Sally Goodwood
Sally Goodwood
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday November 15
Gender Female
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Victoria Campbell
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Primary Skill
Fullbring Domain Controller
First Appearance
Manga Debut Blood in the Rain Op. 1
Japanese Voice N/A

Sally Goodwood (出撃グッド, Shutsugeki Guddo ) was a skilled Fullbringer and former servant of Victoria Campbell.


Sally is a slim, large-busted woman, with long, straight black hair that falls to the middle of her back. It is cut in the traditional Japanese "princess style."

Sally dons an elaborate blazer with a large collar, which is open to reveal a collared shirt and tie underneath. The cuffs of this jacket are tucked into a pair of gloves. On her legs, Sally wears a pair of black tights, which are tucked into a pair of knee-high boots and sit under a short frilled skirt. On her head, Sally ties a ribbon, with the ends of the bow pointing straight up, giving them the appearance of animal ears.


Sally is nervous most of the time. She is unsure of herself and her abilities outside of battle. In battle it is like she is another person. Calm and collected she is a skilled fighter. Even giving an opponent of Heike's calibur some difficulty.

She does not agree with her mistress' views on the Shinigami and fears that she will kill her if she disagrees with her. She admits her personality is unstable, being able to change from extremely sad to happy instantly. [1]


To be added


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Weaponry Mastery: Sally can use a various amount of weaponry on an expert level. From swords to scythe's she handles all expertly. The array of weaponry she can summon with her Fullbring makes her a dangerous opponent to face.


Domain Controller (ドメインコントローラ, Domeinkontorōra): Sally possessed a rare Fullbring, an environment-type Fullbring. Able to create surrounding she locks her opponents in a small box, however she can manipulate the space inside the box to suit various needs. She controls the environment at will able to quickly change it instantly. Sally is able to form weapons and use them expertly.

  • Gravity Control: To be added
  • Space Distortion: To be added


  • Sally Goodwood is based off of Fariy Tail character Kagura Mikazuchi.



  1. Blood in the Rain Op. 1#The Black Hair Traitor

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