Shūkurō Tsukishima
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday February 4
Gender Male
Height 198 cm (6'6")
Weight 73 kg (161 lbs.)
Blood Type BB
Professional Status
Affiliation Kūgo Ginjō, Xcution
Occupation Unknown
Base of Operations Naruki City, Japan, Human World
Personal Status
Relatives Reiteki Tsukishima (Twin Brother)
Primary Skill
Fullbring Book of the End
First Appearance

Shūkurō Tsukishima (月島 秀九郎, Tsukishima Shūkurō), is the twin brother of Reiteki Tsukishima. He is a Fullbringer and the un-official Commander of the Japanese Branch of Xcution.


Tsukishima is a tall young man with shoulder-length wavy black hair, and brown eyes. He wears a long-sleeved collared shirt with suspenders and dark pants. He has a long scar running vertically along the side of his left eye, which comes from a wound that he got as a child.


Tsukishima is cold and collected in most things he does, normally appearing calm and even carefree. Even when overwhelmed and injured in battle, he is able to maintain his composed nature. Taking advantage of this unemotional nature, he is very cautious in battle, never acting without purpose or a plan.

He is sociopathic and amoral in nature, completely uncaring about the emotional torment that those indirectly affected by his Fullbring go through, even enjoying it as he mocks their pain. He also appears sadistic, purposely pushing the victims' trauma until they suffer mental breakdowns from the fake memories starting to conflict with their real ones.



Tsukishima first meets Kūgo.

As a child, Tsukishima met a Shinigami, Kūgo Ginjō, who, after discovering that Tsukishima was alone like him, cheered him up and told him that from that day on, Tsukishima would come with him. Because of this, he ha to abanon his twin brother, who after having a fight, gave Shukuro a scar on his left eye. Shukuro ran away with Kugo and from that point on, he taught Tsukishima how to use his powers and how to fight. Some time later, they met other Fullbringers, namely Riruka, Yukio, Jackie, and Giriko, whom Kūgo convinced to join him, forming Xcution.

According to Kūgo, Tsukishima gathered several different people with Fullbring abilities some time ago together in order to find a way for them to erase their powers. He formulated the plan to pass their powers on to a Substitute Shinigami, forming the group, Xcution. However, once this process began, he had a change of heart and used his abilities to kill the Substitute Shinigami and those who had been relieved of their powers. Now Ginjō has theorized that Tsukishima's new goal is to keep Ichigo Kurosaki away from them. It is later revealed that this backstory is a lie created by Tsukishima's Fullbring in order to thoroughly deceive Ichigo Kurosaki, since Kūgo was horrible at acting, as Tsukishima claims. The evidence to call it a lie is later confirmed by Roydon Matthews, commander of the Main Branch of the worldwide Xcution, who revealed that Roydon gave him an Kugo Ginjo the job of keeping surviellance on Karakura Town and to keep as secret as possible.

Seventeen months after Aizen's defeat, Xcution fell under the influence of Tsukishima's Fullbring, to make Tsukishima look like the sole villain, as part of their plan to steal Ichigo Kurosaki's Fullbring to strengthen their own. Because of this, they betrayed the rest of Xcution, and Tsukishima was killed by Byakuya Kuchiki. The only person left that meant everything in Tsukishima's life, Moe Shishigawara, buried him in a graveyard just outside Naruki City, where his burial site was found by Roydon, who staged a mini funeral with him alongside his brother who found out about his death, Reiteki.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Tsukishima is skilled in swordsmanship, enough to battle Ichigo Kurosaki and Kūgo Ginjō, defeating the former, albeit without his Shinigami powers and only when he had an incomplete Fullbring, and battling the latter to a stand still.

Enhanced Speed: Tsukishima has remarkable speed; his speed is far above that of a normal Human. Tsukishima is fast enough to strike his target before they can even react. Even against a Shunpo Master the likes of Byakuya Kuchiki is forced to keep his guard up against Tsukishima. Tsukishima is also very quick to dodge fast attacks like Byakuya's Shikai.

Enhanced Endurance: Tsukishima has shown a high tolerance for pain. Even after losing his arm, he only showed moderate pain while staying calm. Even being fatally injured by Byakuya, he still was able to make a surprise attack on Ichigo and try to cut him.

Enhanced Durability: Tsukishima has shown to be quite durable. In his second battle with Ichigo, he was capable of withstanding being kicked into the roof of his mansion from a great height without suffering any serious injuries.

Spiritual Awareness: Tsukishima has enough spiritual power to be able to see Shinigami. Even at a young age he could see them. He is also able to sense and tell in what direction a Jibakurei is in.


Book of the End

Tsukishima's Fullbring

Book of the End (ブック · オブ · ジ · エンド, Bukku obu ji Endo): Tsukishima's Fullbring manifests itself in his bookmark, which he can transform into a katana that has a bookmark-shaped tsuba. Kūgo Ginjō remarks that Book of the End is a sword with high attack capability that can literally cut through anything.

Book of the End is capable of two types of cut: one which can injure or kill an opponent and one which can insert Tsukishima into the target's past.However, when he cuts Byakuya Kuchiki, he injured him and inserted his past, showing he can combine the two types of cut.

  • Insert Presence: Book of End, splits the past. It is possible because Book of End doesn't manipulate time and memories, but it rather has the power to insert "Tsukishima's very presence" into a person's past, upon cutting them. In connection to this Tsukishima gains knowledge of the memories that he has inserted himself into. To those affected by this power, it doesn't matter whether they trust him or not. To them, Tsukishima was always a part of their past. From somewhere in their lives, as family, a friend or lover, he is deeply entrenched into their personal lives, even to the point of usurping other's roles in history. If Tsukishima cuts the same person twice, they will return to normal. When Tsukishima uses this ability, his victims do not experience any physical injury, despite feeling the sword cutting through them. Additionally, if the victim begins to realize inconsistencies with Tsukishima's presence in their past, and what has actually happened, they begin to suffer mental damage. He is also able to insert his presence into inanimate objects. By cutting the ground, he can falsify its history to alter its structure and set traps as if it was done long ago. By cutting through a person's attack or weapon, he is able to gain knowledge of all the person's techniques, saying that the knowledge becomes like seeing them so many times to the point "it's downright boring". However, when Tsukishima died, the edited past reverted to the original state.