Satoshi Shio is a mighty Fullbringer and a powerful Spiritually Aware human being. He is a loner in the human world that works as a Mercenary and "Fixer" who takes on various jobs so long as there is money involved. He is violence prone and is infamous for being extremely tough.


Satoshi shio as a young adult male with a Bancho like appearance. He has long dark hair that changes coloration depending on what form he is in. He wears a pair of stylish rectangle frame glasses which have become known to be his trademark, a staple of his physical appearance.


Satoshi is Inglorious and Self Important, and values money over all else. He is willing to resort to haenous criminal acts so long as it means he obtains money out of it. However this is only a fake guise he puts up to keep people out of his business, as it seems there is something more to him than meets the eye.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit




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