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Tower of Souls arc

Note to readers:This is the set-up to the Tower of Souls arc for Bleach: Xcution which has yet to be set-up, I'm doing this in advance due to wanting to write it down ahead of time to test out a chapter like release of the story. This may mean that in the future I will write fan-fiction stories in this format. So please enjoy this prologue.--User:KyubiSoul 22:48, July 26, 2012 (UTC)

Beginning the Cycle

Footsteps echo in the dark corridor as two mysterious figures walk towards a light, they are dragging a man wearing a torn shihakushō, the man is barely conscious and bleeding from several wounds he attempts to shrug off his mysterious captors but one of them punches him in the gut making him spit out some blood on the floor.

"Stop struggling your fate is sealed, Shinigami." One of the figures says to him before he grabs his head and slams it on the floor knocking the man out.

"Be careful you foul you might kill him before the master can use him." The other figure says while slapping him.

"Sorry about that he is just pissing me off we went thought the trouble of catching him and he still struggles he should know his place." the other says rubbing his face and noticing he is bleeding. "You bitch I'm bleeding now."

"It's your own damn fault now lets deliver him to the master."

The figures enter the light on the other side is a massive hall with white marble stairs on the other side of the room leading to a throne, a man is sitting on the throne and stands up to address his guests.

"Welcome back, Echo and Eclipse I see you have brought the one I asked for." The man says with confidence and gestures them to move forward. Echo and Eclipse walk towards the large stairs as the man walks down them to meet them.

"I hope he gave you no trouble then?" The man asked in a polite manor his eyes foucesd on the Shinigami now lying on the floor.

"No milord, he put up some resistance but once we used that device on him he was ours." Echo says bowing before the man.

"Good I'm glad my device worked but now I want you to wake him." The man pointed to Eclipse indicating him to leave. Eclipse leaves the room while Echo uses a strange hand seal and uses it to wake the Shinigami up.

"Nnnnghhh.....No....Nooooo" The Shinigami regains consciousness shouting out in horror of his situation. "Not here anywhere but here."

"Oh you now realize where you are, I said to you many years ago you cannot escape me Teiboku!." The man says with hatred in his voice, he moves to the table and grabs a circular object, the sphere glows violently as it moves closer to Teiboku.

"No, Please No I can help you Asteroth, just don't do this anything but this! PLEASE ASTEROTH!!" Teiboku screamed as the sphere enters his body turning him into energy that is absorbed by the room.

"Goodbye Teiboku, your spiritual power was my key you knew that, that's why you escaped me but now my plans can come to fruition." Asteroth says walking up the stairs to his throne, the room hummed with a noise that mildly shacks the room. "Echo, tell all members of Perdida Ejército to mobilize."

"Yes milord it shall be done." Echo says bowing her head.

"And tell Yugi to bring the Tower to these coordinates, 0.0000° S, 30.0000° W." Asteroth says to Echo who heads towards the door. "It is time to gather the last of the Souls in the Human World."

Dawn of the Tower

The chattering of workers drowns out their own footsteps as they walk around in a rush to get the tower ready for transport, overhead a man watches the progress of the people and smiles then turns around, his blonde hair glimmers which catches the attention of one of the younger worker who looks up and sighs.

"Pay attention Hino!" a teenage working calls to the boy as he snaps out of his daze and returns to work.

"Sorry Lucy." Hino says with sorrow in his voice.

"Just don't do it again this is important, all our work is going to pay off in the next few hours, nothing will stop us now and it is all thanks to Lord Asteroth." Lucy says blushing while holding her cheeks.

"Okay enough of the fantasies please Lucy." Hino says with his eyes half closed his face in disgust.

A man with a white mask enters the room, his pressence make the workers stop and stare at him like they are awaiting him to speak. "It is time, fellow citizen's we must now enter the Human World and fufill our destiny, Asteroth eikō tame ni!" The man shouted raising his fist in the air it is followed by the workers raising their hands in the air shouting Asteroth's name in a chant.

