves around using hand-to-hand combat, Roydon is extremely skilled in this art, whether in or out of his Fullbring, even being able to fight Sui-Feng, while in Shunko.


Card Trick (カード·トリック, Kādo· torikku): Roydon's Fullbring manifests in the form of a silver ring, which he transforms into two decks of 52 cards. Each of these cards can be used in multiple combos to form different attacks. These differentiate between general weapons, to some consisting of blasts of Reiatsu, capable of stunning the opponent.


  • Paired Swords: Using a pair of cards of the same number, Roydon can create a wide range of swords, from Katanas, to Tantos, and is different to each pair, including a giant butcher's knife when he uses what he calls the "Pair of Kings". He can also do it again, to form what would normally be a "Two-Pair".
  • Three-Kind Clones: Using three of the same numbered cards, Roydon is able to create clones, made of pure Reiatsu, which fire out of the cards. Because they are made of Reiatsu, the missiles are able to attack once, usually detonating when close enough to an opponent.  The explosion is capable of even causing a Captain to go off balance without even a close explosion.
  • Straight Scythe: By using 5 cards of decending and ascending order, Roydon is able to create a giant scythe, which he can hold in one hand. This scythe can then be reinforced with other cards, like adding poison if Roydon stabs a heart card with it.
  • Nagareru: By using 5 cards of the same suit, Roydon can form different elemental attacks, of which 4 are most commonly used. Fire consists of Meteors, which smash into the opponent, forcing them to return to ground level. Another is water, where a giant tidal wave, acidified, smashes into the opponent at the speed of a Tsunami, which burns through the opponent's skin and also carries them off in the direction that Roydon desires. This can also be uesd to collapse buildings. Next, the Earth attack creates Earthquakes, which ripple the surroundings and also cause enemies to fall off balance, allowing Roydon for a chance to attack. Finally, there is a Wind attack, where Roydon creates a giant hurricane, which is infused with Reiatsu, causing weak opponents to be stunned and possibly incinerated.
  • Houses full of Summons: Using a full house of cards, Roydon is able to summon creatures in his own dimension where they are found. Creatures include: Birds, Dogs, Chameleons, Pandas, Oxes, Rhinos, Crustaceans, and Centipedes. All creatures are much bigger than they should be, and contain special attacks which can be used. For example, the bird can fire fireballs from its mouth making it a good vehicle in the air.
  • Four-Kind Missile: The Four-Kind Missile is similar to it's predecessor, except for the obvious fact that there is an extra missile, but it starts out as a giant missile, fired out of the cards. Once it hits the opponent, it splits apart, into the four normal sized missiles, which then direct themselves back into the opponent, causing further damage. The giant missile alone is capable of splitting through Mayuri Kurotsuchi's Bankai, leaving a giant hole in his abdomen, and destroying a few houses, before splitting apart.
  • Five-Kind Missile: If Roydon has more than one deck of cards at his disposal, Roydon can form an even bigger missile, which when split, turns into the same missiles as the above attack, and behaves the same. The damage created can destroy an entire barracks.
  • Hirudora: Roydon puts 5 hands, all of the same suit and in ascending or decending order, into one hand, and does a hand sign which represents a tiger, which starts glowing green. The cards disappear into Roydon's burning hand, and he uses Bringer Light to jump high. He then uses both the green energy and gravity to throw himself at the opponent at great speed, creating a gigantic tiger-shaped impression in his wake. He then forms a fist, as the tiger throws itself at the opponent, causing them to be stunned under it's pressure, as Roydon punches them. What makes this different to any other attack is that the tiger impression is made of Reiatsu, although nothing can attack it, and the attack itself is made of air pressure. This way, the opponent is still stunned by the immense amount, which can even knock Yamamoto off balance, leaving a chance for Roydon to hit them with the full blast of Hirudora. The full force is enough to split Sajin Komamura's Bankai in half, and leaving him dying from his wounds.
  • Kirin: Formed by throwing the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of a single suit into the sky, it forms a Thunderstorm. The thunderstorm then concentrates, to form a giant tiger, made entirely of pure lightning. The creature then forms a physical form by absorbing the atmospheric clouds and moisture from the air. Kirin then has a wide range of uses, including:  Roydon jumps on top of the tiger, and the tiger directs at the opponent. When it hits the ground, it explodes, causing an explosion which can decimate Seireitei. Another use is that the tiger can go through underground, completely destroying anything it comes into contact with, and is capable of splitting mountains apart. It can also increase in pressure and size, causing anything that is around them to clamp together with its gravitational pull. This forms a meteor which then smashes into the ground, and the Kirin explodes, causing debris to explode everywhere. Such attacks are devastating to dimensions, but Kirin has a weakness: Its weak point, where a precise attack can detonate the tiger early, which is the tail.


