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Shin'etsu Kisaragi (如月 繍助, Amagai Shin'etsu) was a Shinigami from the Tenth Division and the father of Shūsuke Amagai.

Appearance Edit

Similar to his son, Shin'etsu keeps his dark brown hair in a messy fashion, though he has a small beard. As a seated member, he wore the standard Shinigami uniform, albeit, in the flashback it was tattered form age.


At some point in time Shin'etsu left the Tenth Division to protect his two remaining sons from the Gotei 13. Akihiro Nakagawa, Shin'etsu's friend help them escape thought later he regretted helping him. Shin'etsu ran constantly from the Shinigami trying to keep his youngest son from going mad. Later, Shin'etsu witnessed the death of his eldest son at the hands of his youngest son, Shūsuke Amagai, the event left him in a deep depression for many years.

Eventually, Shin'etsu contacted Akihiro and arranged a meeting. The meeting was to silence him as a witness and make it look like a Hollow murdered him. However after killing him, Shūsuke, now using his Syūsuke personality killed his own mother and brought her before Shin'etsu. Distraught over the loss of his wife Shin'etsu attempted to take his sons life but failed due to Syūsuke overwhelming power.

Powers & Abilities Edit


Honoomekukama (焔捲鎌, Blazing Wind Scyhe): In its sealed form Honoomekukama looks like an average katana worn down by age.

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