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Turning Back the Pendulum arc

Exodus of a TraitorEdit

8:55 am Heike's Manor

Heike sent for Haruko and explained the situation in a letter to her. She arrived at Heike's manor fuming with rage.

"So Victoria betrayed us? To the Shinigami!" Haruko fumed.

"Guess so. She already met with one last night for unknown reasons. Sally here will help us bring her down." Heike said.

Haruko looked at Sally, the look scared her. "Have you informed old man Yashiro?"

"Sent a carrier pidgin with the information attached."

Haruko paced the room, not sure how to express her angry. She knew Victoria always preached about understanding the Shinigami, something that Haruko's father preached as well, but she didn't think that she would betray Toronamatei.

"Victoria will be in her Estate tonight. My plan is to storm it capture her and see what secrets she has been given the Shinigami." Heike said, standing up as if to appease Haruko.

Haruko looked at him with a serious look and nodded. Sally looked on in shock. "You think it'll be that easy do you?" Sally said.

"Two Councillors against one. Yeah it will be easy." Haruko smugly said.

"You don't even know her Fullbring...I don't even know it." Sally said, slouching to the ground.

Heike turned to her and put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. "The truth out Councillors is that we have to be strong. Not just strong willed, but we have to have strong Fullbrings. So don't worry we can take her down. If you'd like you can help us."

Sally smiled in response. "Sure <3"

The Midnight ReflectionEdit

Yashiro looked out at the Toronamatei from his office, the large city was the largest in the world at the time. Populated by Fullbringers and Souls alike it was such a peaceful time. The moon was full the air was crisp it was a silent and peaceful night. But Yashiro couldn't shake the feeling of dread he felt, he received word that Victoria Campbell had betrayed them. The feeling was deep he felt as if his future self was trying to warn him of some unknown danger. So his thoughts were disturbed by the creaking of his door.

"Come in young McGarden. The door is always open." He said in a kind voice.

Kate opened the door and quickly entered. "Sorry Lord Isana. I wish to talk to you."

Yashiro's eyes narrowed, he noticed that Kate had been crying the red marks under her eyes were a dead give away but there was something else, like sadness was mixed into her aura.

With a heavy sigh Yashiro gestured her to come closer. "What is it that you wish to talk to me about?"

Kate slowly walked towards him unsure on how to ask him the questions she needed to here the answers to. She felt the need to shout at him, demanding the answers but she knew that was too much for this situation.

"Is it true?" She finally spoke.

Yashiro was dumbfounded. "Is what true?"

Kate looked at him, tears in her eyes. "That the Knight's Guard is to fight the Shinigami all alone. We will all die while you prepare the--"

"So, Isham said this then...unfortunate." Yashiro interrupted. "But foolish of him. He who does not know the workings of the Knights Watch. He expects me to defeat the Shinigami, but then again he knows little of the Knights Watch 'true' purpose."

Kate eyes widened, the old man's word hit her hard, she had only joined the Knights Guard about a year ago. Many thoughts swirled in her head, many were conspiracies about the Knights Watch being some sort of Shinigami killing cult.

"What is the Knights Watch true purpose then?" She asked, unsure if she wanted to hear the answer.

Yahiro turned and looked out his office window and let out a light sigh. "Do you know who founded the Knights Watch?" He asked.

Kate looked at him quiescently. Then with much effort said. "No."

"You should you are his lover after all. I'm surprised he didn't tell you."

Kate was so shocked she couldn't breath, her boyfriend, Heike, was the founder of the order she worked for. She quickly regained the ability to breath and took in deep breaths to recover.

"Is that why he is a councillor? He founded some organization?" Kate quickly and asked with her raspy voice.

"Your quick to understand how the Council works, I suppose that is his influence no doubt." The old man said with a slight tone of anger.

Kate shakily took a seat and sat down least she fell over. "Heike told me once that all the Councillors had to contribute something to Toronamatei along with being strong."

Yahiro's right eye opened, clearly annoyed at Heike telling her a secret such as this. "That Heike...well yes but the contribution has to be something that benefits the Fullbringer race, not just Toronamatei. For this reason there are only thirteen councillors."

Kate still unsure on how this affects the Knights Guard and her first question asked something that she knew was wrong to ask.

"Why is the Councillor selection process so secret, why lie about it saying that you hand pick them?"

Yashiro sighed heavily, clearly annoyed. "Because nearly everyone on the Council myself included have created something, that in the wrong hands could destroy us all. The only exception is Victoria Campbell. If I let anyone on the Council then power struggles will begin. Each one wanting to advance themselves above the others, pure chaos. This is the reason I lied about the selection process. The process I created ensures that Councillors contribute to the cause and have utter loyalty."

Kate narrowed her eyes annoyed now, but still upset. "I get that now, but what is the Knights Guard's true purpose?"

Yashiro turned around so quickly that Kate felt a cool breeze. "To defend Toronamatei...That is the official saying, but the truth is hardly different. It is to fight the Shinigami and Hollows."

Kate didn't looked so surprised. Shinigami were like humans and fought like humans, but took a lot of strength just to kill them. Hollows were easier to kill, just cut their mask and they die. But Kate knew there was more to it than that. Something that she wasn't going to find out. At least not today.

Yashiro looked at her, he wasn't happy that he had to revel as much as he did but he knew that he could trust her. He blinked and she was passed out on his chair. Softly snoring, Yashiro sat down and sighed.

"She is just like her mother."

The Long NightEdit

Haruko, Heike and Sally walked towards Victoria's estate, using the cloaks that Haruko developed to hide their presences from the sensor bubble that Victoria had gained access to. According to the information from Sally, Victoria took a small part fo the sensor bubble from the sensor division. The sensor bubble was invented by Sofia Song, another councillor, she invented the bubble to detect Hollows and give warning to the Hollow Watch. It has since been modified to sense Fullbringers and Shinigami.

"Ugh, who did she have to have a sensor bubble. Sofia will be pissed when she finds out a piece of the bubble was stolen." Haruko said.

"Sofia will notice when she gets back from the capital. But for now keep the cloaks on." Heike reassured Haruko.

Sally gazed at the estate, it still had the same foreboding look that sent a shiver down her spine. Her fear of the place was well founded, it was here she was tortured for fun by her former mistress. Suddenly, the front door to the estate opened and Victoria slowly walked out and greeted them.

"Hello fellow Councillors, welcome to my home." She said in scornful way.

The trio looked shocked and surprised that Victoria greeted them. Had she sensed their arrival, or was this an accident. Heike braced himself for an attack, but none followed.

"Don't be so serious Heike. I mean you no harm yet. I just wish to talk for the time being." She said jesting.

"Don't fuck with us bitch, we know your little secret." Haruko bellowed.

Victoria shot an angry glare at Sally who in response coward behind Haruko. "So my 'toy' told you then." She said, holding her hand on her face. "This changes the matter. Now I will kill you all!"

A burst of spirit energy erupted from Victoria enough that Sally fell over, Haruko and Heike stood their ground again the release of her reaitsu.

"My my you'll stir up the sensor division Victoria." Heike mocked.

"Oh they won't sense by reaitsu, thanks to this device." Victoria showed them the bracelet on her left wrist. It was pure gold with a red ruby in the centre, clearly of Shinigami construction.

"More evidence against you Campbell." Haruko remarked.

Victoria ignored her and unsheathed her sword. "Now this battle will begin."

~The battle begins! Haruko, Heike and Sally v Victoria~


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