Race Shinigami
Birthday Semptember 9
Gender Male
Height 185.5 cm (6'1")
Weight 54.43 kg (120 lb)
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Soul Society
Personal Status
Education Shinigami Acadamy
Shikai Unknown
Bankai Unknown
First Appearance
Japanese Voice N/A

Teiboku (低木 literally meaning Srub) is the fifth Seated Officer of the 8th Division and former slave worker from the Tower of Souls. Before he became a Shinigami he stole part of the key to the Tower of Souls and sealed it inside himself so that Asteroth could not transport the Tower to the Human World.


A young looking man with black hair and black eyes in a standard Shinigami robe.


He was said to be kind and caring towards others even during his days as a slave however when Asteroth was about to kill him he begged for his life offering his services.


Teiboku grew up as a slave forced to build the Tower of Souls by Godsmine he was forced to work 24/7 which eventually tired him out and he was put in confinement for 15 years. When Asteroth killed Godsmine he "freed" all the slaves and treated them as workers and gave all of them houses and food and allowed to work at their own pace, however Teiboku over heard him talk about his plans for the workers after the Tower was complete. Teiboku shocked that Asteroth was going to kill every single worker, snuck into the throne room and stole part of the key to activate the Tower and fled to the Soul Society.

Upon becoming a Shinigami, Teiboku used a sealing Kidō to seal the key part into his own body and make so that after a small portion of his spiritual power was used up the Key would become part of his soul and would not be able to be used on the Tower. Sometime later he discovered he was able to use several unique abilities due to sealing the key within his soul.


Tower of Souls arcEdit

He is dragged before Asteroth after being defeated by Echo and Eclipse and is quickly killed by Asteroth who using his soul to fuel the Tower of Souls and begin the activation sequence for the Tower's arrival in the Human World. [1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Teiboku was skilled at useing swords even at a young age. As a Shinigami he was able to defeat Eclipse and hold his own against Echo until she used a device against him.

High Spiritual Power: As a young boy he boasted a high spiritual power which is why he was kidnapped to work on the Tower of Souls. As a Shinigami his spiritual power increased. After sealing part of the key from the Tower into him his spiritual power decreased but was still large enough to be able to worry Eclipse. His reiatsu when released is coloured red.

Kidō Practitioner: Teiboku as some knowledge of Kidō as he was able to seal part of the Tower of Souls key inside his own soul.



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