Kanji 見えざる帝国 (ヴァンデンライヒ)
Romaji Vandenraihi
Leader(s) Vandenreich Leader
Other Members Kirge Opie, Asguiaro Ebern,
Luders Friegen, Unnamed Vandenreich Member, Äs Nödt,
Buzzbee, Bambietta Basterbine, NaNaNa Najahkoop

The Vandenreich (見えざる帝国 (ヴァンデンライヒ),Vandenraihi; Japanese for "Invisible Empire") is a group of Quincy[1] that is invading Soul Society.[2]


The Vandenreich was somehow able to survive the Quincy massacre two hundred years ago and became strong enough to challenge Soul Society. Sometime after the defeat of Sōsuke Aizen, the Vandenreich conquered Hueco Mundo, capturing Tier Harribel in the process, as well as forcing numerous Arrancar into their service and killing many Hollows.


The organizational structure of the Vandenreich is not yet clear, but there is a central leader based out of their headquarters. In his service, there are a number of subordinates who follow his direct orders. There is also a separate hunting unit called the Jagdarmee (狩猟部隊 (ヤークトアルメー), yākutoarumē; German for "hunt(ing) army", Japanese for "hunting corps/force") of Hueco Mundo which in the wake of Hueco Mundo's conquest by the Vandenreich is tasked with capturing Arrancar to serve the empire. The leader of the first Jagdarmee, the Executive Hunting Captain (統括狩猟隊長, tōkatsu shuryō taichō), is Kirge Opie. There also exists a communication unit, which maintains the connection between headquarters and operational units, and a group of elite Quincy combatants known as the Stern Ritter (星十字騎士団 (シュテルンリッター), shuterunrittā; German for "Star Knights", Japanese for "Star Cross Knight Band/Order"). Members of the latter and certain other individuals within the Vandenreich military are apparently each assigned a letter of the alphabet and an appropriate epithet by the Vandenreich Leader in order to designate them.


Vandenreich Ice Base

The Vandenreich's base.

The Vandenreich is based out of a large ice encrusted building. This building consists of a thick base with a long stairway leading up the front. On top of this are a series of thick columns supporting a thicker second tier of the building. There is a third tier above this, supported by thinner columns. Surrounding the main building are a number of ice covered round or square towers and two curved structures leaning towards each other, forming an arch-like monument at the front of the building.[3] Inside the building, Juhabach has a floating throne, behind it are a series of floating steps leading to a curtained doorway where a prisoner is kept. Housed somewhere in where the Vandenreich reside is a structure called the ("Gate of the Sun" (太陽の門, Taiyou no Mon), which was used to invade Soul Society.[4]

Notable MembersEdit

(† = confirmed death)

Letter Name Epithet Rank Species Status
J Quilge Opie"The Jail"First Jagdarmee - Executive Hunting CaptainQuincyUnknown
EBambietta Basterbine"?"Stern Ritter MemberQuincyActive
FÄs Nödt"?"Stern Ritter MemberQuincyDeceased †
ODriscoll Berci"The Overkill"[5]Stern Ritter MemberQuincyDeceased †
QBerenice Gabrielli"The Question"[6]Stern Ritter MemberQuincyDeceased †
RJerome Guizbatt"The Roar"[6]Stern Ritter MemberQuincyDeceased †
UNaNaNa Najahkoop"?"Stern Ritter MemberQuincyDeceased †
YLoyd Lloyd"The Yourself"[6]Stern Ritter MemberQuincyDeceased †
?Buzzbee"?"Stern Ritter MemberQuincyActive
?Unnamed Vandenreich Member"?"Stern Ritter MemberQuincyActive
?Unnamed Male Vandenreich"?"Stern Ritter MemberQuincyActive
Asguiaro EbernSoldierArrancarDeceased †
Luders FriegenSoldierArrancarDeceased †


Ch486pg17 - Vandenreich squadie uniform

Typical uniform of a Vandenreich member.

The typical attire of most Vandenreich personnel consists of a long, white, double-breasted trench coat with shoulder straps and a white, button-down bib. This coat is bound at the waist with a black belt, which is further adorned with a decorative buckle, and is worn over both white trousers and trench boots. Many members also sport white hats with black peaks and a crest emblazoned on its front, which is reminiscent of the five-pointed variant of the Quincy cross. This insignia is also reflected upon the buttons of their other apparel. Some members choose to pair this uniform with other additional pieces of clothing, such as capes or cloaks, but these items do not appear to be standard.

In certain instances, personnel have been observed wearing a more simplified version of the usual Vandenreich uniform, which still consists of a long trench coat worn over trousers and boots, but lacks the button-down bib and belt. Those who took part in the declaration of war upon Soul Society sported this specific variation, as well as a hooded cape that featured a black mask in order to obscure their face and a black band diagonally encircling their body. The Stern Ritter wear a white, long coat over their uniform, featuring a pentacle on its back.

Vandenreich EquipmentEdit

C496p17 As Nodt medalion

An example of the medallion that the Vandenreich use to steal Bankai.

Medallion: A number of those within the Vandenreich military, including all members of the Stern Ritter, carry on their person a round, unnamed device that is roughly the size of a person's palm and has the Vandenreich insignia etched into its surface. When activated, this device is capable of stealing a single currently released Bankai in the immediate vicinity.[7] However, as explained by Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, the medallion is only capable of doing so if the power of the Bankai in question is known and has been analyzed fully, meaning those whose limitations are unknown cannot actually be stolen. This includes Bankai that have only been recently achieved and so, have the capacity to still evolve (e.g. Ichigo Kurosaki's Tensa Zangetsu), as well as those whose full capabilities have yet to be openly demonstrated (e.g. Yamamoto's Zanka no Tachi).[8]

Once stolen, the medallion's owner can then proceed to use the taken Bankai's power at will.[9] However, they appear unable to exploit this power fully, as according to Yamamoto, Driscoll Berci's use of Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū was noticeably inferior to that of its true owner, Chōjirō Tadaoki Sasakibe.[10]


  • Daten (情報 (ダーテン);dāten, German for "Data", Japanese for "Information/(Military) Intelligence"): A word used to define the exhaustive data collected by the Vandenreich on the opposition's forces, which has been distributed to all essential personnel.[11] Parts of this intelligence include details on those considered to be "Special War Powers" and those in possession of Bankai.[12]
  • Medalize (星章化 (メダライズ);medaraizu, Literally. "Star-Emblemize"): In a clear reference to the Quincy pentangle cross, this term is used to describe the process that the Vandenreich uses to steal Bankai.[13]

Special War PowersEdit

In their war with Soul Society, the Vandenreich have placed particular emphasis on five so called "Special War Powers" (特記戦力, tokki senryoku), who they believe will play a pivotal role in deciding the ultimate outcome of the war itself.[14] Such is the importance of these powers that the temporary detainment of just one, prompted the Vandenreich to begin the invasion of Soul Society due simply to their guaranteed absence.[15] Another example is when Juhabach, ordered the Stern Ritter to not engage Tom Keen in battle when he and the other members of Xcution arrive to proved back-up to the Shinigami.

Those known to be classified as the "Special War Powers" are:


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