  • Shield: By using a pair of cards from the other deck, Roydon can create a variety of shields, from wooden ones, to something that resembles Danku, a high Bakudo used only by Shinigami.
  • Three Clones: By using three of the same kind of card, Roydon can form three clones of himself with circle around him or any allies at great velocity. These clones are able to deflect oncoming blasts, and the shielding is strong enough to deflect a strike of Senbonzakura.
  • Straight Lightning: By using five cards, decending or ascending, Roydon can form lightning, which acts on it's own, being able to form a sheild around Roydon, saving him from a single wave of fire from Soul Society's strongest Zanpakutō, Ryujin Jakka.
  • Nagareru: Using five cards of the same suit, Roydon is able to create a variety of elemental defenses, which are similar to the other Nagareru used by the offensive deck of cards. Instead, the Fire attack creates a giant flaming wall, which is able to extinguish a wave of Taimatsu. The water attack is still acidic, although instead, it is actually a giant pond, which Roydon can stand on, allowing him not to be approached by anyone, otherwise the acid will burn them. The Earth attack forces the ground to disappear from underneath Roydon, causing any attackers to drop down into the chasm below. Finally, the Wind attack actually throws the target into the distance, stopping them from hitting Roydon.
  • Full of Cooks: When Roydon uses a Full House, he forms a cookery station, where he can tend to even the worst of wounds. He utilises the cooking, inherited from his mother in order to treat them effectively.
  • Four Clones: Whenever Roydon uses four of the same card, he can create four clones. These clones again circle around him or any allies, but do at a much faster rate, and are capable of fighting on their own, which makes them perfect for using Hirudora or even Kirin without much Reiryoku being used.
  • Self-Replicating Barrier: Roydon puts five cards, in ascending or decending order, of the same suit, and fuses them together into one blank card. He throws this card up above him or an ally, and it expands, forming a giant barrier, containing multiple layers. When damaged, this barrier quickly regenerates itself, and can even form more layers. At most during the Darkbringer crisis, the barrier has 10 layers, capable of surviving a Darkbringer's strongest attack, and gets to it's maximum of 36 during Xcution's Invasion of Soul Society, capable of surviving Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, abet which a few minor injuries.
  • Susanoo: Roydon puts five cards, the Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of one suit, in a circle around him, and fires Reiatsu out of his body at the same time. This is contained within the circle, and forms a giant sculpure. The cards then form an outline, which then contains the Reiatsu into a demonic like form, and disintegrate, called Susanoo. The defensive power of Susanoo is enough that only a single layer is needed to survive the strongest attacks from the entirety of the Main Branch of Xcution put together. Susanoo is the power that made Roydon the strongest out of all of his team-mates, with it rivalling the Fullbring of Roydon's partner, Tom Keen. A power which Roydon got from an Adjuchas, his first hollow, Roydon spent numerous years refining it, and eventually mastered the need to use all 4 layers at once, and do it at such precise speed, that it looks like the demonic form comes straight out of Roydon's stomach. After using all four layers, even Roydon's own Kirin cannot destroy it, instead damaging it to the critical point where almost any attack can destroy it.




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