Tower of Souls true form
Tower of Souls



Tamashī no Tō

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North Atlantic Ocean

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Bleach: Xcution

The Tower of Souls (魂の塔, Tamashī no Tō) also known as the S-System is a Spiritual strucuture that can grant one with immense power.


Originally constructed in an unknown dimension the Tower now resides in the Human World at the North Atlantic Ocean.


The Tower of Souls of the "Soul-System" is a item that can absorb souls regardless of race (Shinigami, Hollows, Pluses and Spiritual aware Humans) it attracts them and when they get close they are broken down into Reishi and absorbed into the Tower. The stronger the Reiatsu one has the longer they can resist the Towers power to absorb, however eventually they are absorbed. If one wears a Tō-dai they are not absorbed into the Tower, the device takes the form of a black ring that can be put on the wrists of someone or the arm or neck, this device blocks out the Towers ability to absorb and allows for wears to wander the Tower and work in it. The Tower is made of a strange crystal-like material.

For the "Soul-System" to work it requires an unspecified number of normal souls (Pluses, Spiritual Aware Humans, Hollows or low-level Shinigami) one Captain-level Shinigami and one Adjuchas-class Hollow. Once the requirement is met the user will have to step into the centre of the tower and they will be imbued with immeasurable power that will transcend Shinigami and Hollows.


At an unknown point a Shinigami named Godsmine discovered the history of the Tower from the archives from Soul Society and kidnapped many Souls from Rukongai and travelled to an unknown dimension to begin construction on the Tower. Godsmine spent years looking for a fragment of the original Tower so he could replicate it's material so he could properly build it to use it's powers. Godsmine found the fragment in the Human World and develop the Tō-dai to prevent his workers from being absorbed into the Tower. Eventually he began treating his workers like slaves to construct the Tower faster.

Sometime later Godsmine found Asteroth, a strange Soul that resisted the Towers ability to absorb. Godsmine trained Asteroth and gave him Shinigami powers and later gave him Hollow powers and used him as an enforcer to over see his "slaves" and to gather more Souls from the Human World and Rukongai. Eventually Asteroth's ambition grew which led him to kill Godsmine to gain control of the Tower itself. Asteroth "abolished" Godsmine slave law and began treating them like living beings and was kind to them which in turn made them work harder. They called him Lord Asteroth which he enjoyed being called and eventually the Tower became home to hundreds of thousands of Souls working on the Tower.


Soul-System: The Soul-System is the Towers main power as it absorbs any race that has Spiritual energy, the higher the Reiryoku allows for one to resist the Towers ability to absorb only to an extent the longer the race stay within or near the Tower eventually the Tower will absorb the soul. Once the Tower absorbs an unspecified number of Souls from the Human World followed by a Shinigami at Captain-level and one Adjuchas-class Hollow the Tower will grant the user Transcendent power. To gain this power one must stand and the top of the Tower and allow themselves to be absorb into the main crystal in the centre of the room. The Towers Soul-System seems to not work with Fullbringers the cause of this is currently unknown.

Attraction-System: One of the Towers feared abilities is that it sends out a signal that compels Spiritual aware beings to travel to the Tower. The signal is shown to reach other dimensions such as Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Strangley it does not affect Fullbringers.

Tower of Souls disguised

The Tower in disguise mode.

Disguise-System: The Tower is able to disguise itself to appear like a normal human made tower residing on a island. Asteroth believes that it will draw less attention from the Humans as despite many of them not being able to see spirit beings or spirit objects the Tower of Souls true form can be seen by all. Only Spiritual aware beings can see through the Towers disguise.

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