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Toronamatei (Anime Style)
Kanji 瀞生廷
English Court of Pure Life
Location Statistics
Type Capital City
Located In Human World
Controlled By Fullbringer Council
First Appearance
Storyline Beginning of the End

Toronamatei (瀞生廷, Court of Pure Life) was a city created by Fullbringer's thousand of years ago. It was destroyed in the Shinigami's Invasion during the Fullbringer Holocaust.

Overview Edit

Guardians Edit

Knight's Guard Edit

The Knight's Guard were the main defence force for Toronamatei. They dealt with petty crime and battled in wars against Human enemies. They are consider the first guardians that Toronamatei had. All members of the Knight's Guard are trained with the sword and shield, and they all have basic Hollow fighting training.

Hollow Watch Edit

The Order of Holy Knights Edit

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