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Ryuu Izumi (竜泉, Izumi Ryuu) was the 10th Seated Officer in the Third Division. He has an undying loyalty to Shūsuke Amagai.


Ryuu wore a white mask with two circle eye holes. The mask covers his entire head and has not additional features. The mask is virtually unbreakable. Ryuu wears the mask due to be disfigured by a Hollow, the shame causing Ryuu intense panic and fear. As a seated officer he wears the typical Shinigami shihakusho with no modifications what so ever.


Due to wearing his mask, people view Ryuu as a mysterious being. Ryuu adopted this and made people think he is a mystery. However Ryuu is shown to be arrogant and has a Superiority complex, which leads to his arrogance.

Despite this he shows loyalty to Shūsuke Amagai, however he still believes himself superior to him. This loyalty is due to Amagai saving him form the Hollow that attacked him as a child. Ryuu always introduces himself to his opponent so they know who killed them. He dislikes killing from the shadows and prefers to do the killing himself rather than have someone else do it.


When Ryuu was a child he was attacked by a Hollow, the Hollow used flames to attack him and his face was horrendously burnt. Amagai killed the Hollow at the last moment and nursed Ryuu as best he could. One day Ryuu took his bandages off and looked at himself for the first time since the incident, the horror and shock caused him lash out at everyone, until Amagai gave him a mask.

From there Ryuu entered the Shinigami Academy. When he graduated he was placed into the Third Division. Due to his skills he was a seated officer upon entry.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Swordsmanship Specialist: Weilding a sword is not Ryuu's speciality as he tells Roydon during their battle.

Shunpo Expert: Ryuu learnt Shunpō from Amagai at a young age. He continued to excel and his skills only grew upon entering the Shinigami Academy. Ryuu is able to keep up with a lieutenant easily.[1]

Enhanced Endurance: Despite being outclassed by a superior opponent, Ryuu is able to endure nearly all injuries he sustains. Ryuu admits that the Hollow attack left him numb to pain and can ignore his injuries and continue fighting.[2]

High Spirutal Power: Ryuu boasts a high spirutal power. Ryuu is able to use his reiatsu to repel attacks, though he is only able to do in once a day.[3] Roydon notices that his reiatsu has some Hollow reiryoku traces mixed in.[4]


Fuyu ya Arashi (冬矢嵐, Winter Arrow Storm): In its sealed state it looks like a regular Kantna with a red braided hilt.

  • Shikai: Fuyu ya Arashi release command is unknown. In its Shikai, Fuyu ya Arashi takes the form of a snow white bow with no bowstring. Arrows are made of of Ryuu's reiatsu, Ryuu is able to control how much reiatsu he used to make the arrow. As the bow has no bowstring to allow for an arrow to be projected from, Ryuu instead uses gestures to fire the arrows. These gestures also seem to determine the arrow type, speed, range and destructive power of the arrows.[5]
  • Master Archer: Ryuu is a master marksman and archer. He is able to keep track of his targets and predict their movements and make accurate, pinpoint shots with his arrows.[6] He knows he own weaknesses and is able to counter any attempts to exploit his weaknesses.

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