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Tomu Kurai
Race Soul
Birthday January 13
Gender Male
Height 185 cm (6'0")
Weight 61 kg (134 lbs.)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Profession Shinigami
Position Captain of the 5th Division
Division 5 Fifth Division
Partner Matsuri Kudō
Base of Operations 5th Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Education Shinō Academy
Shikai Unknown
Bankai Unknown
First Appearance
Japanese N/A

Tomu Kurai (トムダーク, Tomudāku) is the captain of the Fifth Division in the Gotei 13. He is a powerful Shinigami and is well respected within the Gotei 13. His lieutenant is Matsuri Kudō.


Tomu's appearance is a mild-featured man with brown scholarly hair enhanced by square glasses, his eye colour is green but his artificial eye is a dark greenish colour. He wears the standard Shinigami uniform with a captain's haori. When relaxing he takes off his captains haori and glasses. He has been told on occasion by his 3rd Seat, Roydon Mashūzu that is appearance has a soothing effect on her. His lieutenant says that when he becomes serious its almost like he changes into another person.


Tomu is a laid back man, but is not always he is shown to be serious and takes everything with a laid back serious tone. He always refers to others by the first name regardless of how long he has known them. He is always friendly towards other and is eager to lend and hand to others in his squad. His relationship with his lieutenant is that of a mentor and student, which he always reminds him of. With his seated officers he is more relaxed around them and others advice and sometimes aid. He is close towards Momo and always gives her books to read and they regularly meet to talk.


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