Towers Arrival

The workers start to activate the towers transportation network, the tower powers up and one of the workers activate the countdown until the Tower arrives in the Human world. Each of the workers did not know it at the time but their dreams would not be what they expected.

"Finally the time of my arrival will come, prepare yourself Shinigami, I'm on my way Hahahahaha!" Asteroth laughed in excess he then stopped and raied his hood over his head.

Echo entered the room and bowed to Asteroth. "Lord Asteroth, the tower is at 100% and is ready to enter the Human World on your command milord." Echo said and then stood up.

"Good but first my speech must come."

Asteroth approached the balcony of his castle where a crowd has gathered below to hear his speech. Asteroth looks at them and smiles he clears his throat and begins.

"My fellow workers, I've gathered you hear today to tell you that your work and sacrifice is about to pay off, the Tower will on my order will be transported to the Human World where the Tower will absorb the lost souls that the Shinigami have neglected their sacrifice will allow the Tower to fully power up......but before that I need one last thing from you all........the last of your reiatsu.

The crowd looked confused discussing what he could mean, Echo and Eclipse block off the two only exits in front of the castle this begins a panic in the crowd as they begin to frantically move about some begin cruse at Asteroth calling him a traitor and a liar they as they clamored Asteroth laughs at them. "You foolish people, I planned to use you from the day I abolished Godsmine's slave rule, hahaha now please....DIE!" Asteroth says with an insane look on his face.

The crowd begin to scream out in pain as they start to glow blue, after a few more minutes the begin to disintegrate into blue energy and absorbed into the tower Hino and Lucy look on in terror as their family members are killed off all for Asteroth's ambitions. They both let out a scream of terror which couldn't be heard over the screams of agony from the workers being killed to fuel the Tower.

The Tower started to glow a bright blue the light intensified as more of the workers are fully absorbed into the Tower, Asteroth laugh at the top of his lungs.

"So it begins we might as well prepare the Perdida Ejército battle group to repel the stronger Shinigami." Echo said softly her voice was not that imposing.

"What why they will be absorbed into the Tower just like any spiritual aware being who aren't wearing a Tō-dai." Eclipse snarled at Echo.

"Oh Eclipse, read the data on the Tower any Captain can resit the Tower for a short time they must be fought to weaken their resistance to the Tower." Echo rebuffed Eclipse's idiotic response.

Asteroth appears behind both Echo and Eclipse, their faces change from calm and collected to pure horror. "Now now you two please don't fight, otherwise you'll end up like them." Asteroth threatens them narrowing his eyes at them keeping his demeanor which added more fear into Echo and Eclipse. "Sorry milord, I didn't mean to offend you." Echo said trying to keep her cool. "Sorry boss." Eclipse says. "Boss you say?" Asteroth catechize Eclipse. "Erm...aren't you the boss, boss?" Eclipse inquired to Asteroth's questioned.

A gust of wind engulfed the room and suddenly blood erupts from Eslipse's chest and he falls to the ground dead, Echo looks on in horror her eyes widen and her pupils shrink, a bead of sweat dropped from her forehead from fear.

"Let this be a lesson to you Echo, I'm not your boss, I'm your King, I will be your God." Asteroth bellowed at Echo making her scared for her life, she trembled and tried to make out her words to respond to Asteroth. "" Echo finally said to Asteroth. "Good Now lets go to the control room to send this Tower to the Human World." Asteroth then directs Echo towards the control room.

As they arrive at the control room Asteroth smiles and presses his hand on to a towered panel, the Tower then starts to shake violently, Asteroth laughs menacingly as they are engulfed in a bright light.

Location: Human World, Atlantic Ocean.

Lightning violently strikes and the sea stormily swirls around forming a whirlpool, then a large lighting bolt strikes at the centre of the whirlpool and the Tower arrives in the Human World distorting the clouds and the atmosphere above it.

It has arrived.....